Monday, 24 May 2010

Sabah DAP Kadazan leaders in Parliament 沙巴民主行动党卡达山领袖前往国会 - IMM13

Sabah DAP Kadazan leaders attended the Parliament sitting on 19th April 2010 to raise issues pertinent to Sabah. During the Press Conference, the three leaders talked about the issues that are affecting all Malaysians in Sabah. They were accompanied by Sabah DAP Chief and Kota Kinabalu MP YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

沙巴民主行动党卡达山领袖于2010年4月19日前往国会,并在国走廊的会记者会上提出有关的沙巴面对的问题,三位领袖提出有关影响沙巴州人口爆增 及其他问题。 他们是随同沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲前往国会。

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie talked about the concern on IMM13 card holders who are now been given Permanent Resident (PR) status. Pastor Jeffrey Kumin on the other hand talked about talked about the failure of the government to create employment opportunity resulting in many Sabahans leaving the shores hoping for a better life. Instead, many Sabahans are reported stranded in Kuala Lumpur, many are jobless and homeless depending on the kindness of Churches for food and shelter. Pastor Kumin who is also Sabah DAP Organising Secretary said the government failed to address the training and education for the youth in Sabah.
In the PC especially arranged for the Sabah DAP Kadazan leaders, Publicity Secretary Dr. Edwin Bosi demanded for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be established to look into the unexceptional surge in the population of Sabah. He highlighted the growth rate of Sabah and Sarawak to drive his point. According to statistic, Sabah population in 1931 was about 270,000 and has climbed to about 2.5 million in 2000. In comparison, Sarawak’s population was 600,000 in 1931 (double than Sabah) and was only about 2.0 million in 2000. Sabah’s population growth rate between 70s – 90s was between 4 – 6% yearly against the national average of 2.6% yearly. According to Dr. Edwin Bosi, a veterinarian, Sabahans are breeding like rabbits.
Sabah’s population was about 3.248 million in 2009. According to Dr. Chong Eng Leong in his book “Lest We Forget”, the Sabah’s population can be explained as follows:

Paperless or fake/expired papers               =     750,000
IMM13 holders                                         =       64,000
Project IC/M holders + their children       =     600,000
PR status granted to “refugees” in 2006  =       (17,000)
Foreigners with work permit                     =      (300,000)
Bona Fide Malaysians                               =    1,500,000
Total                                                          =    3,230,000

Sabah DAP will continue to pursue these issues until the BN government does something about it. On the other hand, Sabah DAP will work hard with component parties PAS and PKR to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat will form the next government at State and Federal level. Only through a change of government can the rakyat expect to see action and change of these unpopular BN government policies.


Picture shows YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu handing over and explaining to Datuk Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister the book “Lest We Forget” written by Dr. Chong Eng leong at Parliament House on 19th April 2010 witnessed by Sabah DAP Kadazan leaders, Pastor Jeffrey Kumin (right), Edward Ewol Mujie (2nd right) and Dr. Edwin Bosi (3rd right).

沙巴民主行动党卡达山领袖于2010年4月19日前往国会,并在国走廊的会记者会上提出有关的沙巴面对的问题,三位领袖提出有关影响沙巴州 人口爆增及其他问题。 他们是随同沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲前往国会。

沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕吉提到,关于沙巴人非常关注手持难民准证(IMM13)的难民,现在被给予永久居留证(PR)的问题。 沙巴 民主行动党组织秘书杰菲利古明在另一方提到有关政府没有制造就业机会,导致许多沙巴人离开本州前往西马寻求工作。 根据报道许多沙巴人被发现在吉隆坡滞 留,面对失业和三餐的问题,最后必须依靠西马的教会提供食物和住所。 杰菲利说,这是因为政府未能给于适当的培训和教育给沙巴的年青人。

沙行动党州宣传秘书艾德温博西医生在记者会上说,要求成立皇家调查委员会(RCI),来慎重的探讨沙巴人口突然激增的问题。 他也强调和点明沙巴及 砂捞越人口增长速度的问题。 据统统计,沙巴人口在1931年大约是两百七十千,但到了2000年攀升至约两百五十万人口。相比之下,砂捞越人口在 1931年约六百千(为沙巴州的两倍),到了2000年只增加到两百万人口。 沙巴州在七十到九十年代,其人口增长率介于每年4 – 6%,超过全国平均水平增长率的2.6%。 艾德温医生是一位合格的兽医, 他说沙巴州人口的增长率就像兔子繁殖的一样多。

在2009年沙巴的人口约有三百二十多万。 根据庄永谅医生的著作‘让我们牢记’一书,记载沙巴州的人口暴涨的情况如下:

无文件或过期文件                                        =     750,000
难民准证IMM13持有人                            =        64,000
‘Project IC计划’持有人及其子女    =      600,000
2006年授公民权予‘难民’                   =  (17,000)
持有工作准证的外国人                              =(300,000)
马来西亚人                                                       = 1,500,000
总 数                                                                      = 3,230,000

沙巴民主行动党将继续跟进有关问题,直到国阵政府能够真正的处理和解决该项问题。 另一方面,沙巴民主行动党将与沙巴回教党及人民公正党一起努力, 以确保民联将成功成立下一届的新政府。因为只有通过更换政府,人民才能够期望和看到真正为民的改革。

图:邱博士移交庄永谅医生著作‘让我们牢记’一书给首相署部长拿督纳兹里。卡达山领袖杰菲利古明(右),爱德华慕吉(右二)和艾德温博西医生(右 三)同摄。