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Borneanization – Need to be expedited 婆罗洲化(Borneanization) 必须被重视

从一开始,政府就应该给沙巴人在州或联邦机构的就业机会。 在沙巴州,州或联邦农业界及营销机构应该是由沙巴人来担任。 最近我们看到农业机构无法达到他们的目标,主要原因是他们对当地的需要没有充分了解。联邦土地发展机构和FELCRA已经存在很久并且也有进行土地发展, 此外该机构的主管应该是由沙巴人士来担任。 至于联邦国土发展机构方面,该开发的土地应该是以据来分配给沙巴州的人民。 但是事实上沙巴人却必须辛劳工作才能取得该些土地 

The 20 Points or safeguards for North Borneo to agree to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia are becoming the focal point of discussion in Sabah. DAP Advisor Sdra YB Lim Kit Siang has started the whirlwind by asking Sabahans especially the Malaysian Natives of Sabah to evaluate their position in the Federation after 47 years of BN rule. The question is whether the BN government headed by UMNO has betrayed the community or not. Taking the 20 Points as an example, there is nothing to be proud off as most of the points are now redundant. Only Point 8 on Borneanisation of the public services is not moving as quickly as possible.

The Borneanisation process is so slow that many qualified Sabahans are now in their twilight time of their life. They achieved academic excellence and served the country well but never given the opportunity to do more or to head the various government agencies. These qualified Sabahans are excellent candidates for higher postings as Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Malaysia. Are the Federal government going to continue to marginalize these qualified Sabahans?

The emergence of Sabahans in West Malaysia who are homeless and depending on free meals from the Church is disheartening. Why are they in West Malaysia to seek for jobs when Sabah is such a rich country? The answer is simple. There are no jobs in Sabah. The youth are poorly trained and unskilled. This is because there are not many vocational training schools in Sabah. The government of the day is responsible for creating jobs. In this score the government has failed to prepare these young people for the job markets.

They are definitely no match to the immigrant workers from Indonesia in the plantation sector. They are no match to the Filipino workers in the construction sector. They are also no match against the Filipinos in the tourism sector.  They are no match to the Timorese in the agriculture sector. Because of their background they are now facing the same problem in West Malaysia. They are just no match against the Burmese and Bangladesh who are going after the same job opportunities. 

For the start, the government must give Sabahans the opportunity in the State and Federal agencies. FAMA or the Federal Agriculture and Marketing Agency in Sabah should be headed and staffed by Malaysian Sabahans. Lately we see how FAMA is failing to reach the target group. One of the reasons is pure ignorance of the local needs. FELDA and FELCRA have been in the picture for sometimes and have developed the land. By now theses agencies should be headed and staffed by Malaysian Sabahans. As far as FELDA is concerned, the developed land should have been sub-divided and distributed among the people of Sabah. With this, the local Sabahans will have to toil the land.

As long as these Federal agencies are controlled by Kuala Lumpur, Sabahans will continue to be poor and jobless. There is no reason for Sabahans to leave shore and ending up as “beggars” in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. Edwin Bosi
Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary

婆罗洲化(Borneanization) 必须被重视

北婆罗洲同意加入马来西亚联邦成为了现时的沙巴州,当年所签约的20项协议今天成为高度讨论的焦点。民主行动党顾问林吉祥要求沙巴人,特别 是沙巴土著群体应该重新讨论经过了国阵47年以来的执政,他们在联邦的立场和地位。  其问题是由巫统为首的国阵政府是否背叛沙土著团体。 根据20项协议中已经没有什么值得提起,因为大部份已过时。 唯一第八项协议是针对婆罗洲化(Borneanisation)的公共服务领域似乎没有什么任何进展。

由于北婆罗洲化进展过程非常缓慢,导致许多沙巴专业人士,到了晚年都没有机会发挥他们的专长。他们都是卓越的知识分子并且尽心尽意为国家服 务,但却从来没有机会升级或被委任各联邦政府机构主要的岗位。 其实这些卓越的沙巴人士可以成为马来西亚大使或外交官的优秀人选。 联邦政府是否将继续的边缘化这些卓越的沙巴人士?

有关沙巴人在西马面对无家可归的困境,并且必须依靠教会免费赠送的膳食填肚的事件令人感到沮丧。为什么他们却要到西马去寻求就业机会? 答案很简单,沙巴州没有就业机会。 此外沙巴州没有足够的职业培训学校,所以沙巴青年都是缺乏训练及没有熟练的技术。 政府应该负责创造就业机会给他们。在这方面可以看到政府并没有积极为沙巴州的青年准备就业工作的培训。

他们当然不能与来自印尼的外劳在种植业较量,他们也不能与菲律宾劳工在建造业上比较,此外,他们也无法和在旅游业菲律宾人或在农业的东帝汶 人相比。 由于他们的背景,现在他们在西马面临着同样的问题。他们也无法与缅甸和孟加拉人争夺在西马的就业机会。

从一开始,政府就应该给沙巴人在州或联邦机构的就业机会。 在沙巴州,州或联邦农业界及营销机构应该是由沙巴人来担任。 最近我们看到农业机构无法达到他们的目标,主要原因是他们对当地的需要没有充分了解。联邦土地发展机构和FELCRA已经存在很久并且也有进行土地发展, 此外该机构的主管应该是由沙巴人士来担任。 至于联邦国土发展机构方面,该开发的土地应该是以据来分配给沙巴州的人民。 但是事实上沙巴人却必须辛劳工作才能取得该些土地。

因此只要这些联邦机构是被吉隆坡控制着,沙巴州将继续面对贫穷和失业的问题。 因此有许多沙巴人前往西马吉隆坡寻找工作,而沦落为乞丐不是件奇怪的事。
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