Monday, 24 May 2010


Sabah DAP has called on Kinabatangan Member of Parliament Datuk Bung Moktar Radin to voluntarily step down as member of parliament with immediate effect.
杰菲利说,邦莫达的不良行为不单影响了年轻的一代,也影响我国社会的道德伦理,也破坏了马来西亚国会的尊严及形象。 因此,杰菲利再次敦促邦莫达立 即辞职,不然他必须准备面对下届大选选民的裁决。
Its Welfare and Rural Development Bureau Chief Jeffrey Kumin said Datuk Bung Moktar being a law maker himself should be aware of the consequences of his actions in his new marriage. Kumin said that since Bung is also being called as an ‘icon’, he has failed to live up to the people’s expectations. Therefore, the most honorable and noble action for Bung to do now is to resign as the member of parliament for Kinabatagan, as he has clearly destroyed the trust of the people who voted for him. 

Bung’s action is a bad example for the people to follow especially among the young generation, said Kumin.   We cannot accept such figure to continue to sit in the Parliament, because this will bring a bad image to our parliament.

Kumin again repeated his call for Bung to resign without delay or to prepare to face the people in the next general election. 

By : Jeffrey Kumin
      Welfare and Rural Development Bureau Chief



沙行动党福利及农村发展局主任杰菲利古明说,邦莫达身为一位立法者应该对自己行为负责。 杰菲利表示说,邦莫达是人民代议士,但是却没有做 到人民的期望。 因此邦莫达最应该做的事情,就是辞去其京那巴当岸国会议员的职位,因为他不单止知法犯法,同时他所犯的过错已经大大失信于他的支持者。

杰菲利说,邦莫达的不良行为不单影响了年轻的一代,也影响我国社会的道德伦理,也破坏了马来西亚国会的尊严及形象。 因此,杰菲利再次敦促邦莫达立 即辞职,不然他必须准备面对下届大选选民的裁决。