Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Anwar, Karpal, Sivarasa and Azmin to be suspended from Parliament for 6 months

From @limkitsiang:

Pandemonium Parliament w sudden new motion 2suspend Karpal Sivarasa Azmin as MPs 4six mths against Standing Orders/ rules of natural justice

If BN w simple parl majority can abuse its powers violating all rules n principles, what it cld not do when it gets back 2/3 majority?

Speaker Pandikar fails 2explain what is “public interest” he exempts rule Minister’s motion need 7days notice 2suspend Karpal Sivarasa Azmin

Parlment being dragged out over surprise motion agnst standing orders 2suspend another 3PR MPs 4six mths – unprecedented in Msian Parliament

What happened in Parl proves Acton’s aphorism corruption of power – strongest reason Y BN shld not get back 2/3 P majority n must b replaced

Motion 2suspend MPs Karpal Sivarasa Azmin 4six mths – 3 not told of charges or referred 2Cttee of Privileges. Travesty of justice n Parlmnt

Earlier in prolonged pandemonium/altercation Sivarasa Azmin were suspended by Speaker Pandikar. Most disgraceful day in Msian Parl history