Monday, 24 May 2010

Time for Veterinarian to head the Department 兽医部主管应由合格兽医担任

Of late the BN government has the tendency of re-appoint head of department, Permanent Secretary or District Officer not once but several times. Sabah DAP is raising this matter because the party feels that this is not fair to the other officers who are not given the chance to move up. The party has also received many complaints concerning this matter.

国阵政府对委任政府部门主管的趋势,不论是常务秘书或县议会主席,都会不断的再度委任满期的官员。 沙巴民主行动党提出这项问题,是因为该党认为退休高官再度获得委任的趋势,是很不公平的事,同时也收到许多有关类似的事件投诉,因为国阵政府没有给其他有 资格及能力的官员升职的机会。

The latest case of head of department been re-appointed many times is Datuk Hj. Awang Sahak of the Veterinary Services Department who is not a veterinarian. First, Sabah is the only State where the Director is not a veterinarian. The BN government has allowed the scheme of service to be changed. There are good reasons why all the other State’s veterinary services are headed by qualified veterinarians. Because of this the Sabah Veterinary Services has been lagging behind.  The livelihood of livestock farmers is affected and livestock development in the State is in bad shape.

One good example is the poor performance of the department in the ruminant industry. Based on the annual reports, Sabah is only about 1% self-sufficient in beef. Sabah does not have a big commercial cattle farm but it is very obvious small herds on roadsides. The contribution of goat meat and milk from Sabah is very minimal. The State is dependence on imports of these commodities including live animals.

By convention the government have a succession plan for the civil service. The next senior officer should take over when the head of the department retires. No one is indispensable. With the poor Key Performance Index (KPI) of the Director of the Veterinary Services, it is only right and proper that he should be replaced immediately. Sabah DAP would like to see that a veterinarian will be made the head of the department to be in line with the scheme of service of other States.

Dr. Edwin Bosi
Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary-cum-
Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries


国阵政府对委任政府部门主管的趋势,不论是常务秘书或县议会主席,都会不断的再度委任满期的官员。 沙巴民主行动党提出这项问题,是因为该党认为退休高官再度获得委任的趋势,是很不公平的事,同时也收到许多有关类似的事件投诉,因为国阵政府没有给其他有 资格及能力的官员升职的机会。

其中最近的事件是政府再度委任拿督哈芝阿旺(Datuk Hj. Awang Sahak)重新担任兽医局总监,而拿督阿旺并不是一位合格兽医。 沙巴州是唯一的州属其兽医部的总监不是一位兽医。 这是因为国阵政府允许部门不须遵照其服务准则及升职计划。 因为如此,沙巴州兽医局服务非常落后,所以这是一个很充分的理由要政府必须认真地考虑,委任一位真正合格的兽医出任兽医部的职位。 因此目前沙州农民和牲畜业的的生计深受其影响,而其该行业的发展更是差劲和落后。

一个很好的例子就是动物繁殖部的表现不佳。 在每年一度的报告中,沙巴州只有约1%自身的牛肉供应。 而沙巴州没有大型的商业化养牛场,只有小型的养牛场。 沙州所生产提供的肉类及牛奶的数量是非常少,所以迫不得已要依赖进口的肉类和鲜奶等。

按照惯例政府是已经有一套公务员继任系统,当部门的主管退休后,就由该部门合格的高级官员接手。  现在沙巴州政府兽医部的主管在‘服务绩效指标(KPI)’之下是被列为表现不佳,那么该主管的职位就必须要更换。 沙巴民主行动党希望看到一位合格及有资格的兽医担任该部门的主管以配合其服务计划,提升兽医部的素质和工作效率。