Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuaran Hospital has no sick bays and wards – no beds 斗亚兰医院没有病床

During the Sabah DAP CNY open house recently held in Tuaran on the 27th of February, a shocking complaint was brought to the attention of the DAP. This is about the Tuaran Hospital having no sick bays and wards for the patients, and in short the hospital has got “no beds”!

The complaint was found valid when today the Sabah DAP Chief Dr. Hiew King Cheu who is also the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament visited the hospital with his vice chairman cum the DAP bureau chief for Local government and housing Edward Ewol Mujie and the party’s Tuaran Chief Peter Liew Fui Ken.

Peter Liew said the Tuaran Hospital was officially opened in 1994 by the then Health Minister Lee Kim Sai, but until today the hospital is still in its original stage of having no beds for the patients. All patient here only be given first checking and then will have to be sent to QEH in KK for warding and further treatment. There is no medical operating theater and facilities, and all emergency cases can only treated and handled in KK. The 4 doctors here are only general practitioner (GP), and they can not cope with serious illness and emergency cases. The two ambulances are fully occupied in the transporting of patients from Tuaran Hospital to KK QE. If any one of these is broken down, then the people here will be in trouble. The cost of ferrying the patients is very high and in the case of time lost when caught in heavy traffic jam can bring along lives lost.

The Tuaran Hospital is set in the Tuaran District which needs to serve some 350,000 people in the area, and this shows how important the hospital is. It is highly illogical that this important and strategic hospital has no beds. An elderly woman at her 70’s approached Peter Liew said she had indeed suffered enough of going to KK QE to see her grand son who was warded there. She has to take 5 buses and 4 hours to reach the KK QE, by the time she reached there and come back to Tuaran she herself is already half-dead. If there is hospital beds in Tuaran Hospital she will not suffer that much, and may be just take her one hour to reach to see her grand son.

Peter Liew said the KK MP Dr. Hiew will definitely bring up the “Tuaran Hospital with no beds” issue in the coming Parliament sitting in March. He said this is surely interesting to see how the BN people are going to reply.

Peter Liew Fui Ken,
Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief.

Pic: Dr. Hiew, Edward, and Peter Liew infront of the Tuaran Hospital 



沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆州博士今天前往该医院视察,证实了有关的投诉。 陪同前往视察的有州副主席兼地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和斗亚兰支部负责人刘辉坚

刘辉坚说,斗亚兰医院于1994年正式启用,当时是由前卫生部长李金狮开幕,但是至今该医院只是用于普通诊病及治疗,没有提供病床的设备。 该医院只看诊,然后把需要留医的病人送往亚庇伊利沙伯中央医院进行治疗。  该处没有手术室和其它医疗的设施,任何紧急病况的病例都只能送往亚庇中央医院处理。 此外该处只有4的实习医生(GP),而且他们是不能应付严重病患或紧急情况。  而且该处的两部救护车平时非常的忙碌把斗亚兰医院的病人转送至亚庇中央医院  如果其中一部救护车抛锚,那么该处的病患就会面对大麻烦。 送病人的费用很高,更加严重的是在分秒必争的情况下,若救护车陷入大塞车将会造成宝贵生命的损失

斗亚兰医院在该区为约三十五万的人口提供医疗服务,这显示该医院的重要性。  如此重要的医院却没有病床是非常不合逻辑的。  一名70多岁的老农妇对刘氏说,她的孙子被送到亚庇中央医院接受长期治疗,导致她去探望他时麻烦多多,也极不方便。 她必须搭五轮的巴士,花费四个小时才能到达亚庇中央医院,回程也是一样,来回路程使到她本人累极和不便。 如果斗亚兰医院有病床提供,她就不须要浪费时间,金钱和精力来回亚庇和斗亚兰甘榜,而只需要一个小时的车程就能探望到她的孙子。