Monday, 24 May 2010

IMM13 only tip of the iceberg!

I am alarmed but not surprised that the Home Ministry plans to legitimise the stay of some 69000 IMM13 holders by giving them MyKads, thereby according them Malaysian citizenship. This said our Home Minister is for humanitarian grounds.
So what about the many stateless  locals who were born in Sabah or have stayed in Sabah more than 40-50 years that do not have MyKads? They are not humans deserving of humanitarian considerations? Or are only IMM13 holders considered humans.

To a Sabahan, just one look at a person will tell whether he is local and a PTI. But than to our federal masters who don’t even understand our language, religion or customs, they may find it harder to differentiate locals to PTIs. For example, the Allah issue and the use of “Bin” or “Binti” by non-Muslim Sabah Bumiputras that were big issues recently.
I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg for a problem that has affected Sabah for many years now and will change our socio-economic and political landscape if left unchecked.
On forming Malaysia in 1963 Sabah’s population was 650,000 and this has mushroomed (esp. in the 90’s) to 3.28 milion today. This huge increase is not in line with the expected or projected population.
The huge increase is in large measure due to the refugees  from mainly the Phillipines who escaped due to war. They were given IMM13 status, but they have stayed behind even after their war was over. They and the large numbers who have immigrated since then are now more economic refugees today rather than war refugees.
According to the book “Lest we forget” by Dr Chong Eng Leong and the many books on the Project IC have projected the paperless, PTI (pendatang Tanpa Izin) number more than 750,000 today. This is a conservative estimate.
What happened to the 20 points agreement safeguarding our immigration rights. They were placed as a safeguard and there for a reason.
Under “Project IC”, the PTIs were given IC’s to ensure that the government of the time gets the votes needed to stay in power. A selfish, irresponsible and short sighted act by the government that amounts to treason to the people of Sabah.
Many locals fear the day when we will be in the minority and become disenfranchised  Imagine all this  PTIs with voting rights and power that will ensure  the BN government  stay in power forever. A frightful thought. One day a PTI will rule us, as votes means power. A more frightful thought.
Besides causing the shift in the political landscape and trend in Sabah, The PTI MyKad holders and their paperless and stateless cousins are also undeniably blamed for the many socio-economic and criminal ills plaguing us today. And in the near future things will just get worse and when they become more entrenched we will be unable to change things.
The time to change things is today, or it will be too late. We should not be complacent or our children or grandchildren will end up as labour under PTI masters.
-Dr Felix Chong Kat Fah, Chairman, DAP Tanjung Aru Branch cum Sabah Medical & Health Advisory Bureau.