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Kota Belud and Kota Murudu disastrous flood early this year 年初哥打毛律和哥打马鲁都的洪灾

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士上周在国会向农业和农基工业部长提问有关在哥打毛律和哥打马鲁地区的大 洪灾,导致约数千多英亩稻田严重损毁蒙受巨大损失和丧失宝贵人命。

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu last week asked in Parliament the Minister of Agriculture and Agro Industries concerning the reason that caused the big flood which damaged thousand acres of rice field and live lost in the Kota Belud and Kota Marudu area.

The answer from the Minister saying that the bad flood in the areas mentioned was due to the heavy rain. The rivers are silted up and blocked due to several development projects in the area that resulted in the reduced river water flow capacity, and thereby caused overflow and flooded the areas.

In Kota Belud, the area of the rice field destroyed by the flood is around 707.2 hectares (1,500 acres), and there is no live lost as reported. In Kota Marudu, the recent flood had destroyed some 513.25 hectares (1,130 acres) of rice field and two lives were lost due to the flood as reported.  On how to cope with and to solve the problem with the flood, the Minister replied that JPS Sabah has been asked to take the following action:-

(1)   to launch some project on flood mitigation and drainage scheme to all the rice fields to as wide as 10,000 hectares in Kota Belud,
(2)   to deepen the River Abai under the 10th Malaysia Plan,
(3)   the government will prepare the long term plan on managing the flood situation in Kota Marudu,
(4)   proposal to deepen the Sg. Kinarom and set up plans to resolve the flood problem in the Bandau Basin under 10th Malaysia Plan.

Dr. Hiew commented on the answer from the Minister that he did not reflect the government’s full commitment towards solving and to tackle once for all the serious flood problems faced by the poor people in Kota Belud and Kota Marudu. In fact, the flood problem should not had happened at all if the government had done their duties to safeguard the people from suffering from the damage of the flood and worst of all on 2 live lost.

The proposed plan as replied will only happen in 10 MP which is in two years time. What will happen when the rainy season returns? We want to see immediate action to clear, widen, straightening all the blocked rivers in these areas. In the actual fact, all these should be carried out regularly and not after the flood. There is so many hundred millions ringgits allocation on flood mitigation being announced but where are the money and work done, and or rather the money has never reached Sabah? How to make these areas to be the “Rice Bowl of Malaysia”?

For the sack of the poor farmers in Kota Marudu and Kota Belud, we can not afford to face another disastrous flood again. The government compensated few hundred ringgit to each victim will not help, while people are losing hundred thousand ringgits. Sabah is losing valuable food production and now depends much more on importation of rice from outside.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP     

Pic: showing serious flood during early 2010.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士上周在国会向农业和农基工业部长提问有关在哥打毛律和哥打马鲁地区的大洪灾,导致约数千多英亩稻田严重损毁蒙受巨大 损失和丧失宝贵人命。

部长回答说,造成该区恶劣的洪灾原因是该处下了大量雨水,造成河流泛滥,由于在该地区一些地方正在进行发展计划而导致河流堵塞,造成河水流 量减低,因而河水满溢淹没该些地区。

根据报道,在哥打毛律被洪水冲毁的稻田面积约707.2公顷(1500英亩),幸运的是没有生命的丧失。而在哥打马鲁都洪灾摧毁了约513.25公 顷(1,130英亩)的稻田以及2人丧命。 对于如何应付和解决水淹的问题, 部长回答说,政府会要求沙巴水利灌溉局(JPS)采取以下的行动:-

(一)  在哥打毛律开展防洪灾和排水计划,涵盖约10,000英亩的稻田,
(二) 在第十大马计划里,加深阿拜河(River Abai),
(三) 政府将拟订有关哥打马鲁都防洪的长期计划,
(四) 建议加深吉那洛河(Sg. Kinarom),并且在第十大马计划下建议在万劳盆地(Bandao Basin)进行防洪计划以解决水灾问题。

邱博士针对部长回答说, 部长并没有真正反映或做出承诺,有关政府要如何解决和处理哥打毛律和哥打马鲁地区严重水灾和该处农民所面对的问题。 事实上,如果政府政府有尽其职责,洪 灾问题是应该不会发生的,并且也可以避免稻田遭受洪水破坏和丧失2条宝贵的生命。

部长所建议的防灾计划,将会在第十大马计划时推动,而这必须要在两年后才能进行。如果过量雨季再次发生,到时政府会这样做? 我们希望看到政府立即 采取行动,清理和宽大河流,并且清理所有该地区的河流的堵塞。 实际上政府应该要做‘定期清理的工作’,而不是要等到洪灾水后才进行。 政府不断的宣称已经拨款和运用过亿马币来处理洪灾问题,但是拨款和工程计划是否有 进行,或者说那笔拨款从未到达沙巴州? 如何能够使到该地区成为‘马来西亚的米仓?

为了哥打毛律和哥打马鲁地区贫苦农民的困境,他们是不能再面对下一次的水灾问题。 政府区区补偿几百令吉给受害人是没有帮助的。 水灾已沙巴州失去了宝贵的粮食生产量,而目前只能依靠从外国进口的白米。
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