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Retired uniform personals still listed as postal voters, Clean up of electoral roll is necessary. 退休制服人员仍列为邮寄选民,选举名册必要重新整理

亚庇国会议员于三月二十五日在国会中询问首相有关为何退休退休的官兵,警察和 其他制服人员仍然还在以往的服务区列为邮寄选民。 这是收到许多退休后的制服人员的投诉而提出的问题。

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament asked the Prime Minister in Parliament on the 25th of March on the issue why retired uniform personals like the arm forces, police and others are still listed in their previous respective area of service under the category as postal voters. This is following the many complaints received from the retired uniform personals.

The Minister in the Prime Minister Department Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz replied that the Election Commission (SPR) is updating the registered voters and cleaning up the electoral roll. The problem on why the names of the retired police and arm forces are still being listed as postal voters is because they have not inform the SPR on their retirement, and they have not reregister as civilian through the normal course with SPR.

Therefore SPR is now going through the program of “Smart Partnership” with the Police and the Military in order for the retired personals to reregister them as normal voters and to clean up the electoral roll for the voters.

Dr. Hiew said there is still much work to be done by the SPR in terms of achieving a totally clean electoral roll, where that is no abuses, phantom voters, imported voters and even double identities, etc.. It is a well known case that Sabah is having lots of dubious voters and voters don’t know from where. It is easy to spot them coming to vote in the polling centers, but the sad thing is that even though they were caught red handed, there were no action taken by the SPR and the police. Many cases were reported, but the same old story they were allow to vote. How can we have a fair, clean and transparent voting system in Malaysia?

In Sabah, many West Malaysian and Sarawakian who have been residing in Sabah for more then 20 years were not allowed to vote and not even being listed in the Sabah electoral roll. This is due to their addresses on their Mycard are still using the old address at their home states. It is necessary to change the old home addresses to their Sabah address and then reregister as a voter in Sabah. These people should be given the right to vote too.

Dr. Hiew also urges the SPR to screen through the Sabah electoral roll to eliminate the dubious names with the help of the National Registration Department (JPN) to ensure the voters are genuine Sabahan voters. As for the retired uniform service men, they should immediately reregister themselves as normal voters. The MP or the Sabah DAP offices can help with the registration.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


亚庇国会议员于三月二十五日在国会中询问首相有关为何退休退休的官兵,警察和其他制服人员仍然还在以往的服务区列为邮寄选民。 这是收到许多退休后的制服人员的投诉而提出的问题。

首相署部长拿督斯里纳兹里回答说,选举委员会(SPR)一直都有在更新和整理选民登记的名册。关于为何退休警察和官兵仍然被列为邮寄选民的 问题,这是因为他们没有通知选举委员会有关他们的退休,因此他们并没有重新被注册列为普通选民是正常的事。

因此选举委员会目前正推动警察和军队‘伙伴关系’ 的方式,让退休公务员能够进行重新注册为普通选民,并且方便整理选民册。

邱博士说,选举委员会除了要重新整理选民的名册,他们还有许多工作有待完成的,以防止滥权,幽灵选民,甚至双重身份选民等的问题。  沙巴州有许多来历不明的选民是一个众所周知的情况。 其实当他们到投票中心进行投票时,是很容易辨认他们的,但不幸的是即使他们当场被抓,选举委员会和警方都没有采取适当行动处理该犯罪行为。 虽然有许多案件被报道,但同样的是他们仍然被允许投票。 试问在马来西亚怎样才会有公平,廉洁和透明的选举制度?

有许多西马和砂捞越人一直居住在沙巴州有二十多年了,却不允许投票,甚至也没有被列入沙巴选民册里。 这是因为他们的身份证上的地址仍使用他们以前的旧地址。 要成为沙巴州的选民,他们就必须更换旧地址,然后重新注册。 这些人应该给于投票的权利。

邱博士也敦促选举委员会必须清理沙巴州的选民册,并且透过国民登记局(JPN),以确保选民是真正有资格的沙巴州选民。  至于已退休的公务人员,他们应该立即重新注册为普通选民。 亚庇国会议员及沙巴行动党办事处都可帮助他们进行该项重新注册的工作。
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