Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tawau Water supply Dam project under 10MP 斗湖大水坝工程能完成吗?

Sabah State Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the plan to build the dam in Tawau is estimated to cost RM240 million now, and this was listed under the 9th Malaysia Plan, but it was later rejected. Sabah will propose to list the dam project in Tawau under the 10MP to facilitate its request for the allocation.

Pairin said he will go to Tawau to monitor the situation there and attend a briefing by the Water works department. Currently, the people in Tawau are facing a short supply of water from the Gudang Empat water treatment plant at Merotai due to the soon drying up of the Tawau River. There is no stocking facility like a dam available for the water supply system in Tawau.

The construction of the dam was proposed way back in the 90’s, and due to the financial incapability of the BN state and Federal government, the then costing less then RM150 million water storage dam at Gudang Empat, Merotai was shelved. They only built the water treatment plant by using the Tawau River water only during that time until now. The increasing demand of Tawau consumer and the dry spell caused the supply is much less the demand. Tawau is at the moment facing acute water shortage. If the dry season prolongs, the situation will be more serious.

Dr. Hiew, the Sabah DAP chief cum the KK MP commented that the proposed dam should be immediate built and not to wait until the 10MP, since it is the undelivered public service and of priority as claimed by Pairin. The dam should have been built and made ready during the same period as the construction of the Gudang Empat water treatment plant back in the 90’s, then today we will have no problem with water in Tawau. It is worst still that now we have to propose again and wait to be approved until the 10MP. Will this dam be approved during the 10MP or it will never be built?

Pairin as the Minister of Infrastructure Development should have already got a full view and information on the water shortage in the whole Sabah, and not only now wanted to go to Tawau to monitor the situation and to attend a briefing by the water department. As for the shortage of water through out Sabah he is to be responsible and answerable to all counts of public complaints. The old saying is true that “We can not start digging for wells, when we are dying of thirst”!

The dam project may take some 5 to 6 years to build after the approval given under the 10MP.
We are now only in the 9MP which has 2 more years to go, that means the Tawau people will have to wait for at least another 8 long years before they can see some steady water coming from their pipe. The degree of suffering for the Tawau people is immense and who can really wait that long. The BN government did not do something positive all these while and just keep on announcing some plans that may not even materialized, how can the people trust them anymore?

The best solution is to change the present government and let the new PR government to take over, to ensure a better future and wellbeing. 

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KKMP     


沙巴州基本设施发展部长拿督斯里约瑟百林说,计划在斗湖兴建一座大水坝的费用估计为马币两亿四千万,这原本是在第九大马计划的工程,但是后来却被取消。  沙巴政府将会再次在第十大马计划提呈斗湖大水坝工程,以便能够获得拨款的分配。

百林说,他将会前往斗湖进行视察,并会听取水务局的简报。 目前,斗湖人正面临水供短缺的问题,这是因为位于摩洛带(Merotai)的四号麻房(Gudang Empat)的食水处理厂的斗湖河即将枯竭。 而在该处却没有一座大水坝的设施来储水

早在九十年代已经提议该大水坝计划,由于国阵州和联邦政府都说没有钱,所以当时提议在摩洛带(Merotai)的四号麻房(Gudang Empat)的水坝工程就被搁置着,而当时该提议的款额是马币一亿五千万而已。 当时他们只在斗湖河兴建抽水站让该食水处理厂得到水源,并且使用直到今天。 斗湖用水量日益增加,导致逐渐无法应付过高的需求量,导致目前斗湖面临严重缺水的问题,如果旱季继续延长,该情况将会更加恶化

沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士指出,既然百林认为斗湖人民有燃眉之急,身为基本设施部长的他就应该立即兴建拟议的大水坝,而不是要等到第十大马计划。 该座大水坝应该是在九十年代兴建,和四号麻房的食水处理厂同时一起兴建,今天斗湖就不会有任何缺水的问题。 最可笑的是现在还要等到第十大马计划中才提呈建议,等待批准。 该座大水坝是否会在第十大马计划中被批准,还是将永远无法被兴建

百林身为基本设施发展部长应该已经有充足的资料,并了解全沙巴州缺水的问题,而不是等到现在才前往斗湖进行视察有关情况,并要求水务局做出简报。  至于沙巴州缺水的问题,他要负上责任,他的工作态度正好是“口渴才挖井取水”

如果第十大马计划批准该大水坝的工程,该工程可能需时五至六年后才能建好。 我们现在仍然还在第9大马计划中并且还有两年的时间,这意味着斗湖人必须等上至少八年之久才可以看到一些稳定的水供。斗湖人民面对的痛苦程度是如此大,试问有谁能够真正等那么久? 国阵政府并没有采取积极行动解决问题,只是不断地宣布永不兑现的计划,这如何能取信于人呢?