Friday, 14 May 2010

Illegal connection in Sandakan 山打根的非法接驳水源

The Sabah DAP chairman of Batu Sapi branch George Hiew Vun Zin was brought to inspect the multiple illegal water connection in the Sandakan BDC illegal squatter area opposite the SESB power supply installation.

It is shocking to see so many water pipes which looks like a spider web connected to the water main pipe. This is definitely illegal connection. These water pipes are being connected to the illegal squatters in the BDC area. George said why Jabatan Air never border to disconnect these illegal connections but choose to chase after us and disconnect our meter while we only late in paying the few ringgits on our bills. The illegal squatters are foreigners and yet they enjoyed our precious water for free. Sandakan is already very short of water and we even have to consume low quality and salty water.

Just imagine how many millions of gallons of our water are being used by these foreigners through these illegal water connections. Jabatan Air could not have missed these illegal connections, because it is just next to the main road and can be easily spotted. If they still can not find them, they can always contact DAP to show the location.

All these illegal connection must be cut off, and this is the way to stop illegal squatters housing. It is learnt that the BN government is giving these foreigners a ‘special privilege’ by not demolishing their illegal home and at the same time closed their eyes on illegal connection of water and even electricity.       

George Hiew Vun Zin

Pic: George inspecting the illegal water connection in BDC, Sandakan.  



令人震惊地看到这么多如蜘蛛网似的大小水管被驳接到政府的输水管。这些水管肯定是非法盗用水源。 这些水管都连接到BDC的非法木屋区里。 邱氏说,为什么水务局没有采取行动阻止这些非法驳接及前往切断水源,反而却选择百般挑剔山打根市民,为了一点未支付的水费就实行切水行动。 该处的非法木屋区全都是非法入境的外国人,但他们却能够自由的享用我们宝贵的水源。  山打根已经面对严重缺水的问题,甚至要减低用水量或迫用有咸味的水

只要想像这些外国人透过非法驳接水源,每天免费使用了数百万加仑的水。 水务局不可能没有注意到这些非法驳接的问题,因为这些就在大路旁,很容易被发现到的。  如果他们仍然无法找到该处,他们可以随时联络行动党以取得正确的位置。

当局必须即刻阻止这些非法驳接,同时也要阻止非法入境者在该处居住。 据了解国阵政府给予这些非法移民一项特殊的‘优待’,除了没有进行拆除该些非法木屋区, 同时对于他们非法驳接水电供应也一只眼闭一只眼开。