Monday, 24 May 2010

Tanjong Aru Flyover completion in October, 2010 ??? 丹容亚路天桥10月能竣工吗???

The Sabah Minister of Infrastructure Development Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan said in the recent Sabah State assembly sitting that the Tanjong Aru traffic intersection flyover will be completed in the coming October 2010.


该项工程的延迟完工的日期,似乎正在推向到无限期的竣工期。 现在的问题是部长所宣布的竣工日期,能否真的能够在十月里完成,有待观察。  亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天接到了市民的举报有关该工地没有工人进行任何施工,他与党员前往该现场进行视察。 邱博士发现整个工地就好像被遗弃,完全处于停工的状况。

The delayed completion date seems being pushed forward on to indefinite. The question is whether the new date for completion in October as announced by the Minister will be achieved or not is yet to be seen. The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu accompanied by Sabah DAP members conducted an on-site visit today after receiving tip-off from concern public that there were no workers and machineries working on site. The whole site was seen deserted and abandoned and was totally at a stand still.

The people doubted the truthfulness of the announcement made by the minister, and they said that from the performance of the contractor, it is impossible for the flyover to be completed in October. The people in KK wanted the flyover to be completed earliest possible to ease the traffic problem, and by failing to do so the hazard and danger at this traffic intersection will continue.

Dr. Hiew said the contractor by now should be deploying at least 120 workers or more to expedite the work progress and more machines are required. They should at least work until late hours and mobilizing all their resources. It is unusual that the site is empty and work stopped.

JKR and Datuk Pairin will have to explain and let the people know the facts and the true reason behind the case of no workers and stop work on site. If the flyover cannot be completed on time, then what comes next? This demonstrated the inefficiency of the BN government to perform and the slackness of its administration. There are many such other cases in Sabah which had been discovered in the past.  This usually happens under the direct awarded and negotiated contacts, where the contractors normally failed to perform because lack of experience, equipment, good manpower and financial backing, or through ‘AliBaBa’ contract out the work contracts. Therefore, they can not deliver the completed project on time. This is seriously affecting the genuine experienced contractors who are qualified and with full backed up to even secure the job and to carry the contract work.

Dr. Hiew said the government should immediately revert back to the open tendering system and let genuine qualified contractors to handle government contract work. This will help the tax payer’s money being put into more use, work being carried out smoothly, and less abuses and corruption. MACC should look and conduct investigation directly into all these negotiated contracts and no need to wait for public information or tip-off, if they really want to perform efficiently.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Hiew inspecting the flyover under construction without any workers on site.



该项工程的延迟完工的日期,似乎正在推向到无限期的竣工期。 现在的问题是部长所宣布的竣工日期,能否真的能够在十月里完成,有待观察。  亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天接到了市民的举报有关该工地没有工人进行任何施工,他与党员前往该现场进行视察。 邱博士发现整个工地就好像被遗弃,完全处于停工的状况。

人民怀疑部长宣布该项消息的实在性,他们说如果以承包商现有的工作表现,是不可能在十月里完成该座天桥的。 亚庇的市民希望该座天桥能够尽快完工,以缓和丹容亚路的交通问题,不然该处的交通路口将会面对更多意外发生的危险和严重的交通阻塞问题。

邱博士说,该承包商现在应雇用至少120名以上的工人,以加快其工作的进度,同时他们也需要更多的机械来尽快完工。 此外他们必须要做夜工和调动更多资源。  目前该处是完全没有工人施工,而且工程也停顿,这是不寻常的事。

工务局和拿督拜林必须向人民交代和解释,让人们知道该工程发生的问题和停工的原因,为什么没有工人在现场工作。 如果该座天桥不能如期完成,那么政府下一步将会怎么办? 这项工程显示出国阵政府的行政低效率和松懈的管理。  在沙巴州在有许多类似的列案,这些工程通常是直接磋商和批给内定的承包商,或通过‘闭门合约’方式批发,而该些承包商通常都未能履行其工程合约,因为他们 缺乏经验,没有完善的装备,人力和财力支持。 因此,他们都无法准时如期的完成交货。 这已严重的影响到有资格并且有经验和条件,及能履行合约的真正承包商。

邱博士说,政府应该立即恢复‘公开投标制度’,以让真正有资格的工程承包商来承包和处理政府工程。 这将使到纳税人的金钱被好好的使用,工作顺利进行,并且减少滥用和贪污的问题。 反贪污局应深入研究和进行调查所有协商的工程合约,不要等待公众投诉或举报才进行调查。