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Old Khidmat Building as a State owned private hospital – scraped?

The announcement by the Sabah State Government that the Old Khidmat Building in Karamunsing is to be converted to house a state owned private hospital with allocation of RM 100 million which was included in the state budget tabled in the state Assembly last year.  The said project is expected to be completed in six months, and will provide the people in Sabah to have another private hospital for the sick.  The Federal Ministry of Health commented that they have no objection to the setting up of the State owned private hospital.

沙巴州政府曾经宣布,将会拨款马币一亿把前公务员合作社大厦改建为沙政府私人医院,这项拨款已经提议在去年的州议会的预算案中通过。 而该项工程预计将在六个月内完成,以提供一间私人医院给沙巴人看病。 联邦卫生部长说,他们不反对州政府设立及经营自己的私人医院。很可惜的是经过了半年时间,我们却看不到任何改建私营医院的工作迹象,反而听到许多有关该项 工程已被取消的传言。

Very unfortunately, after so many months we still don’t see any sign of the private hospital starting work, while there are rumors that the project had been scrapped.

Sabah DAP Medical & Advisory Bureau Chief Dr. Felix Chong said may be the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Hji. Aman can explain to the people whether the rumors are true, and also to explain on the reason if the program is truly scrapped.  If it is scrapped, how much money already spent on the preparation of the project or paid to the consultants, architects, and the specialist hospital consultant ? The Government should not keep silent on the issue, because this is state matter and the money spent are tax-payers’ money.  If the project is still ongoing, the CM should enlighten the people of Sabah on its progress and whether the final approval on its license to operate a private hospital has been granted by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Dr. Chong asked it the case of scrapping of the project is true, why the government has to plan and approved a scheme that can’t even start off, and this also reflects the incapability of the government to give the people the good health care facilities both in the Federal and State level.

The health care facilities in Kota Kinabalu is bad, why can’t the government give us a permanent solution that can bring about proper and advance health care.  Everything is lacking in the government hospital, and we heard announcement one after another, and there is no immediate action.   The hospital services in Kota Kinabalu is spread out into three main hospitals and a polyclinic, this gives much confusion and trouble as far as the patients, doctors and nurses are concern.   The ministry of Health should immediately start to build a centralized hospital complex large enough to house all the facilities, patient wards, laboratory, operating theaters, doctors and nurses housing, and ample of car parks.   There are plenty of state lands available and large enough in Kota Kinabalu for building one stop government general hospital.

Sabah DAP Medical & Advisory Bureau Chief -  Dr. Felix Chong

Pic : Edward Ewol Mujie,Dr. Felix Chong, Christopher Chong posting in fornt of the Khidmat Building.

沙巴州政府曾经宣布,将会拨款马币一亿把前公务员合作社大厦改建为沙政府私人医院,这项拨款已经提议在去年的州议会的预算案中通过。 而该项工程预计将在六个月内完成,以提供一间私人医院给沙巴人看病。 联邦卫生部长说,他们不反对州政府设立及经营自己的私人医院。


沙巴民主行动党医疗服务局主任张国华医生说,希望沙首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼能够向沙巴人民解释,该传闻是否属实,同时他也要解释,如果该建设告吹的真 正原因。如果真的告吹,那么该计划的准备工作是否有支付费用给其顾问团,建筑师,医院专科顾问,其费用到底耗费了多少钱? 政府不应该不公开这项问题,因为这是有关大众的事情,所花的钱都是纳税人的钱。 如果该计划仍在进行中,那么首席部长应该向沙巴人民报道其进展情况,并且联邦卫生部是否已经批准其私家医院的经营牌照。

张医生要问该项计划被取消是否属实,为何州政府在规划和批准该改建计划,到头来却无法进行,这很明显的反映出政府的无能及无法完善的策划, 无论是联邦或州政府,根本不重视人民健康护理设施的需要和关注。

亚庇市的医疗设施一直都很缺乏,而政府却不能给我们一个永久性的解决方案,以能够提供给沙人民先进的保健医疗服务。 我们政府医院的医疗和设施一向来都是不齐全,虽然不断听到一连串的宣布,实际上却没有真正立即采取行动来解决问题。 亚庇市共有三间政府医院和一间综合诊所提供医疗服务, 这导致病人,医生和护士四处跑,惹来混乱及麻烦。 卫生部应立即着手建立一间大型的中央医院,以容纳各样设施,更多的病床,试验室,手术室,医生和护士宿舍,以及足够的泊车位。 亚庇市有许多政府空地,并且有足够的地方能够提供该项一站式医疗设施。

Pic : 爱德华慕吉,张国华医生, Christopher Chong 在前公务员合作社大厦前摄。
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