Friday, 14 May 2010

The ugly side of Sibu City 诗巫市丑陋的一面

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu was shock and surprised to see the ugly side of the Sibu City.

During the on-foot campaigning in the town centre, it was to their surprise to see a very ugly and shameful living condition right in the heart of the city. It is just next to the so call modern and beautiful town center. It is unbelievable that in the year 2010 such poor condition of living still existed in the heart of a BN-run Sibu city in Malaysia. This is a slam area has many hardcore poor people, near collapse buildings, flood prompt area, no proper drainage system, broken down houses, and garbage everyway.

Dr. Hiew and the Sabah DAP leaders felt disheartened and sadden by the poor living condition and the dirty environment in the area (Jalan Tiong Hwa). The team felt so sorry for the people living there and deeply sympathized for them after visited many families there to find out more information and to understand the actual situation.

According to the people living there, they felt bad about the BN government who had totally neglected them through the past many decades. In spite of their constant request to the BN government for help until today, they were total being neglected, marginalized, and given with plenty of empty promises. They are just hoping the government will do something for them.

Dr. Hiew said that the area is right in the town center, and yet the authorities never border to upgrade the condition there. The drains are 50 years old mud drain filled with smelly dirty water, clogged up with rubbish and worst of all filled with mosquito larvae. When it rains, the flood water will be at least 3 feet deep and it is impossible to live in the ground floors. The wooden foot bridge in the area and the entrance driveway are poor, and often subjected to flooding. Some buildings are showing sign of collapsing and tilting seriously, due to the soaking wet ground.

Hiew feels sorry for the people who are staying there, who were not given attention by the government. Is this the so called “Rakyat di-utamakan” (People First) concept of the BN? Where is the promised “house for everyone”? Many of these people are urban hardcore poor, who cannot even earn enough to feed their family, they told the KK MP, they said they can’t afford to buy or even rent a better house.

The government had announced lots of plan to build low cost houses and apartments, and billions ringgits had been approved, yet where are these promised houses for the poor? This is why we need to have more opposition MPs to check on the BN, and Sibu by-election is a good chance to let Sarawak have a second opposition MP for the Rocket to voice out for them.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

Pic: Dr. Hiew and the Sabah DAP campaigning team visiting the hardcore poor in the Sibu city center.



在诗巫市中心进行拉票活动的时候,邱庆洲博士和沙行动党团队非常惊讶地发现到在市中心居然有如此丑陋及恶劣的生活环境。而该恶劣环境区就在美丽又现代化市中心里。 这实在是令人难以置信,但是事实上如此恶劣生活条件的环境仍然存在国阵执政的诗巫市中心。 该处是个非常落后的地区,住着有许多贫穷人士,有些建筑物已经快倒塌及倾斜,此外常年会浸水,也没有适当的排水系统和满地垃圾。

邱博士和沙巴民主行动党领袖看到该处诗巫中华路(Jalan Tiaong Hwa)的穷人,对他们居住在该地区肮脏又恶劣的生活环境感到沮丧和心痛。 他们探访该处的家庭和了解他们的情况之后,深深感到同情。

据当地居民告诉他们说,国阵政府在过去几十年来完全忽略了他们。 尽管他们到今天为止不断要求国阵政府的帮助,但是他们从来没有给予任何的缓助,他们已被边缘化了,政府只会开空头支票给他们。 他们只要求政府能够帮助他们和改善他们的生活环境。

邱博士说,该地区就在市中心里,但是当局从来没有计划提升该地区的设施情况。 目前该处的排水渠已经数十年没有进行任何维修或改建,如今充满烂泥,被垃圾堵塞并发出恶臭,更糟糕的是已形成黑斑蚊滋长的温床。 下雨时至少淹水3尺深。 木桥和车道入口非常差,经常面对淹水问题。有些建筑物已经有倒塌和严重倾斜的迹象,这是由于常年严重浸水而造成的问题。

邱博士对居住在该处的人士感到非常同情,因为他们没有得到政府的关注。这就是国阵所谓的‘以民为先’的概念,‘居者有其屋’的承诺? 这些人都是城市里的穷人,他们不能赚取足够的金钱来养活他们的家庭,他们告诉亚庇国会议员说,他们更本没有能力购买或租更好的房子。

政府已经宣布计划兴建廉价房屋和公寓,并已批准上亿令吉于该项计划,并承诺为贫穷人士兴建更多的廉价屋,到底建在哪里? 这就是为什么我们需要更多反对党的国会议员,来为人民向国阵政府争取应有的权益。 诗巫补选正是一个很好的机会,让沙捞越有多一位反对党的火箭国会议员来为诗巫的人民服务及争取应有的权益。