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Wijaya Park, Mengatal flood problem remains unsolved 孟加达威佳亚园(Wijaya Park),防洪问题仍然没有解决

Yesterday afternoon a short two hours rain had caused Wijaya Park in Mengatal submerged under 3 feet of flood water. The 50 over houses with their furnitures, belongings and their cars were socked in the water. There will be much cleaning work on the mud, rubbish, and drying up work after the water subsided.昨天下午两小时的下雨已造成孟加达威佳亚园(Wijaya Park)淹没在3尺水深中。 约有五十多间房屋的家具,财物和汽车都浸在水中。 很肯定当水退后将有许多清洗淤泥和清理垃圾的工作。

The angry residents called the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu to request assistance to inspect the flood situation there. Hiew later arrived on site with the Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng to view the flood situation, and found the houses is still flooded with 3 feet of water.

There is no large outlet and drain for the water to flow out fast enough, therefore when ever it rains this place is usually flooded. The people also complains that the DBKK had done a small drainage work here next to the padang, but they can’t see and understand what is the purpose of the few hundred thousand ringgit cost of work is for. That is totally a waste of public fund and served no purpose, and the little pond constructed is just for nothing. It wouldn’t help to solve the flood at all.

Dr. Hiew told the angry residents that he had informed the JPS Sabah and the DBKK their problem last year and he was promised by the two departments concerned that they will solve the flood problem in Wijaya Park. Their promises remain as empty promises, and that is typical of the BN’s style of giving empty promises to the people. This is especially so during general election time, the BN will promise the people “the heaven”!

Dr. Hiew said he will inform the authorities again about the flood problem in Wijaya Park, Mengatal. This time if no action taken, the people should consider to turn away from BN government and let Pakatan Rakyat to run the next government. At least, a new government will have new policies, style, leadership, and new hope for the people.

At the same time, John Lee Kim Seng said the Tuaran Road from Mile 7 to 10 was also having serious flood due to drain blockage at many places. This caused traffic jam and vehicles couldn’t start. All these blockages to the road side drains should be addressed immediately by the JKR maintenance. The bad flood that regularly submerges SJK Lok Yuk at Mile 7.5 Tuaran Road every times it rains has never been solved by the government since 20 years ago. It is again under a few feet of water again during yesterday’s rain. It is highly unreasonable that the flood situation at the school can not be solved once for all. He challenges the JKR to immediately put right the situation by end of this year, if not the BN state government Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Pairin Joseph Kitingan should resign.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP
Pic: The Wijaya Park flood situation, and SJK Lok Yuk under few feet of flood water
昨天下午两小时的下雨已造成孟加达威佳亚园(Wijaya Park)淹没在3尺水深中。 约有五十多间房屋的家具,财物和汽车都浸在水中。 很肯定当水退后将有许多清洗淤泥和清理垃圾的工作。

愤怒的居民联络了亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,要求前往协助视察该处的灾情。 邱博士与沙巴民主行动党基本设施发展局主任李金星稍后抵达现场查看灾情,发现该处的房屋都淹在三尺深的水中。

在该处没有设有大的排水沟让水能够迅速的流走,因此每当下雨的时候,这个地方通常是被水淹没。该处的人们还抱怨地说,亚庇市政厅虽然在大操场旁边兴 建了小的排水沟,但却没有什么作用,也不了解为何政府耗费数十万令吉的工程却没有达到其功效,这完全是浪费公帑,而且也没有达到排水的功用。  政府建造该小池塘也没有什么作用,根本无助于解决该处水灾的问题。

邱博士说,他去年已经通知并且联络沙巴水利灌溉局(JPS)和亚庇市政厅有关他们的问题,而且沙巴公务局和亚庇市政厅也对邱博士承诺说,他 们将会尽快解决孟加达威家亚园的水灾问题。 但是他们的承诺仍然是‘零’, 这就是国阵政府的典型风格,惯性开给人民的空头支票。 这尤其是在换届大选的时候,国阵将会不断给人民所谓‘好听的承诺’!

邱博士说,他将会再次向当局反映有关孟加达威佳亚园水浸问题。如果当局仍然不采取任何行动,该处的居民会不再支持国阵政府,他们会让民联成为下届的 政府。至少新政府将有新的政策,作风,领导,和带给人民新的希望。

同时李金星也指出,从斗亚兰路七里至十里路的路段也面对严重的水灾,由于在许多地方的排水管被堵塞。 因而造成了交通堵塞,车辆无法顺畅的行驶。 工程部应该即刻把所有在路旁的排水渠进行维修和清理。 七里半斗亚兰路乐育小学前的马路二十年来不断面对淹水问题,而政府迄今都没有真正解决该问题。 昨天的大雨导致该处又淹水,政府无法一次过解决学校前面的淹水问题是非常不合理的。 李氏挑战工程部在今年底必须立即纠正该淹水的情况,如果不能,国阵政府基本设施发展部长拿督拜林应该引咎辞职
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