Monday, 24 May 2010

Swiftlet Ban in towns, operators should consider legal action. 城市内禁止养燕

Swiftlet Ban in towns, operators should consider legal action. 
The Sabah government has recently announced on the banning of all the Swiftlet bird nest operation in towns and including DBKK area. This announcement caused much upset among the operators of the bird nest industry and they have issued press statements to urge the government to reconsider such decision. The move was initiated by the Api Api Assemblyman cum the Minister of Human resources development Datuk Dr. Yee Moh Chai who has strongly against the Swiftlet industry to operate in town centre using empty shop lots.

 沙巴州政府最近宣布,禁止所有在城市地区内养燕,也包括在亚庇市政厅管辖范围。这项宣布对养燕行业的经营者引起了很大的影响,他们纷纷发表言论, 敦促政府重新考虑上述的决定。 引起此举的是亚庇亚庇州议员兼人力资源发展部长拿督于墨斋,他强烈的反对利用市中心的空店铺来进行养燕。
The Sabah DAP Sepanggar branch chairman Jeffrey Kumin who is also the Rural Welfare and Community development Bureau chief said that the ruling made by the government on banning the Swiftlet operation in town is too hasty and not fair to the operators. This is because there were not such rules and guideline set on the Swiftlet business including its licensing. In the past, the operators worked without any restriction and objection from the government and the general public. The operators are not in the wrong and not in violation of any laws and regulations. Therefore, it is not right to penalize them at this juncture, and who will have to compensate them on their losses on income and investment.

Jeffrey further expressed his concern on whether a proper rules and guideline will be ready in due course by the government. This is because in Semananjung there is already such rules being set up and Swiftlet operation is allowed in the town centre using unoccupied premises. There were no complaints from the public as long as there is no nuisance created. It is rather difficult to accept on the directive issued by the Sabah state cabinet recently on banning all Swiftlet operation in town due to there is no such ruling set before hand. He further charged that if Semananjung can, why Sabah cannot? Is this the so called “1-Malaysia concept” of the BN?

Jeffrey said that it is up to the operators to decide whether to take up legal action against the government with its local authorities on the issue and to seek compensation for the same.
Jeffrey Kumin. Sabah DAP Sepanggar Branch Chief
沙巴州政府最近宣布,禁止所有在城市地区内养燕,也包括在亚庇市政厅管辖范围。这项宣布对养燕行业的经营者引起了很大的影响,他们纷纷发表言论,敦 促政府重新考虑上述的决定。 引起此举的是亚庇亚庇州议员兼人力资源发展部长拿督于墨斋,他强烈的反对利用市中心的空店铺来进行养燕。

沙巴民主行动党士邦加(Sepanggar)主席兼福利、社区及内陆发展局主任杰菲利古明说, 政府禁止在城市内进行养燕的政策决定,对营业者是过于草率和不公平的。 这是因为养燕业除了其营业牌以外,本州根本没有任何现有的条规和法令禁止在市区内养燕。 在过去,经营者没有受到任何政府的限制干预或市民的反对。 此外经营者并没有违法经营或违反任何法规及条律。 因此现在他们突然被无理禁止养燕是不公平的,试问谁来补偿他们失去的收入和投资的损失。

杰菲利关注说,政府是否有适当的条规和准则来禁止在市区内养燕。 因为在西马已经有这样的条规,容许及发出执照让人们在市中心使用空楼养燕以增加收入,只要他人没有任何投诉或造成滋扰,一般上可以被接受的。 反观在沙巴州被州内阁禁止在城市内养燕,同时也没有任何条规让他们如此作,这实在没有理由。 他还说,如果西马能,为什么沙巴不能? 难道这就是国阵所谓的‘一个马来西亚’概念吗