Monday, 24 May 2010

Police Quarters in Menggatal – Why Abandoned? 孟加达警察宿舍置空多年

The Police quarters in Menggatal has been abandoned many years now and left unused and empty. Many people have been asking why the quarters building which can house more then 20 families from the Menggatal Police station is left unused and empty.

孟加达警察宿舍已经废弃置空多年。 很多人都在问这栋可以容纳20多家的警察宿舍大楼被置空着不用。沙巴民主行动党士邦加主席杰菲利古明说, 他前往该处视察期间,发现该警察宿舍是建设在孟加达的警察所旁。 他不明白的是为何政府没有给警察使用,反而让它废置浪费着,他要政府向人民交代其原因。因为该建筑不应该继续被空置并白白的浪费着。

Sabah DAP Sepaggar branch chairman Jeffrey Kumin said that during his visit there he observed that the Police quarters building is still intact to serve as quarters for the policemen serving in the station here. Why it is not used and he wants the reason to be made known to the people? The building should not continue be left unused.

On the other hand, he urged the government to supply a few more units of 4-wheel drive police vehicles to be stationed in the Menggatal police station. This is compulsory, because the Menggatal area are very wide spread and the road condition in the hills are so bad that normal cars can not access these areas. It is only by the use of the 4-wheel drive vehicles, the police personnel can enter to the hilly country side in the case of emergencies.

The police officers must be increased to save guard the safety and security of the people in the Inanam town to Telipok and as far as Sepanggar and Karambunai. There is also many industrial factories and properties coming up which brought along and coupled with many foreigners (PTI) in the areas. Therefore, it is a need for the police department to step up their strength and equipments to fight crime and protect the people.

Jeffrey Kumin, Sepanggar Branch Chairman.


孟加达警察宿舍已经废弃置空多年。 很多人都在问这栋可以容纳20多家的警察宿舍大楼被置空着不用。

沙巴民主行动党士邦加主席杰菲利古明说, 他前往该处视察期间,发现该警察宿舍是建设在孟加达的警察所旁。 他不明白的是为何政府没有给警察使用,反而让它废置浪费着,他要政府向人民交代其原因。因为该建筑不应该继续被空置并白白的浪费着。

另一方面,他敦促政府提供四轮驱动警车给孟加达单位警局驻扎。 这是必须的,因为孟加达这个地区十分广泛,是属于山区,加上路面的情况如此糟糕,普通汽车不能深入这些地区。 而只有使用四轮驱动车辆,尤其是在紧急的情况下,警方人员可以顺利地进入到山区进行他们的任务。

警务人员必须提高和维持下南南至打里卜和士邦加到加拉布莱人民及地方的安全。 该处有许多工厂和住宅区,人口激增,然而该处同时有许多的非法移民(PTI),因此警方要加强他们的设备和人力,打击犯罪和保护人民。