Thursday, 15 April 2010

More SESB mobile 2nd hand gen-set arrived更多流动二手发电机抵达

There is more 2nd hand mobile gen-sets had arrived in Kota Kinabalu ready for delivery to Sandakan and Tawau. Some 7 pieces of big and small mobile gen-sets were seen in the Kota Kinabalu storage yard.Sabah DAP Batu Sapi Branch chief George Hiew Vun Tzin and member Alex Chong who came from Sandakan specially to see for themselves the gen-sets, together with them was John Lee Kim Seng, the Sabah DAP Infra structure Bureau chief. It is seen in the storage yard that there are some various sizes gen-sets ranging from 2.0 MW, 1.6 MW, and the smaller one is only 1.0 MW or so. All these are used 2nd hand units.沙电力公司运来更多的二手移动发电机已抵达亚庇准备运往山打根和斗湖区。 目前大约有七部的流动发电机在亚庇的场地。沙巴民主行动党山打根三脚石支部负责人邱文正和党员张健荣特地前来亚庇视察该些发电机,陪同他们前往视察的有行 动党基本设施局主任李金星。 他们看到存放在场地的大小不同的发电机,有些可以提供1.6兆瓦至2.0兆瓦的电力,而较小可以提供约1.0兆瓦的电力,然而这些都是二手货的发电机。

George said these units could be part of the bank of the mobile gen-sets to be installed in Sandakan and Tawau. It is reported that there will be some 32 units to be installed to boost the power shortage in the East coast of Sabah. He commented on why again used 2nd hand units, why the SESB has to rent old unreliable units and not rent new units in stead?

He said the Sabah DAP chief cum the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu has put forward the question on why using 2nd hand gen-set in the East Coast of Sabah to the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Chin Fah Kui. The minister answered as there is not enough time to source and purchase for new gen-sets, and the big sets like these are not readily available in the market. That is why SESB rented the old sets for emergency supply use, so as to tie over the shortage of power.

The answer from the Minister is deemed not acceptable, and the power woes in the East Coast of Sabah is not happening just yesterday, how come only now try to source for emergency measures and use unreliable power gen-sets? The problem should have been solved when BN took power of the government in 1994, and it was their promises to solve the power shortage problem permanently in Sabah. It is understandable that the 9 years of the PBS opposition Sabah State government couldn’t achieve steady power supply due to the Federal BN government not cooperating and not giving help, but what happen now? It is 16 years now BN had controlled Sabah State, have they give us our essential power supply? We can only see more 2nd hand gen-sets all over the place. How long are we going to suffer from power cuts?

If BN cannot fulfill their promise, it is about time that we let Pakatan Rakyat to manage our power supply and run the state. Datuk Chin Fah Kui might have to resign earlier than the end of this year. This is because to achieve the SAIDI 700 minutes per consumer per year in Sabah seems impossible. The question is, how is he going to tell us the SAIDI 700 minutes has been achieved, because the figure is based on Power generation, transmission, and distribution breakdown and cuts time. That does not reflect the SAIDI of the consumers, because any one failed, will cause power cut as far as the consumer is concerned.  

George Hiew Vun Tzin, Sabah DAP Batu Sapi Branch chairman.

Pic: George Hiew, Alex Chong and John Lee looking at the used 2nd hand gen-sets in the KK yard


沙电力公司运来更多的二手移动发电机已抵达亚庇准备运往山打根和斗湖区。 目前大约有七部的流动发电机在亚庇的场地。

沙巴民主行动党山打根三脚石支部负责人邱文正和党员张健荣特地前来亚庇视察该些发电机,陪同他们前往视察的有行动党基本设施局主任李金星。 他们看到存放在场地的大小不同的发电机,有些可以提供1.6兆瓦至2.0兆瓦的电力,而较小可以提供约1.0兆瓦的电力,然而这些都是二手货的发电机。

邱氏说,这些流动发电机组将会安装在山打根和斗湖。 据报道,沙巴东海岸将安装总共32部大小流动发电机以应付该处的电供短缺问题。 他询问沙电力公司为何还要租用或购买性能差劲的二手货,而不是租用或购买全新的发电机?

邱文正说,沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士已经在国会里,询问能源,绿色科技及水务部长拿督陈华贵有关为什么在沙巴东海岸装 置二手发电机组而不用全新的机械。 部长回答说因为时间的紧迫,因此没有足够的时间来寻找和购买新的发电机,比较大型的发电机是不容易在市场上购买,也必须要经过订购。 这就是为什么电力公司紧急租用二手发电机,用来缓和严重电供短缺问题。

部长的回答是不能被接受的,要知道沙巴东海岸的电供短缺问题并不是昨天才发生的事,为什么现在才要发动紧急措施来解决电供问题,还使用不可靠的二手 发电机? 当1994年国阵接管沙巴州政府的时候,就应该即刻解决这个问题,当时他们向人民承诺必定会解决沙巴电供短缺问题。 在反对党时期,沙巴团结党执政沙巴州9年的时间是无法实现稳定的电力供应,这是由于联邦国阵政府不配合也不给予缓助,这是可以理解的。 但是现在由国阵执政,情况仍然还是一样,这是为什么? 国阵政府执政沙巴州已经有16年了,但是他们是否有真正的为我们解决电供问题吗?我们只看到有更多的二手发电机运到沙巴州。 沙巴人要面对停电问题到什么时候呢?

如果国阵不能履行其诺言,是时候让民联来执政沙巴州,来为沙巴人民解决电供问题。 拿督陈华贵可能要在今年底前引咎辞职,这是因为要达到每消费者每年停电 700分钟的数字,在沙巴州似乎是不可能的事。 他要如何告诉我们停电700分钟已经实现,因为这个数字是根据发电,主要输电,和分发电量的停电时间来统计。 这并不能反映消费者的停电率,任何一项失效将导致停电问题。