Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ms Lizawathy to head DAP Putatan Branch 莉莎瓦蒂(Lizawaty Kaimah)出任民主行动党必打丹(Putatan)支部领袖

Sabah DAP is given a boost with the joining of Ms Lizawaty Kaimah (picture) and 15 others from Putatan constituency. She handed the applications forms to Sabah DAP Chief YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu on 21st March 2010 at Donggongon witnessed by DAP Parliament leader YB Lim Kit Siang, during a breakfast meeting attended by some sixty supporters.沙巴民主行动党欢迎莉莎瓦蒂(Lizawaty Kaimah)(图)和15位新党员加入必打丹(Putatan)支部。 莉莎女士于上个月二十一日在东贡岸镇把申请表格转交给沙巴行动党州主席邱庆洲博士,见证该转交仪式有民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥,以及60多位的支持者。

Ms. Lizawaty Kaimah is at the moment managing an agriculture-based company in Putatan. She said she is proud to be associated with Sabah DAP, a party that has stood the test of time and truly stand up to the rights of the people. The party’s foundation on Competency, Accountability and Transparency or CAT has attracted her and the others to join the party. She calls on Sabahans especially the Natives of Sabah to join the party and to uphold the struggle together for a better Sabah and Malaysia. She also said that it is the rightful thing for a young person like her to be actively involved and to join in the team to do good for Sabah, especially serving under the Sabah DAP.

On 10th April 2010, Ms. Lizawaty the pro-tem head of Putatan Branch met up with YB Dr. Hiew, Mr. Edward Ewol Mujie and Dr. Edwin Bosi to briefly discuss the action plan of the party in Putatan constituency. With her were Mr. Sukri Ibrahim, Ms Edna Edar and Mr. Chung Kian Kiun. There were many issues discussed and especially on the local Putatan issues like the bad roads, railway crossing, floods, dirty garbage, blocked drains, stray dogs and overall bad management of the Penampang Council.

Dr. Hiew advise her that she should concentrate more on the young people’s problem, the woman welfare, and all matters on the well being of the Putatan folks.

Dr. Edwin Bosi, Sabah DAP Publicity Chief.

Picture shows YB Dr Hiew King Cheu (2nd left) with Ms Lizawaty Kaimah (3rd left) and her members, Edna Edar (4th left), Sukri Ibrahim (3rd right) and Chung Kian Kiun (2nd right). Also in picture are Edward Ewol Mujie (left) and Dr. Edwin Bosi (right). 

莉莎瓦蒂(Lizawaty Kaimah)出任民主行动党必打丹(Putatan)支 部领袖

沙巴民主行动党欢迎莉莎瓦蒂(Lizawaty Kaimah)(图)和15位新党员加入必打丹(Putatan)支部。 莉莎女士于上个月二十一日在东贡岸镇把申请表格转交给沙巴行动党州主席邱庆洲博士,见证该转交仪式有民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥,以及60多位的支持者。

该党是一个经受了时间的考验,并且真正是为人民谋求权益的政党, 该党的诚信,公信力和透明度(CAT)的宗旨吸引了她和其他人的加入。莉莎瓦蒂在此呼吁特别是沙巴土著群体和她一起加入行动党,并一起为沙巴人争取应有的 权益,以及建立一个更好的沙巴州和马来西亚。她还表示说,像她这样的社会青年应该更加积极参与并一起同心为沙巴州,尤其是透过沙巴行动党更能够达到这目 标。

2010年4月10日,必打丹负责人莉莎瓦蒂会见了邱庆洲博士,爱德华慕吉和埃德温博西医生,一起讨论有关在必打丹选区的行动计划。 与她一起讨论有新党员苏克里易卜拉欣(Mr. Sukri Ibrahim)和埃娜爱得尔(Ms Edna Edar)以及钟先生(Mr. Chong Kian Kiun)。  讨论有关在必打丹选区有许多的问题,特别是该处损坏的道路,铁路,洪水问题,肮脏的垃圾,诸塞的水渠,流浪狗以及兵南邦县议会的管理不善等等。