Monday, 24 May 2010

Where is the untaxed goods confiscated by Kastam Di-Raja Malaysia (KDRM)?被关税局(KDRM)抽税的物品

市民都非常关注有关马来西亚皇家关税局没收通过走私的商品去处,特别是在沙巴州没收未纳税货 品。
当局将会采取什么行动来处理或销毁被没收的香烟,啤酒,酒类饮品和其他货物,以及当局应该解释该些被没收和未缴税的违法商品怎么会出现在市场上? 该项问题是由亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士于四月十五日的国会里提出。

There is concern from the general public over the where about of the items of untaxed goods through smuggling that were confiscated by the Royal Custom in Malaysia, especially in Sabah.
What is the procedure on handling or the action taken to destroy the said item like cigarette, beer, alcoholic drinks and other items, and whether some of these items reappeared on the street and market? This question was raised by the Member of Parliament Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu recently in Parliament on the 15th of April 2010.

In a written reply, the Finance Ministry explained that all the confiscated items are destroyed following the instruction from the Director General of the Custom Department under Section 127(2) OF THE Custom Act 1967, Section 65(3) of the Excel Act 1976, and the Section 53(3) of the Sale Tax Act 1972.
To answer on whether the items like cigarette and alcoholic drinks confiscated by KDRM supposed to be destroyed had reappeared on the streets and the market in Sabah, the ministry said this is not true. These items will be destroyed after investigation carried out and court proceeding completed, after this the items usually expired on their expiry date and cannot be used again. Therefore, there is no chance for the items confiscated by KDRM as mentioned to be resold and reappeared in the market.
The MP suggests that the KDRM should disclose and make public the confiscated items before the items were to be destroyed to show the transparency and accountability. The public should be invited to witness all these procedure when destroying the items following the list published. On the alcoholic drinks confiscated by the KDRM which we saw in many news publications, these are the items that can be stored for a long time and with no expiry dates. We seldom see these items, sometimes in many lorry container loads that were confiscated being destroyed?
At least a thorough investigation is be carried out on what has been brought up, and take into account the fact that this does not just happened yesterday. This is affecting the business and the market as a whole. If the untaxed and smuggled goods can flood the market in Sabah, there must be something that the KDRM did not do right. In Sabah, we can see illegal untaxed cigarette being sold openly in the streets among many other items. Thus, we call for a stiff action by KDRM to be taken to tackle the activities on illegal activities and it is urgent.    
Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KKMP


当局将会采取什么行动来处理或销毁被没收的香烟,啤酒,酒类饮品和其他货物,以及当局应该解释该些被没收和未缴税的违法商品怎么会出现在市 场上? 该项问题是由亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士于四月十五日的国会里提出。

在一份书面的回答中,财政部解释说,所有被没收的物品将被销毁,这是由关税局总监根据1967年海关法令第127(2),税收法令Excel Act 1976第65(3)和1972年销售税法令第53(3)之下令销毁被没收的违法商品。

此外该书面回答说,有关是否关税局所没收的香烟和酒类饮品等物品应该被销毁,但是却发现出现在街上和沙巴市场上贩卖的问题,该部长说这是不 正确的。  没收的货品将会经过了一系列的调查和法院程序完成后,然后全部会被销毁,而通常该些商品到时已经过期及失效了,不能再使用。 因此,由关税局所没收的物品是不可能有机会转售到市场出售。

邱庆洲建议税收局应该向人民披露和公布所有被没收的物品其数量及其所在处,这是让人民明白其透明度和公信力的问题。 在进行毁灭程序时,人民应被邀请见证该些非法商品被销毁的过程,及知道非法商品如何在法律之下进行销毁行动。 我们在报章上到许多由当局没收的含酒类饮料的课题,但是这些酒类饮品是可以有很长期保存而不会过期。 我们很少看到当局对这些货品进行销毁行动?

最起码的是当税收局在宣布捉拿了非法货品时,他们应该要有一个彻底的调查,同时也必须考虑到,这并不是最近才发生的事情。  这项问题大大的影响整个市场。 如果未缴税的走私货物可以在沙巴市场上买到,那么必然是关税局没有做好他们的工作。在沙巴州可以到处看到许多未缴税香烟和其他的商品在街上公然的售卖。 因此,我们呼吁关税局必须即刻采取行动,打击非法售卖的活动,这是迫切需要处理的问题。