Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Historic mission to end Umno political hegemony and make Malaysia a normal democratic country

Fifty-three years after Merdeka and 47 years after the formation of Malaysia, Malaysians are at last within reach of a historic mission – to end Umno political hegemony and make Malaysia a normal democratic country where change of government through the ballot box is accepted as a healthy democratic process and not one to invite threats of man-made disasters.

Three years ago, before March 8, 2008, Malaysians would not dare to think or dream of this possibility in their lifetime – but now it is not only a realizable dream but one which could be accomplished in the next general elections expected to be held in the first half of next year.

This is the magnitude of the change in the political landscape brought about by the political tsunami of the 2008 general elections less than three years ago.

Pakatan still alive and kicking, says Kit Siang

By Boo Su-Lyn
November 30, 2010
The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has proclaimed Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to be alive and kicking despite internal strife wracking its component parties.

PKR’s recently-concluded direct polls were plagued with allegations of vote rigging that were mostly highlighted by the losers in the election, while Selangor DAP went through one of its most divisive elections last weekend.

“We are more than alive and kicking and we propose to go forward in our political struggle for Malaysia,” said Lim in his closing speech at the PR mentris besar and chief ministers summit in Shah Alam yesterday.

“According to the mainstream media, there are negative reports about what is happening in Pakatan component parties, and that we are neither dead nor alive,” he added.

Promote ‘ketuanan rakyat’, Anwar tells Pakatan leaders

By Boo Su-Lyn
November 30, 2010
The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has urged Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders to spread a “ketuanan rakyat” (people supremacy) message to voters in states under their control.

The opposition leader said the Malay supremacy concept has been “twisted” by some Malay elites, echoing his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s rejection of the concept that led Perkasa Youth to label her a “political prostitute”.

“The responsibility of the states is to affirm their stand on ketuanan rakyat,” said Anwar in his closing speech at the PR mentris besar and chief ministers summit in Shah Alam yesterday.

“The polemic of ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) has been twisted by a group of rich and powerful Malays. They got rich based on so-called pro-Malay policies,” he added.




Monday, 29 November 2010

亚庇国际机场新黄金休闲室太远/KKIA new Golden Lounge located too far

邱博士博士说,他将会向副交通部长拿督巴克里(Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri)提出该事项,要求他解决亚庇国际机场黄金休闲室的问题,或者能够把该休闲室移置回到之前原来的位置。此外,亚庇国际机场的登机大厅沿接到所有的登机闸口处应该要建设‘电动行人道’,以减轻长途跋涉,特别是年长者。

Many complaints have been received by the KK Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu regarding the newly located KKIA Golden Lounge. The Golden Lounge for the 1st class and Business class travelers has been moved from the previous location at the middle of the KKIA airport terminal to the very end of the newly completed airport terminal.

Sabah DAP officials get show-cause letter for 'misconduct'


By Queville To

PENAMPANG: Two DAP officials in Sabah have been issued show-cause letters by the national disciplinary commiteee for “misconduct” and allegedly tarnishing the party image.

The two involved are ex state vice-chairman Anthony Chong and vice-secretary Simon Chok.

Disclosing this, the disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai said the letters were issued on Thursday following complaints against the duo.

“They have 14 days to reply why action should not be taken against them for 'misconduct'," Tan said over the weekend. 

被指没资格领土著证书 黄仕平要告州政府





民行党沙州联委会 邱庆洲获委顾问






沙巴民主行动党针对文纳拿人民发展官巴拉修(Balasius Masunning)于十一月二十三日在本地报章国语版的载文,提供有关莱明(Laiming Laikim)不正确的文告。 莱明声称,巴拉修在报章上的文告以及刊登的‘大木屋’照片,实际上是属于他的已故父亲的财产。 巴拉修企图要误导市民并且提供虚假的信息,而不是真正的解决‘廉价房屋’的问题,此外还否认他的申请。 莱明解释说,该座破旧的小屋是他的。由于太破烂了,他暂时不得不和孩子们搬到他父亲的老房子居住,因为‘廉价房屋’的援助一直都没有被批准

Sabah DAP categorically denied Melalap People's Development Officer, Balasius Masunning's misleading media statements published in the Borneo Post papers dated November 23, 2010 in Bahasa Malaysia's version giving false information to tarnish the reputation of Laiming Laikim's family. Laiming claimed that the controversial photograph of a wooden "big' house published in the papers actually belonged to the property of his late father, Laikim. Balasius had attempted to mislead the public by giving false information instead of resolving the PPRT problem that had denied him of obtaining PPRT facility to build a decent house. He explained that the small, dilapidated hut belonged to him. Since it was broken down, he had to put up temporarily with his schooling children at his father's old house while pending for PPRT assistance.

'Victimised' Wong threatens to open up can of worms

By Queville To

KOTA KINABALU: The revocation of Sri Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong's status as a “native” of Sabah is threatening to open a Pandora's box on thousands of “new Bumiputeras”.

The DAP assemblyman is crying foul and maintains that the nullification of his “native” status by the state government is politically-motivated to punish him for being critical of the state administration.

“Some of these Native Certificate holders include certain non-Bumiputera Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians and supporters who are not Sabahans,” he said at a press conference yesterday, a day after the government said he is not qualified to be a “native”.

Wong cited the case of the late Syed Kechik Syed Mohamed Al-Bukhary, the former Sabah strongman and close aide of one-time chief minister Mustapha Harun, who maintained his native status despite the fact that he hails from Kedah.

“But I’m a bona fide Sabahan who was born and bred in Sabah,” he said.

No rift in Sabah DAP', says ex- chairman Hiew


By David Thien

KOTA KINABALU: Outgoing Sabah DAP chief Hiew King Chiew today denied speculations of a rift in the party following his shocking defeat in the state level polls yesterday.

He said the contest for the post of state chairman was a "friendly tussle" between him and his former number two Jimmy Wong, who is also Sri Tanjung assemblyman.

"It is timely that new blood be accorded the opportunity to serve the party and people. I am happy to have served Sabah DAP for a decade.

"But more important now is the next general election. It will be a difficult one," he said.

Hiew said now that he had been relieved of helming the Sabah DAP administration, he will be able to devote more time to setting up the party’s machinery throughout Sabah.

Sunday, 28 November 2010



See you in Court / The issue on the Native Certificate

See you in Court

The issue on the Native Certificate belonging to Sri Tanjung DAP representative YB Jimmy Wong rightfully deserve the front page of all the major local newspapers. This issue will surely become an election issue. History will be told and associations such the Kadazan Society of Sabah (KSS) may have to come forward to make a stand.

The so-called abuse in the past in the issuance of the certificates was the main reason why the government decided to stop its issuance in 1982.

8国12州议席多数票少过10% 林吉祥警惕雪州民联政权脆弱


上午 11点26分





“在 州席方面,民联赢得的10席,多数票少过10%,即适耕庄、武吉美拉华帝、千百家、哥打白沙罗及直落拿督(这些区的多数票都不到5%)及淡江、国际山庄、 南柏再也(Lebah Jaya)、哥打胡姬(Kota Anggerik)及巴生海峡(Selat Kelang)。”


Kit Siang: Who dares say Selangor will not fall?


By Teoh El Sen

PETALING JAYA: DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang today warned that Pakatan Rakyat might lose Selangor if its leaders were too proud to take note of that possibility.

"We should not only take heed of the warning that 'pride comes before a fall' but also learn from history, " he said in his opening speech at the 16th DAP Selangor Convention at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre here.

Lim said PAS never expected to win Terengganu in 1999 but took the state with a landslide 28-4 victory in the state assembly. However, in 2004, PAS lost in a reverse 4-28 sweep by Umno and Barisan Nasional when they did not expect to.

"Can what happened in Terengganu happen in Selangor: capturing power although never expecting to win before the 2008 general election, and losing the state in the next general election although never expecting to lose?

"Who is brave enough to say it won't happen?" asked Lim, adding that he knew of people who believed that Pakatan cannot lose Selangor.

Umno-BN can't keep promises due to 'corrupt nature'


By Luke Rintod

KOTA KINABALU: DAP has blamed Umno-Barisan Nasional's 'corrupt nature' for the regime's inability to meet promises it had made to Sabahans in 1994 and 2007.

Its national disciplinary committee chairman, Tan Kok Wai, said it is this inherent characteristic that had led the Umno-led BN to plunder Sabah's resources.

Tan, who is also MP for Cheras, recalled that in the 1994 general election, BN in its manifesto pledged that there would be zero poverty in Sabah by the year 2000, but today, 10 years later poverty still plagues the state.

"In 2007, the BN state chief minister again promised Sabahans that poverty would be eradicated by the year 2010 and that there would be no more hardcore poor in the state by 2009, but today Sabahans remain the poorest in Malaysia.

"If Sabahans allow BN to continue ruling this country, Sabah will forever be the poorest for the next 100 years," he said alluding the recent World Bank Report which classified Sabah as the poorest state in the country and unlikely to improve if current policies remain.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Improve delivery system in Hasil Bumi/

Improve delivery system in Hasil Bumi

The Sabah Budget 2011 which was tabled at the state assembly last week is geared towards the 13th general election. The special annual allocation of RM1 million to every BN Assemblymen is without doubt a blatant disregard for the rakyat money which will be utilized to buy votes. On the other hand the government servants who have been working hard has been given a bonus of RM500.00 only and only then those in Group 54 and below are qualified for them.

Herbert T Lagadan – an Instant Malaysian Millionaire/ 赫伯(Herbert T Lagadan) - 瞬间的马来西亚百万富翁

于十一月十九日州议会里所提呈的沙巴州2011年财政预算案是一份几乎没有实质内容的财政预算案,却只让人民想到的是该预算案是为第13届大选而设的。 在沙巴州金钱政治仍然在运作,尤其是可以从最近巴都沙比补选中证明。 首席部长在没有经过讨论之下,就已擅自的拨出一百万令吉给每个州选区。 这真是国阵精神了,因为只有巫统国阵直接促使他们的人成为“IMM13”,既是马来西亚第13届大选瞬间的百万富翁(Instant Malaysian Millionaire for 13th General Election)。 此外许多‘小拿破仑’也将成为“瞬间的百万富翁”,虽然不是巫统国阵的代表,但却会协助巫统国阵攻取州席位

The Sabah Budget 2011 which was tabled in the State Assembly on 19th November 2010 is one with little substance but with only one thing in mind – the 13th general election. The power of money is still relevant in Sabah as proven by the recent by-election in Batu Sapi. Without any reservation, the Chief Minister has gleefully allocated RM1 million to every state constituencies. True to the BN spirit, only UMNO and BN representatives will be the direct recipients making them IMM13 or an “Instant Malaysian Millionaire for the 13th General Election”. Their little Napoleons will become IMM13 in areas not represented by UMNO and BN to assist UMNO and BN to capture these seats.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Stand up as a True Malaysian/真正的马来西亚人站起来吧 !

沙 巴民主行动党亚庇国会选区青年团团长王鸿俊今天呼吁所有沙巴人民不分种族,宗教和文化,与西马砂捞越的人民一起团结起来。 虽然“沙巴属于沙巴人”的宣传口号的确是令人鼓舞,但是本土政党如沙国阵团结党和沙进步党已经发现,这个口号并不能为他们赢得票数。我们必须记住沙巴巫统 和国阵政府正通过现有的权力,把非法移民合法化并且把他们放入的选民册里。这是一个公开的秘密,而且国阵政府也从来没有否认过,因此所有真正土生土长的沙 巴人必须要团结起来,一起打败巫统和国阵政府以及赶走所谓的‘新土著’。


Junz Wong, DAP KK Youth Chief, today urged all Sabahans regardless of race, religion and culture to unite with our fellow Malaysians in West Malaysia and Sarawak. The slogan "Sabah for Sabahans" is indeed a brilliant one. But State-based parties such as PBS and SAPP have found out that this slogan is not bringing in the votes anymore. We have to remember that the UMNO and BN government in Sabah is holding on to power through the legalization of illegal immigrants and putting them in the electoral roll. This is an open secret and the BN government has never denied it.  The unity of all genuine Sabahans is the answer to defeat the UMNO and BN government.

Hospitals needed urgent attention/医院急需受关注


卫生部长说,政府了解目前沙巴州存在的问题,并且将采取适当行动,以解决大多数医院和诊所医疗问题,尤其是有关医务人员的缺乏。 政府所采取的措施如下:-


Dr. Hiew King Cheu asked in Parliament on the 23rd of November the question on whether there are any programs carried out by the Ministry of Health to increase and improve the number of specialist doctors, medical offices, radiology technicians, new equipments, consumables, and ambulances for the hospitals and clinics in Sabah.

The minister replied that the government knew about the problems and at the moment taking appropriate action to tackle the problem in the lacking of medical personals in most hospitals and clinics. The measures taken are as follows:-

(1) to recruit from foreign countries the medical officers, and specialist doctors on contract basis,
(2) to appoint more medical officers and specialist doctors from the Ministry of Health (KKM) on
      contract basis,
(3) to take in specialist doctor from the private sectors on part time and session basis,
(4) to encourage Malaysian who are serving overseas to return,
(5) choice to select and work within the facilities of KKM.  




他希望人民勿被進步黨所謂「先做朋友」所蒙騙以便使民聯更強大打救沙巴與大馬,入主布城為首要任務由三腳石開始。 最近州政府將沒有森林的土地列為森林保留地,把有森林的土地也列為州政府地段,由於濫伐森林保護區造成水患,這些都有利益沖突。 他說,如民聯執政必將分配土地予人民使耕者有地,居者有地,透過土地帶動經濟成為最富有一州,透過分配土地由經濟帶動高收入目標如中國一般,實現土地轉型 計劃必須全力支持民聯。 




他指出,據希山的說法,根據1959年國家登記法令78項,按照國家憲法,政府分發身份證給凡 是符合其資格的申請人士。至於難民證件,這是入境局簽發的一個特別永久通行證,讓外國難民進入大馬並且給予1年的逗留期。內政部是居於“人道”而容許這些 來自菲律賓難民逗留在沙州,並發出難民證給他們。
邱慶洲指出,許多市民都詢問為何政府讓持有難民證的人獲身份證,讓他們成為大馬公民?這些人基 本上都是外國人,他們來到沙巴尋求庇護和保護。這些人應該要被送回到他們各自的國家,反而政府卻給予他們的公民權。他們的人數其實已經超過10多萬,其中 在這幾年來有不少已經成為了沙巴公民。

林吉祥促设皇委会探讨廿条款 看沙人真切感受与体会










林吉祥直指沙巴预算案 是“大选预算案”(020)

2010-11-21 14:31:49






出版日期: 2010年 11月 21日 (星期天) 
【亞庇廿日訊】民主行動黨沙登國會議員張念群要求首席部長拿督斯里慕沙阿曼說明,本州到底多少人的人均收入為二萬六千三百五十三令吉。 他說,慕沙昨日提呈明年度州財政預算案時,提到本州今年的人均收入為二萬六千三百五十三令吉,而明年預料將提高到二萬七千九百五十令吉。 她今日在亞庇舉行新聞發佈會時指出:「令人失望的是,首長並沒有說明沙巴州內有多少的人口享有這樣高的人均收入,這是首長必須回答的問題。」

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Parliament building leaks seriously again,国会大厦再次严重漏水.,Bangunan Parlimen menghadapi kebocoran serius lagi

Bangunan Parlimen serius bocor lagi pada petang ini apabila turun hujan hebat di Kuala Lumpur.  Kali ini air hujan mengalir turun melalui tiang Parlimen Kopi Lounge.  Bocoran itu adalah sangat serius dan terpasak menguna beberapa bakul baldi untuk mengumpul mengalir itu.

今天下午在吉隆坡下了一场豪雨后,国会大厦再次面对严重漏水问题。这一次,雨水是从国会的国会议员的休息室天花板倾泻而下。  这次的漏水非常严重,该处的四周摆放着水桶收集雨水。 

The Parliament building is leaking seriously again this afternoon after a down pour of rain in Kuala Lumpur. This time the rain water is pouring down through the roof and ceiling of the Members of Parliament coffee lounge. The leaking is very serious and a few buckets have to be put to collect the pouring water.

Sabah DAP urged the Government to reconsider reallocating of 9th Malaysia Plan/ 沙巴民主行动党敦促政府要重新考量第9大马计划所宣布拨款

根据当地报章上报道,联邦政府曾经承诺在未来的两年将会拨出马币六十一亿,以提供沙巴州的水电供应,尤其是内陆区。 沙巴民主行动党质疑国阵政府的诚意,并责问国阵是否准备遵守其选举前所做过的承诺,例如维修和提升甘榜许多损坏的马路,改善基本设施,尤其是在根地咬,文那纳(Melalap)和丹南的哥马邦(Kemabong)等地方。

Refer to the Federal Government had pledged RM6.1 Billion for water and electricity supply projects in Sabah within the next two years stated in the local newspaper. Sabah DAP questioned the Government’s sincerity as to whether it was prepared to keep its last election promise to improve the rural infrastructure such as rural roads that were bad, damaged and needed urgent repairs and maintenance in many rural areas within Keningau District, Melalap and Kemabong sub-districts in Tenom Constituency.  

It’s time the Sabah government renegotiated its limited oil royalty agreement with the federal government to help transform the “poorest state in Malaysia”, said the DAP.

By Queville To
KOTA KINABALU: It’s time the Sabah government renegotiated its limited oil royalty agreement with the federal government to help transform the “poorest state in Malaysia”, said the DAP.
Teo Nie Ching, the national publicity assistant and Serdang MP, said that state government leaders ought to know that the 5% royalty currently doled out to the state was "just too meagre" to make a difference.
“We understand (from the Sabah Budget 2011) that 51% of the income of the state government for next year is expected to come from oil royalty. We all know that currently Sabah, Sarawak and Kelantan are only given 5% of the oil royalty. So this 5% comprises 51% of the total income of Sabah.
“Sabah is the poorest state in the country hence, it is time the state government renegotiated the oil royalty as 5% is definitely not sufficient for the poorest state, which is supposed to be the richest state in the country,” she said.
She was speaking at a press conference here on Saturday together with party adviser Lim Kit Siang and Sabah DAP leaders Hiew King Cheu, his deputy Jimmy Wong, Edward Mujie and Dr Edwin Bosi.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thanks giving dinner for Sabah DAP Batu Sapi By-election campaign team / 沙巴民主行动党巴都沙比补选服务队慰劳宴

Thanks giving dinner for Sabah DAP Batu Sapi By-election campaign team


Sabah DAP state chairman Dr. Hiew King Cheu invited all the Kota Kinabalu Parliamentary youth members from Kota Kinabalu who had work so hard in the campaign work during the recent Batu Sapi by-election in his house last Saturday night. The chairman thanked them for their much valued effort and contribution in the Batu Sapi by-election.

2011年沙巴预算案- 第六次(草案)

2011年沙巴预算案- 第六次(草案)




2008年来自於人民的巨大任务,并无法显示出你的政治实力的真实反映。事实上,你所谈论的力量来自薄弱、尚有待团结和零散的反对党。这是相同最近在巴都沙比(Batu Sapi)举行的国席补选,国阵的胜利基本上还是慷慨的给予现金、白锌、修补道路、维修码头和木桥等作为鼓励性的奖励。然而,这次补选国阵的胜利不能说是丰厚,因加拉敏丁(Karamunting区选民拒绝了您的候选人。即将在第13届大选给国阵最真实的写照。选举结果将是是反映出国阵拥有雄厚资金的实力,并有政府机器、政府机构作为后盾。那时候,一个团结的沙巴民联将要在大选中面对你。





我必须指出,国阵政府非常善于发明与修正一个新的系统被称为滚动计划The Rolling Plan,其中在第9大马计划下的各种未完成的项目,将在第10大马计划下被完成。换句话说,政府将浪费10大马计划2年的时间(20112012年)承担上述滚动计划。它没有考虑火箭科学家知道,政府将永远无法实现目标的时间/马来西亚计划的目标。对我来说,这滚动计划就像是滚石上集满了青苔一样。这是一个回滚Rolling Back计划,因为第10大马计划是用来完成第9计划未能完成的项目。

当你提到国阵在发展与对人民的承诺和计划时。你说:我们不给予空洞的承诺和我们的计划不会是幻觉。让我提醒尊贵的首席部长,巫统国阵政府许下的许多承诺都是空洞的。我想引用在1994年新沙巴著名的100日承诺。你答应给每个沙巴人一个家,这是正义的,如今它变成了一句空话。你答应过要铲除非法移民的问题。你应该对承诺始终如一,但你却扭曲了的承诺 - 你帮助他们合法化,把他们纳入选民名册,变成现你的定期存款。对于巴都沙比新选出的国会议员也从您的定期存款中获益。让我进一步揭示新沙巴承诺没有给予实现的事实。标题为世界银行:沙巴是最贫穷的州属,这是给您的傲慢和拒绝综合征的答案。

Bad Road condition from Kudat to Kota Belud / 古达前往哥打毛律的马路很糟糕

从古达73公里的主要通路前往到哥打毛律Sek. Keb Mangaris附近的马路状况非常糟糕,由于土墙的破裂,而导致该段马路随时会面对崩塌的可能性,政府当局必须要尽快派人进行紧急维修土墙的工作。 可以想象如果该段马路有进一步的坍塌,可能会导致该主要道路通往古达完全无法通路,此外这将严重危及道路使用者的安全,尤其是通往古达附近的甘榜地区。 如果国阵联邦政府和州政府经过那么多年,仍然不能提供沙巴州完善的道路运输系统或建设路灯在主要的城镇,试问沙巴如何能够通过工业化而实现经济提升和增加收入的机会? 至少应该提供沙巴一个安全的道路可以让马路使用者安全的回家, 尤其是目前雨季,在夜间驾驶时,由于下雨而只有10-15米的的可见度,因此道路使用者会很容易地错过了两个竖立在路旁的警示灯,这甚至可能导致昂贵的补选,如果有任何国或州议员因用该段马路而发生意外丧命

The main road 73km from Kudat to Kota Belud near Prasekolah Sek. Keb Mangaris had suffered major damage due to the cracking of the retaining wall with the possibility of collapsing need an urgent repair.   If there is any further erosion of the road it might result a complete cut off of the major road access to Kudat, which would seriously endanger road user safety and supply chain to Kudat Region.   If BN federal and state government cannot give Sabahan a proper road transport system or streetlight to access all major towns after so many years, what are the chances of Sabah to achieve high income economy via industrialization?  it would be appropriate to at least provide Sabahan a road can go home safely, because in the current rainy season, night time driving is having a very poor visibility of 10-15 meter only, road user could easily missed the 2 warning light [only 1 light on each direction] and it might even cause a costly by-election if there is any MP or ADUN plunge into the ravine.

THE SABAH BUDGET 2011-6th Draft

Thank you Mr Speaker for giving me the chance to debate on this 2011 State budget which is the largest budget in the history of Sabah.

Mr Speaker
Since assuming the responsibilities of Chief Minister and Finance Minister 7 years ago. you have not been strengthening the State Financial position for the development agenda to be enforced continuously. You have also failed to improve the people’s standard and quality of life. Your strategies and financial planning are on a reverse mode.

The huge mandate from the people in 2008 is not a true reflection of your and BN’s political strength. In fact the strength you are talking about came from the weak, in-cohesive and fragmented opposition parties. It is the same with the recent Batu Sapi by-election where the BN win is basically the generous out-flowing of cash, zinc, re-sealing of roads, repair for jetties and boardwalks and so forth as incentives. The by-election has not been won handsomely by BN because the voters in the Karamunting constituency had rejected your candidate. The coming 13th general election will provide the true picture of BN’s supremacy. The election result will be a show of strength and support for UMNO and BN which has all the financial strength, the backing of the government machinery and also the government agencies. This time a united Pakatan Rakyat Sabah will face you in the general election.

Mr Speaker

The 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP) is ending next year.

Sabah was allocated with RM4.059 billions for State development BUT unfortunately and sadly, the financial achievement of the 9MP is only 81% or RM3.29 billions. The government has only managed to complete 391 projects, 342 projects are under implementation while 52 others have yet to start. The failure of the BN government in ensuring the completion of all the 785 projects within the specified time is an indication of the poor managerial and financial skills of the government. It can also be construe that the government does not have the money to undertake these projects.

Mr Speaker

I must say that the BN government is very good at making amend by inventing a new system called “The Rolling Plan” in which the various uncompleted programs under the 9MP will be completed during the 10MP. What it means is that, the government will be “wasting” two years of the 10MP from 2011 – 2012 to undertake this “Rolling Plan”. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the government will forever fail to achieve the objectives/goals of the Malaysia Plans in time. To me, this rolling plan is more like rolling stone that gather no moss. It is a “ROLLING BACK” Plan because the RM10 is used to implement projects in RM9.

You mentioned of the BN track record in bringing development to the people as promised and planned. You said “we are not giving empty promises and our plans are not just delusions”. Let me remind the YAB Ketua Menteri that the UMNO-BN government has made so many promises and many are empty. I would like to quote the famous 100-day promise to make a Sabah Baru in 1994. You promise to give every Sabahan a home and this is just and it turned out to be an empty promise. You promised to eradicate the illegal immigrant problem. You have somehow kept your promise on this one but with a different twist – you have helped to legalised them, put them in the electoral roll and they are now your “fixed deposits”. The new-made MP for Batu Sapi is one of the recipients and benefited from your “fixed deposit”. Let me go no further on revealing your promises for Sabah Baru. The headline “Sabah the poorest State by World Bank” is the answer to your arrogance and denial syndrome.
Chief Minister Musa Aman’s ‘timely’ announcement of a special allocation of RM1 million to each Barisan Nasional representatives in Sabah next year has been described as a “form of political corruption”.
DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang said Musa’s announcement – under the state budget – warrants Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) attention and investigation. It is a political corruption to allocate RM1 million public funds to the BN constituencies alone. It is clearly an election budget to boost the winning chances of BN in the next general election and not for the benefit of the people. It is to be used to buy votes.

The CM announcement is viewed by many as ‘timely’ since Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is expected to call for the general election anytime next year. Opposition parties are speculating that Najib will call for the polls anytime between March and November 2011.

One of the National Key Result Area (NKRA) in the Government Transformation Program (GTP) is fighting corruption and one of the main aspects identified is to fight ‘grand corruption’ which is political corruption. The MACC should investigate and wipe out such political corruption to show the government is serious about fighting corruption. The Auditor-General too should conduct a special audit on all these (past) years of spending of such allocations by Sabah BN assemblymen and give a detailed audit report on abuses. This abuse must be exposed and stopped if Malaysia is going to be developed to become a modern, democratic nation. Public funds must not be abused for political purposes. Lim Kit Siang said the allocation was against the United Nation’s report on “inclusive growth”, asserting that inclusive growth is supposed to mean for the benefit of everyone regardless of one’s political affiliation or support.
How can you talk about giving RM1 million for each BN constituency and on the other hand you’re talking about ‘inclusive growth’? The RM162 million allocated in the budget for poverty eradication is both puzzling and distraught by the fact that despite hundreds of millions of ringgit spent on poverty eradication programmes over the years since BN took over the state in 1994, Sabah has become the poorest state in the country. Instead of calling it poverty eradication program, it should be correctly termed as ‘BN Cronies Enrichment Program’ in view of the fact that poverty remains high in Sabah.
Mr Speaker

The Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim considered by Forbes the wealthiest man in the world said that the global crisis is not over, nothing has been solved, only patches to avoid the worst effects of a great depression (The Borneo Post, 18th November 2010). The problem is getting worse since countries have accumulated more debt, more deficits and unemployment is record climbing in many places, he added.

YAB Ketua Menteri said that we will be facing a deficit budget based on previous experience such deficit is manageable and controllable at a level that can be borne by the State’s strong reserve.  You have on record said that a deficit budget is a good budget.  I asked, how can a deficit budget be a good budget? What it means is that you are spending more than you earn. This is bad budget and this is exactly what Carlos Slim has emphasized.

Mr Speaker

The State revenue is estimated at RM2.747.94 Billions for 2011 compared to RM2.5 Billion for last year.  The Tax revenue contributed RM1.054.63 Billions, the non-tax revenue RM1.397 Billions and from other receipts RM296.31 millions.

The Sabah government is also dependent on the Federal government for grants and that the good State-Federal government relationship is a criterion for getting more grants. This is not the way to obtain a Federal grant as it amounted to blackmail.  

I am also shocked to know that Sabah has Federal loans. If our fundamentals are strong and correct Sabah should be financially independent from Federal grants and loans. For example, YAB Ketua Menteri said the income from tourism in 2011 will be RM5,280.00 millions. With such big revenue there is no need for the Sabah government to request for federal grants and loans.

Mr Speaker,

The State government is proud to announce its investment return for 2011 at RM158.09 millions. With such a small amount, there is no reason for the BN government to celebrate. The question is whether the BN government really know how to invest the money?

The 2009 Auditor-General’s report stated of government arrears of revenue as at 2009 to RM487.14 millions in which loan interests owed by the statutory bodies and government agencies, water and land rents make up more than 90%. This is a very clear indication that the BN government is not a good “manager”. Year in and year out we hear the same problem about inability of the government agencies and statutory bodies from performing well. There must be a cut off point where such agencies or bodies should be struck off so that the government and the rakyat do not lose more money.

Mr Speaker,

I feel that the State government revenue can be more than what the BN government can attain.

I was informed that Hasil Bumi which is under the Chief Minister’s Department has been holding to the issuance of land titles. One good example is an application by one Mr Shim Ten Lai on 5th September 2002 under ref:JKM.PHB.600-1/7/553. A report on land lease extension issue in last Sunday, on the 21 Nov 2010 in Daily Express. Another land matter is regarding 999 year industrial leases were reduced to 99 year upon conversion of land use on basis which was unclear. As a response to the matter, Federation of Sabah Manufacturers (FSM) President Datuk Wong Khen Thau’s lament that banks require industrial land to have at least 30 years’ unexpired lease to qualify as collateral. Many lands only have 15 years lease left. Datuk Wong said industrial landowners faced decade long wait for approval of application for extension and excessive premiums had to be paid by those lucky enough to get approval. For example;  Kolombong industrial area land lease .There are no clear and transparent guidelines for approval of land lease extension nor the premium rate and the formula use. Industrial lands are imposed significantly with higher premium than agricultural land by the government when the returns from industrial activities outweigh those of agricultural land. With the delay in releasing these land applications, the government is losing millions of revenue. It appears that a “little Napoleon” is causing the delay. Ironically, this is happening under the nose of the Chief Minister.

The government is also losing so much revenue through illegal connection of water and electricity. These are uncollected revenue. This is rampant in squatter colonies around the cities in Tawau, Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. The connections are so obvious and yet the government is not doing anything about it.
Complaints are made and disconnections are done only to see the illegal connections back to status quo. Tons of electric cables have been confiscated and yet there is no one being brought to court.

The illegal connection is rampant amongst squatter colonies. These are homes of the new Bumiputra of Sabah, the illegal immigrants who have been legalised and now entered into the electoral roll. They are the fixed deposit of UMNO and BN. So we can see that the BN government is not serious in tackling this problem because the people involved are their fixed deposits. The fixed deposits must have an interest and thus, free water and electricity are the interest earned.

According to the Auditor-General report, Sabah has lost about RM140 million annually from uncollected and lost water revenue. The revenue from timber is sliding to less than a RM100 million mark per year. I learned from people in the logging industry that the timber export list is been re-cycled from one species to the other. In this way the timber royalty is only paid once. The State must not be too dependent on crude palm oil because it is affected by the global supply and demand which is beyond our control. Sabah must realise that Indonesia is expanding its oil palm plantations which will have direct impact on Malaysia’s CPO supply. The workforce from Indonesia will soon be difficult to source as the workers will opt to work in their own plantations. Even the tourism industry is not spared with tour guides opting to work in West Malaysia for better income.

The national aspiration to become a high income economy requires trade liberalisation especially freight charges, an innovative and efficient delivery system and policies and regulation that support a business friendly environment. For that, I hope that the government will able to give full liberalisation of shipping route in order to make freight charges more competitive and affordable to shippers. Which means abolish the Cabotage Policy. The high cost in freight charges does not affect businesses alone but also incur a higher cost of living in the state thus reduce the livelihood of its people.

Mr Speaker

I also learned that the social and welfare development program is tarnished by the poor delivery system. There are so many qualified elderly, orphans, disabled people waiting to be included in the program. Those who are in the program are finding it so hard to get the assistance effectively.
For example, disabled, poor and old people are expected to present themselves in the social welfare offices to get assistance. This is very ridiculous and inconsiderate.  Many are unable to receive these aids because of no documentations. These are the true children of the soil but because they are located in the deep interior they are unable to obtain proper identification documents. Is the government going to ignore them and at the same time facilitates the issuance of green cards and MyKad to illegal immigrants in their grandiose plan in staying in the corridor of power for a very long time?

I am also disappointed that the BN government investment is getting such a peanut return of RM158.09 millions. If the Chief Minister has put the money from our natural resources in the fixed deposit for the last 7 years, we would be earning a good interest which can be used to develop our State (and without resorting to begging from the Federal government for loans). Sabah must and should continue to build up its FD reserve and not its PTI reserve. In his budget speech, I hear only of a “stronger State revenue and reserve” but there is no indication of the State reserve at all. How much is Sabah reserve?

Mr Speaker

I am reminding the government that the basic infrastructure in Sabah is very poor. After 47 years of independence Sabah is lagging behind Peninsular Malaysia in terms of good road, water and electricity supply. These are the basic infrastructure which will drive the State’s economy. Without roads for example, the agriculture sector will be affected.
However the government is only keen to make roads when it comes to take out timber from the jungle. To be industrialised Sabah needs good supply of electricity and water.

I see that the BN government has been talking about development and Billions of allocations from the Federal government and yet there is nothing tangible to look at. Projects after projects have been either abandon or delayed. A good example is the Tanjung Aru flyover. This is a clear indication that the government does not have the money.

The government must come out with a quantity survey or QS for all the projects. The government should be transparent and publish all these projects for the rakyat to see. I must say that all projects must be value for money. For example one of the Batu Sapi by-election goodies was sealing the 2.7 km Sibuga road costing RM16 millions.
This is obviously a very inflated price but then this is how UMNO and BN government works. To my understanding the cost of making a highway is about RM2 million per KM.

Instead of re-sealing good roads, the government should concentrate on the widening of roads from two to four lanes and creating new highways especially in Tawau where the people need a coastal highway and asking when will one be constructed.

The quality of our roads are also in question, newly constructed roads at Sin On Tawau, only two years old and already many parts had collapsed posing dangers to road users. The only repair works that I had personally seen are the many ‘AWAS’ signboards, but no actual repair works being done at all. The only answer that I can think of is very poor management and monitoring of local government agencies. 

Everyone in Sabah now knows that Tawau is a flood prone district. Flash flood happens every time there is a heavy downpour.
What is the government going to do to solve this problem and when will it be done? Is it because we have more rains now, or is it caused by something else such as poor management of land and river reserve? No one can stop the rain, but proper management of river, river reserve, forest, land developments and enforcement of land laws will be able to stop the flash flood, wouldn’t you agree.

Deepening and widening the river, constructing a dam and big reservoir are only temporary measurers. These will not solve the flash flood problems in years to come if lands are being opened without any cares about the rules, regulations and laws.

Let me give an example, if the opening of lands and plantations were well managed, monitored and enforcement done by the responsible government agencies and departments all these years, will we have flash floods, will we have to spend millions to solve the problems that in the first place could be avoided? Now, I am very sure the government will announce hundreds of millions will be allocated to solve the problem. What a waste of money, when the problem could be avoided in the first place if there were proper planning, monitoring and enforcement. Maybe our next problem will be there will be not enough rain and not enough water, then we have to start re-planting forest trees.

Let me put it this way, how can a government say it knows best and it is a good government when the report card shows RED.

Road – still many bad roads
Treated water – still not up to W.H.O standards and many areas not getting clean water
Electricity – still not enough power
Immigrants – still many and not solved
Hardcore poor – still everywhere, except for Tawau which was declared poverty free by the Chief Minister himself.
Tawau must have the best leaders and head of departments to be able to become the first among all the districts to eradicate its hardcore poverty. So all the other districts must come to Tawau and learn from us, we have the secret formula. When is the next target for zero poverty? First it was year 2000, then moved to 2010, my guess is 2020.

Making the state poorer – still at the bottom even with the BIG allocations. Next we will be a beggar state. Not only the people are poor and hardcore poor, but the state itself will be hardcore poor.

Mr Speaker

I would like to highlight again regarding all available lands near the Tawau Hospital that the lands should be given to the hospital for car park and future expansion of the hospital.

In line with the government's 'PEOPLE FIRST' the government should step in and take back any available lands near the Tawau Hospital and give it to the hospital so the people can benefit from it.

The Tawau Hospital is in dire need of land to expand the car park and mortuary at the moment and in future it will need more lands to expand. The government must have foresight to look ahead for hospital and patients future need. So let all available surrounding land become hospital property.

For the government information, the public is against a proposed car park that will be built by Warisan Harta near the hospital because the purpose is to collect money from the people. 

I am told the Tawau Hospital had applied for the land first and it has every right to fully use whatever available land near its vicinity, but why did others get the land.

Mr Speaker

There are rampant corruption and commission taking not only for the pockets of these politicians but also for the UMNO and BN political and election chest. I can see the reason why the BN government is more concern about mega projects. That sums up why there may be multi-billion allocations but there are no tangible and worthy projects to be seen.

I can give another example where there is no value for money. This is the construction of low cost houses at a tune of RM120,000 each. How can these so-called poor people afford these houses? The RM400 million ringgit dam in Kudat is not producing any water at all. Why is the government re-sealing and re-sealing of relatively good roads? The government is patching so many highways and roads that indicate the technical capability of our contractors. I thought patching is a dental exercise but somehow our road engineers are now very expert in road patching. The question is on why would our road and highways deteriorate so quickly? The maintenance and repair are so frequent and costly but without any shame, this is the modus operandi of UMNO and BN leaders and politicians to fill up their bottomless pockets.

The government has always praised the level of professionalism and hard work contributed by the Public Civil Service. The government or public servants are the planners and implementers of government policies and programs. In the budget, your strategies to achieve high income and performance is by strengthening public administrative system towards producing creative, innovative, informative, hard-working, transparent and trustworthy with good corporative governance public servant for effective and efficient delivery system. So, in thanking them the Chief Minister has announced a RM500 special financial assistance for officer in Grade 54 and below. This RM500 does not commensurate with the record-breaking budget for 2011. Is this how the government appreciate the civil servant?
Or is it because it’s another way of saying that the civil servant are not doing a good job but the BN state assemblymen/women are doing better and for that; each BN constituency are getting RM 1.1 million allocation or bonus in that matter. In West Malaysia, allowance of Ketua Kampung increase from RM400 to RM800. But why is Sabah government not doing the same thing? And you keep saying Satu Malaysia.

This allocation of RM1.0 million is contrary to the concept of inclusive and overall State development. State development programs are planned and implemented by government agencies and departments. There is accountability and audited by the Auditor-General. Handouts from state Assemblymen are a form of corruption and will only benefit BN party leaders and members. This is abuse of rakyat money in the highest order.  
The RM1 million for the Assemblymen to use in his/her constituency is nothing short of “bribery” to the rakyat. The aim is to fish for votes. I am thus convinced that this Sabah Budget 2011 is nothing but an ELECTION BUDGET.


Mr Speaker

The State Budget 2011 revealed by the Chief Minister-cum-Finance Minister does not have any feelings for the Rakyat. Poverty eradication program is under-financed and there is a deliberate attempt on the government to slow down the process of poverty eradication. To the BN government hardcore and poverty eradication will be done during the election period. This ad hoc poverty eradication exercise is very effective in getting votes. The allocation of RM1 million for every BN Assemblymen next year will be useful in launching this ad hoc poverty eradication program.

The World Bank in its inclusive growth report on 10 November 2010 has stated very clearly that Sabah is the poorest state in Malaysia. This report is prepared by independent professionals and ably assisted by the State government. This is not a DAP or Pakatan Rakyat report. In Sabah the poverty rate among non-Malay bumiputra is about 17%. The Rungus in the northern part of Sabah are the poorest at 40%, Orang Sungai, Suluk and Bajau between 20-25% and the Kadazan Dusun at more than 20%. It is therefore timely to seek a Royal Commission of Enquiry to why Sabah is the poorest state when the government is talking the opposite. For putting Sabah the poorest State in Malaysia, a responsible Chief Minister should voluntarily resign without being asked by the people.

The State Budget 2011 is also silent and oblivious to the problem of security. The crime rate is climbing and the nature of the crimes is also very serious. The few glaring and bloody murders in the State capital for example have fuelled anxiety and anger among the local populace. Why is the government not doing something about them? As far as the locals are concerned the increasing crime rate is squarely blamed on the presence of high number of illegal immigrants.

The open secret that the government is legalising the illegal immigrants does not come well with the local population. I learned that the IMM13 card holders will be issued with green cards. This is the process of legalising them soon and entering them into the electoral roll. I can reveal to the floor that IMM13 is actually “Instant Made Malaysians for the 13th General Election”. How true.

The two documents through two books “Projek IC” by M D Mutalib and “Lest We Forget” by Dr Chong Eng Leong have been written with details on how the Federal government has supported the legalisation of the illegal immigrants in Sabah.

The books have explicitly mentioned and linked the names of Datuk Musa Aman and Datuk Yahya Hussein to this exercise and yet these two UMNO stalwarts do not bother to clear their names. Why is the government not taking action against M D Mutalib and Dr. Chong Eng Leong?
I like to conclude that this Budget 2011 is a disappointment for the people of Sabah. However, I would like to congratulate the UMNO and BN government for coming out with yet another “DEFICIT BUDGET” which to the Chief Minister is a GOOD BUDGET. I also want to congratulate to the BN government of total failure in achieving the Zero Poverty 2010 target. So, Ketua Menteri, you should resign for that matter.

To me, this is an ELECTION BUDGET specifically zeroing on the soon-to-be 13th general election. I feel that the UMNO and BN government has taken the people of Sabah for a ride by using our hard-earned money to be used for their own selfish politics agenda.

Mr Speaker

I will also end my speech with a pantun

Perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat belum tamat
Sokongan Rakyat semakin kuat
Siapa cakap BN pembela rakyat?
Harapan hanya pada Pakatan Rakyat!

Tuan Speaker, Saya mohon langsung tidak sokong.