Monday, 24 May 2010

Higher Education Facilities in the East Coast of Sabah 沙巴东海岸需要高等教育设施

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu asked the Assistant Minister of Higher Education Dato' Saifuddin bin Abdullah in Parliamenton the 6th of April during the Question and Answer session, on the number of institutions and colleges established by the government in the East Coast of Sabah, Tawau, Sandakan and Lahad Datu. This is important and much needed for the training of the young people in the East Coast of Sabah, especially in the field of technical training.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在四月六日国会中的问与答环节里,询问高等教育副部长拿督赛夫丁阿都拉,有关联邦政府在沙巴东海岸,斗湖,山打根和拿笃所设 立的工艺学院数量。 这是对沙巴东海岸的年轻人非常重要和急需的工艺训练学院,特别是在技术培训的领域。

Dato' Saifuddin bin Abdullah told the Parliament that at the moment there is the Politeknik Kota Kinabalu in operation in Sepanggar, KK. The main campus of  Kolej Komuniti in Tawau with a branch of the Kolej Komuniti in Semporna is in full operation.

Under the 10th Malaysia Plan, the Politeknik Sandakan will be ready hopefully by the year 2012. It is expected that the new program for the Politeknik Metro in Kota Kinabalu can be built as planned. The Kolej Komuniti branch in Penampang which is proposed under the 9th Malaysia Plan is to be upgraded as a main campus of the college to provide training. At the moment, the Kolej Komuniti under construction in Lahad Datu is expected to go into operation at the middle of this year.

There will be more Kolej Komuniti to be built in Sipitang, Papar, Pitas and Beaufort. In fact, these are expected to be completed by 9th Malaysia Plan, but the government will continue this in the 10th Malaysia Plan.

The minister continue to say that if all these program being materliised, there will be all together 11 institutions or colleges like the Politeknik and Kolej Komuniti with its branches spread out in the whole of Sabah.

Dr. Hiew feels that the program put up by the government seems not working well due to the respond of the general population especially the young and school leavers still thinks these colleges and polytechnics is still far reached and not their choice. Many of the young Sabahan do not want to be trained and pick up a handy skill in these training centers. The Ministry of Higher Education must work out a workable plan to encourage and to attract these young people to join the training technical colleges.  It is essential that these young people are to be given future job guarantee, qualification recognition, award study grant and living expenses to student, further education opportunities, secure position in the police and military service, secured salaries and wages scales and so on.

The government should not only build the colleges and forgot about the next step when their graduates finished the training with them. We don't want to see that "after graduating means unemployment"! That is also the reason that in Sabah many young people moved away to work outside Sabah in overseas, West Malaysia, Singapore and the neighboring countries. The created a big brain and skill drain in Sabah. The state is suffering and we are losing a big valuable human assets and resources. The BN government must address the problem immediately, and it is ridiculous that we use foreign workers, sometimes illegal, and yet our many trained young work for other people outside Sabah. This is a total lost and serious matter, and this is part of the reason why Sabah is getting poorer day by day. Do something before it is too late, or just simply change the government.
Dr. Hiew King Cheu


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在四月六日国会中的问与答环节里,询问高等教育副部长拿督赛夫丁阿都拉,有关联邦政府在沙巴东海岸,斗湖,山打根和 拿笃所设立的工艺学院数量。 这是对沙巴东海岸的年轻人非常重要和急需的工艺训练学院,特别是在技术培训的领域。

拿督赛夫丁本在国会里说,目前在士邦加(Sepangar)有一间亚庇理工学院(Politeknik)。而在斗湖的仙本纳 (Semporna)有一间主要理工学校的分校在该处。

在第十大马计划里,理工学院将会在山打根兴建,希望可以在2012年准备就绪。 此外预期将在亚庇兴建另一间专科理工学院,估计该工程能按计划建好。 而根据第九大马计划下,政府的一间在兵南邦的理工学院的分院将获得提升以供培训。 截至目前在拿笃正在兴建着理工学院的分院,预计将在今年内完成。

此外,政府将计划兴建更多的专科学院和理工学院在实必丹(Sipitang),吧巴(Papar),必达士(Pitas)与保佛 (Beaufort)。 其实这些计划兴建中的学院工程,预计在第九大马计划里完成,如未能完成,政府将会在第十大马计划中继续其工程。


邱博士认为,由政府所成立的学院似乎没有得到一般民众的响应,特别是年轻人和毕业生都仍然认为这些专科学院和理工学院没有达到他们的要求目 标,同时不是他们要选择的。 沙巴州的年轻人有许多都不愿接受这类的训练,或接受这些培训中心的教学。 高等教育部必须制定出一个更好的教育计划,以鼓励和吸引这些青少年参加技术学院的培训。 最重要的是能够提供这些年轻人以后可以获得工作的保证,培训合格的认可,给予学生奖励金和生活费,有进修升大学的机会,并且能够在警队和军队服务,并获取 应得的工资的保证。

政府不单应该要兴建理工学院,同时也不可忘了处理这些毕业生完成训练后的下一个步骤。 我们不希望看到‘毕业后就等于失业’!  这也是许多沙巴州的年轻人离开家园到西马,新加坡或邻国寻找工作的原因。 沙巴州有许多聪明和有干力的青年人,但是因为政府的政策,导致我们失去许多宝贵的人力资源。 国阵政府必须立即解决这项问题,我们国家雇用许多外国工人,甚至有些是非法入境的,反而我们许多受到很好培训的沙巴年轻人却在海外打工,这是荒谬又滑稽的 事。 对我国来说是一件很大的损失以及很严重的事情,也是导致沙巴州日趋贫乏的主因。 必须采取行动以免为时已晚,或者以最简单的方式,就是换政府。