Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Peter Chin assures Sabah will attain SAIDI rate by year end 2010 ? 陈华贵将保证在今年2010年底达到停电指数低平均率 ?

The System Average Interruption Index (SAIDI) set by the PM on 700 minutes per consumer annually from the existing 2870 minutes per consumer annually indeed has put tremendous pressure on the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Chin Fah Kui. He even promised the Sabahan to fire him if the set target is not attained then, but anyhow this is what is owe to the Sabahan and it is their duty to deliver power.

Sabahan views this as another ‘gimmick’ played by the BN government to install some false hope in Sabah. The question is why only now to impose the SAIDI figure of 700 minutes per consumer annually by end of this year and not 16 years ago when the BN ‘reverse take over’ the Sabah Government. Sabah had already suffered enough and sustained much loses in the past and we remember that for ever. In West Malaysia, the SAIDI figure stands at 72 minutes per consumers annually, why Sabah is being given 700, a much longer hour of SAIDI?

The question is why Semenanjong can have uninterrupted power supply and why Sabah not getting that. It is clear that Sabah is not important at all, and may be it is true that the BN Sabah leaders are not capable and helpless to fight for the rights and well being of their fellow Sabahan. They have failed them. This can be demonstrated in many examples, and the fact is that Ministers who are not UMNO can’t even get the civil servant to work for them as mentioned by some minister.

Dr. Hiew, the KK MP advice Chin Fah Kui need not scarify himself for the wrong and the fault of others before him who were in charged of the Sabah power supply. We should all blame the BN government too for not being able to give Sabah a steady power supply. Chin is still new in his ministry in the Federal cabinet, and he should not shoulder the whole responsibility for not giving Sabah full and uninterrupted power supply. Many people have asked the question on whether he can really assure the Index can be met by year end. May be it will right for him to reshuffle and to revamp the SESB management or sack those incapable personals.

The KK MP Dr. Hiew said the whole Sabah cabinet should resign together with Chin, if the index of 700 or lower is not met by year end. It is not fair for only Chin to resign while the rest of the Sabah BN cabinet looks on. This is also for them to show to the Sabahan of their determination and commitment to solve the long outstanding power problem, and to show that they are responsible elected representatives of the people. This is the time for the Sabah government cabinet to tell KL to act.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


首相纳吉制定平均停电率(SAIDI)由现时停电指数每年每消费者2870分钟,降低至每消费者700分钟,该项制定将给了能源,绿色技术和水务部长拿督陈华贵部长巨大的压力。 他甚至告诉沙巴人,如果所定的目标没有达到,他将会引咎辞职, 但无论如何这是亏欠沙巴人的,也是他们的责任提供足够的电力给沙巴州。

对沙巴人来说,这是国阵政府给沙巴人另一个虚假的希望‘噱头’。 问题是,为何现在才制定在今年年底前必须要达到实施700分钟每消费者每年的平均停电率,而不是在16年前当国阵‘接管’沙巴州政府时开始施行。 沙巴人民已经受够了,我们永远记得我们在过去损失了多少。 在西马,该平均停电率的数字是72分钟每消费者,为什么沙巴州却给于700分钟如此长的停电率呢?

问题是为什么西马可以不需要面对电供短缺的问题,反而沙巴州不停的处在电供严重短缺的情况。 显然,沙巴被视为不重要,而可能的事实就是沙巴州的国阵领袖没有能力和无法为沙巴人民争取应有的权益和福利。 国阵亏欠了沙巴人,这可以从许多例子中看到, 而且有些部长也说,非巫统的部长甚至不能指示政府公务员为他们工作。

亚庇国会议员邱博士建议陈华贵,虽然现在他负责沙巴电供的问题,但是他不必把之前他人所犯的错误和责任全部揽在自己的身上,因为之前的部长根本没有做好他们的工作。 没有提供沙巴州稳定的电供,这都应该归咎于国阵政府。 陈氏才刚担任该联邦部门的部长,因此他不应承担沙巴严重电供短缺的全部责任。 很多人都问他是否真正能够保证该700的指数可以在年底前达到。 邱博士奉劝他正确的做法就是重新更换和重组沙巴电力局的管理层或清除没有能力的人。

邱博士表示,如果到今年底平均停电率没有到达700分钟每消费或更低,那么沙巴全部的内阁部长应该和陈氏一样,引咎辞职。 只是由陈华贵一人辞职是不公平的,而沙巴国阵各内阁部长也有责任。 他们应该向沙巴人保证他们的决心和承诺,以解决长期悬而未决的电供问题,同时也表明他们是负责任的民选代表。 沙巴州政府内阁部长应该向联邦方面要求,即刻采取行动来解决沙巴州的问题