Monday, 24 May 2010

Smoking in Public places 政府将全面禁止在公共场所吸烟

The government will further ban smoking in many other public places and to impose strictly its laws and action to be taken against those who violet the laws. This is followed by a question asked by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu in Parliament recently on the 15th of April, on whether the smoking of cigarette in public places like the disco, bar, and karaoke will be banned.

 政府将进一步在其他许多的公共场所禁止吸烟,凡是没有遵守律法的人士,将会对他们实行严格的法律行动。 亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在4月15日的国会中提问相关问题,他询问是否在迪斯科厅,酒吧和卡拉OK等的公共场所吸烟也同样将被禁止。

The reply from the Minister of Health Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said that Malaysia is a party of the International WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) established on the 15th of December, 2005 until today. There are together 168 countries under this WHO FCTC with the objective to guide the present and future generations towards a healthy living avoiding tobacco and its smoke that is damaging our health, social ills, affecting self economy from the use of tobacco and the bad effects from the tobacco smoke.

With the commitment of Malaysia towards WHO FCTC, we take steps to protect our people from the danger of the cigarette smoke. The Ministry of Health has imposed on 20 areas as “no smoking” zone under the ruling on the “Control use of Tobacco, 2004”, Rules 11(1) (a). All theatres, amusement centers including Karaoke, pub, disco, night club, and also casino. The ministry will continue to step up the action to reduce smoking, and also advice the people to give up the smoking habit. At the same time, there will be more areas to be designated as “No smoking” zone to protect the population from the harm of dangerous cigarette smoke. These areas are focus on all places of entertainment like pub, night clubs, and casino in the near future.

Dr. Hiew welcomes the Ministry of Health to implement the strict ruling on stopping smoking in public areas and especially in air conditioned enclosed areas. The cigarette smoke is causing harm to health not only to the smokers himself, but also creating discomfort and danger of health to other non smokers in the area which includes eye irritation, nose block, smell, coughing, and lung sickness. The 2nd hand smoke is known to be more dangerous. The smokers have to be considerate to care for the health of others when smoking in these air conditioned areas. These smokers can always choose to go outside to enjoy their smoke while not polluting the air inside and creating discomfort for other non smokers, and harm their health.

On the other hand, the local authorities should also enforce such ruling strictly. It is of no use to have laws and yet no enforcing being carried out and imposed strictly. There are indeed many complaints about the smoking affecting others in these areas, and we need the corporation of the smokers to carry out their smoking rounds outside voluntarily, and think of the heath and comfort of other people.    

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


政府将进一步在其他许多的公共场所禁止吸烟,凡是没有遵守律法的人士,将会对他们实行严格的法律行动。 亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在4月15日的国会中提问相关问题,他询问是否在迪斯科厅,酒吧和卡拉OK等的公共场所吸烟也同样将被禁止。

卫生部长拿督廖仲来回答说,马来西亚自2005年12月15日与国际烟草控制(FCTC)签署了公约。共有一百六十八个国家签署该公约,他们将依照 世界卫生组织烟草控制公约的目标,向我们的下一代提倡保健和避免抽损害健康的烟草,减低现代社会和生活的弊病,了解烟草的坏处和导致经济的不良影响。

随着马来西亚针对世界卫生组织烟草控制准则,政府将采取措施来保障和预防香烟危害我国人民的承诺。卫生部根据‘2004年烟草控制法令’的第十一项 (第一条)A项,已经在二十个地带实施了“禁止吸烟”政策。这些地点包括所有的影剧院,娱乐中心,包括卡拉OK,酒吧,迪斯科厅,夜总会以及赌场都。 该政府部门将继续加强行动,以减少人民吸烟,也将劝告人们放弃吸烟的不良习惯。  同时当局将扩大更多的地区,指定为‘禁止吸烟’的地带,以防止危险香烟的烟雾危害的人民的健康。 这些地点将会是所有的娱乐场所,酒吧,夜总会,以及赌场。

邱博士感激卫生部有关于执行禁止在公共场所吸烟的政策, 尤其是在空调的地方。香烟的烟雾危害人体的健康不仅对吸烟者本人,而且也影响周边非吸烟者的健康,其中包括刺激眼睛,鼻子,恶气味,咳嗽和肺病的不适。  尤其是当大家都知道吸二手烟是更加的危险。 吸烟者要体贴和关心他人的健康,尤其当他们在有空调的地方吸烟。 这些吸烟者是可以选择去外面享受吸烟,而不是制造烟雾污染空气,导致其他非吸烟者感到不适,并损害他们的健康。

另一方面,地方当局也应严格执行该项政策。  虽然是有法律条文,但当局却没有严格执行的没有用处的。 我们收到许多有关吸烟的投诉,因此我们需要吸烟者的合作,自动到外面抽烟,要懂得考虑他人的健康和不适。