Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hajiji’s call to clean up Sabah 哈芝芝不能达到‘零垃圾’指标

谈到地方上的清洁,兵南邦区不能够保持该区的干净整洁,应该给予最肮脏冠军奖。 该处许多住宅区的垃圾桶没有定期被清理,有些甚至长达一个星期之久。 垃圾桶内的废弃食物已经发出臭味,生虫并且吸引许多苍蝇。 许多人对此非常的不满并且曾多次向当局投诉,但当局的反映却是‘装聋作哑’毫不理睬。 兵南邦县官和县议员必须亲自去做清洁工作并实地了解情况。

The Minister of Local Government and Housing Datuk Hajiji Noor said he will go round the State to conduct surprise visits to public places, eateries, and lavatories. He also said that under the directives from the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman, it is the responsibility of his ministry to in charge of the local authorities to do the needful. There is a committee formed to look into the Cleanliness, Beautification and Attraction headed by the Deputy State Secretary (admin), Datuk Maznah Ghani.

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau chief cum Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie commented that it is impossible for the Sabah Government to do the clean up job while the people still littering and disposing rubbish freely everywhere. There are tons of rubbish and garbage being thrown daily into the storm drains, streets, parks, on roads, rivers and even into the open sea. This is basically involving the education level and civic consciousness that is very low, and people couldn’t care about cleanliness and the environment. The clean up activities will definitely be in vain and turn out to be propaganda of the government.

Sabah DAP advices the Chief Minister Musa Aman and his whole Cabinet should sit down to think of a better way to cope with the issue. How many times and days can the government afford to clean the state, especially the city and towns. That also involves a huge amount of the tax-payers’ money to be spent on the cleaning job daily.

On cleanliness, the Penampang district should be given a gold medal for not being able to keep the corners of the district clean and tidy. Many households garbage were not cleared and removed from their bins as long as a week. The waste food in the bins had produced warms and flies that upset many people. There is totally not acceptable by the rates payers who had complained many times, but received “deaf-ears”. The district officer and his staffs must “turun
Padang” personally to do the cleaning job.

There are news reports on the newspapers about rubbish and garbage everyway, and the work of the authorities is still slack and slow. Some concerted effort must be done to keep our towns clean.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

Pic: The floating rubbish in the open storm drain in KK.  


地方政府和房屋部长拿督哈芝芝说,他将前往沙州各处的公共场所,餐馆,和公共厕所进行突击检查。这是首席部长拿督穆萨阿曼的指示,吩咐他的 部门必须积极的负责环境清洁的工作。  目前该部门将成立委员会来进行该项工作,他们将负责清洁四周环境及美化旅游景点,并且是由副州秘书(行政)拿督马士纳加尼(Datuk Maznah Ghani)担该任委员会的负责人。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任兼州副主席爱德华慕吉评论说, 沙巴人民仍然有乱抛垃圾的坏习惯,州政府不可能每天清理到处可见的垃圾。 每天有许多人将垃圾被抛入大水渠,街道,公园,马路,河流,甚至丢到大海里。 基本上这是有关大众教育水平低落,以及公民对保持环境清洁的意识观念非常的低,大部分的人对环境的清洁毫不关心,因此当局进行的清理工作肯定是徒劳无功。 哈芝芝的宣布只是政府的宣传手法之一,实际上沙巴州是否会更清洁?

沙巴行动党呼吁州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼和他的内阁部长应该认真地思考和策划一个更好的办法来应付这个问题。 试问政府能够负担得起每一天的清洁工作吗?尤其是要确保城市和小镇的清洁。 这也将会耗费纳税人巨额的金钱用于在日常清洁工作上。

谈到地方上的清洁,兵南邦区不能够保持该区的干净整洁,应该给予最肮脏冠军奖。 该处许多住宅区的垃圾桶没有定期被清理,有些甚至长达一个星期之久。 垃圾桶内的废弃食物已经发出臭味,生虫并且吸引许多苍蝇。 许多人对此非常的不满并且曾多次向当局投诉,但当局的反映却是‘装聋作哑’毫不理睬。 兵南邦县官和县议员必须亲自去做清洁工作并实地了解情况。

在报章上不断的提起在四周有乱丢垃圾或垃圾桶爆满的问题,但是当局的工作态度仍然懈怠和缓慢。 如果要保持我们城市和市镇的环境清洁,当局必须要真正的做出应有的协调,并且努力的执行清洁工作,不能只是在纸上谈兵而已。