Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kota Kinabalu Hospitals Car parking problem brought to Parliament 亚庇区医院停车场问题在国会中被提出

The problem of car parking spaces in the three hospitals in Kota Kinabalu was brought up last weeks in the Parliament session by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu. He asked the Minister of Health Datuk Liow Tiong Lai on why there is no action by the Health Ministry to improve the long outstanding lack of car parking spaces in the Hospital Queen Elizabeth 1 and 2, and the Luyang Polyclinic.上周亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在国会中提问有关在亚庇市内三间医院的停车场问题。他询问卫生部长廖中莱为何他的部门没有采取行动,来 改善亚庇市第一和第二女皇医院长期面对泊车位严重缺乏的问题。该项问题情况是越来越糟糕,许多人因为违法泊车而遭受到亚庇市政厅及交通警察发出的罚票。 甚至一些医生和护士也面收到许多罚票。 一个专科医生告诉邱博士说,经常他的病人正急着等着他看病,他因找不到适当的泊车位而被逼违法泊车,导致他连接收到多达六张交警的罚票。 他说他是不得已把他的车停泊在马路旁。

The situation is getting critical and many had suffered and being summoned by the DBKK and the Traffic police. Some doctors and nurses were being issued many summon too. A specialist doctor told Dr. Hiew that he has 6 police summons because he couldn’t find a car park in time, and the patient is waiting for his immediate care. He had to leave his car at a road corner quickly in order to attend to his patients.

Datuk Liow in his reply said that the matter of insufficient car parks in the three hospitals in Kota Kinabalu is now under planning and the construction should be on the way soon, and they will take urgent measure to tackle these problems.

For the Luyang Polyclinic, he said the Health Department in Sabah had received approval from DBKK for the construction of 33 car parking lots placed in Taman Bestari, and the work will commence this year.

For the HQE1, there will be a total of 792 lots in the hospital, including a three storey car park building for 536 cars, once the Twin Tower Block is completed.

For HQE2 (SMC), there are existing 178 parking lots, and because of the lack of car parks, a shuttle bus service will be used to ferry patient and visitors to reach the hospital from HQE1, Dewan Damai in Luyang and Likas Sport Complex. The new project in HQE2 which is expected to be completed by the end of this year will provide additional 327 car parks.

Dr. Hiew said the people want the program of the Health Ministry to provide more car parking lot immediately in the three hospitals. The people have to continue to suffer at least another year, and hopefully what are planned by the ministry shall be completed on time. The proposal as stated by the minister is insufficient to solve the daily car parking problem, Dr. Hiew hopes there will be some temporary road side or open space car park lots can be made ready to allow the visitors, patients and doctors for short hour parking, and avoid being summoned.

At the mean while, Sabah DAP Medical & Health Advisory Bureaus chief Dr. Filex Chong said that it can be easily done with the cooperation of the DBKK, JKR, JPJ, and the police.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Pic: Dr. Hiew, Dr. Felix Chong, Edward Ewol Mujie at the car park of HQE2 (SMC)  


上周亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在国会中提问有关在亚庇市内三间医院的停车场问题。他询问卫生部长廖中莱为何他的部门没有采取行动,来改善亚庇 市第一和第二女皇医院长期面对泊车位严重缺乏的问题。

该项问题情况是越来越糟糕,许多人因为违法泊车而遭受到亚庇市政厅及交通警察发出的罚票。 甚至一些医生和护士也面收到许多罚票。 一个专科医生告诉邱博士说,经常他的病人正急着等着他看病,他因找不到适当的泊车位而被逼违法泊车,导致他连接收到多达六张交警的罚票。 他说他是不得已把他的车停泊在马路旁。

拿督廖中莱说, 亚庇三家医院的停车场缺乏问题,目前正在规划中,而建设工程应该很快将会进行,他们将采取紧急措施以解决该项问题。

至于路阳政府医院,廖氏说,沙巴州卫生部已收亚庇市政厅的批准,将在Taman Bestari兴建可以提供33个车位的泊车场,这项工程将于今年内开工兴建。


对于第二女皇医院(SMC),目前该处已有178个泊车位。  因为泊车位的缺乏,当局将提供流动巴士服务,以接送病人和探病者来往1和2女皇医院,达迈会堂及里卡士体育馆之间。 第二女皇医院将预计在今年底将完成327个泊车位的兴建工程。

邱博士说,民众要卫生部即刻提供给亚庇三家医院更多的泊车位。 看来如今他们必须要继续忍受至少多一年的时间,希望该部门所提议的计划将会如期完成。部长所建议的计划是不能够解决严重缺乏泊车位的问题,邱博士希望政府 可以提供一些临时路边或空地的泊车位,好让探病者,病人和医生能够安全泊车和避免接到罚票。

沙巴民主行动党医疗及健康 咨询局主任张国华医生说,如果卫生部,亚庇市政厅,工程部,陆路交通局和警方应该一起合作,应该可以很容易地解决这项问题。