Sunday, 28 November 2010

See you in Court / The issue on the Native Certificate

See you in Court

The issue on the Native Certificate belonging to Sri Tanjung DAP representative YB Jimmy Wong rightfully deserve the front page of all the major local newspapers. This issue will surely become an election issue. History will be told and associations such the Kadazan Society of Sabah (KSS) may have to come forward to make a stand.

The so-called abuse in the past in the issuance of the certificates was the main reason why the government decided to stop its issuance in 1982.

YB Jimmy Wong in commenting the statement by the Minister of Local Government Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor in today’s paper said that he (Hajiji) is trying to be smart in a foolish way. Firstly, he has confirmed that my Native certificate is genuine but indicated that I am not qualified to be in possession of such certificate. He said that the Officers Board Committee established by the Yang Di Pertua Negeri Sabah has found that he is not qualified to that certificate.

Datuk Hajiji added that the government would instruct the Native Court to revoke the certificate. It is a very interesting situation where the committee has confirmed the authenticity of my certificate but took another route to say that I am not qualified to possess that certificate. The question is that the Native Court has scrutinised my case and issued the certificate according to the Native Law. Is the Officers Board Committee saying that the Native court judges including the District Officer who signed on my certificate are a bunch of idiots? 

YB Jimmy said he will wait for the letter of revocation of my certificate from the Native court and I promise that I will see Hajiji and his officers in court.

Let me bring to the attention of Hajiji to an abstract from “Report on the census of Population taken on 10th August 1960 (North Borneo)” in the book Birth of Malaysia by James Wong Kim Min on page 90. It clearly states that in North Borneo there were 7438 Sino-native and they are considered as other indigenous. One of the definitions of a Native is “any person ordinarily resident in the Colony and being and living as a member of a native community, one at least of whose parents or ancestors is or was a native”.

Datuk Hajiji must remember that the Chinese are one of the earliest settlers to North Borneo. There are many of them who married local native women and true to their tradition, their children carry Chinese-sounding surnames. This is where Hajiji should go back to the definition of a Native.

So by asking me to ask my conscience whether I am really a Native is a reflection of Hajiji, a man who is so shallow in his understanding of the history of North Borneo and Sabah YB Jimmy said. I am saddened that UMNO Assemblymen such as YB Datuk Hajiji and YB Samsudin are busy talking about my native certificate but failed to address the problems of basic infrastructure in their constituencies of Sulaman and Sekong respectively. I do wish that YB Samsudin will visit the water villages in Sekong more frequently and as he drops off from the boardwalks and jetties, he can then apply allocations to repair them. Let me qualified myself here that it is not my intention to wish that something nasty to happen to him when he falls from the boardwalks and jetties.

YB Jimmy Wong