Friday, 17 December 2010

Damaged Road at Jalan Lingudau, Keningau根地咬林谷道路(Jalan Lingudau)损坏的路面

沙巴民主行动党内陆选区负责人本杰明叶博士接到许多林谷道园(Taman Lingudau)居民的投诉,有关从林谷道园通往根地咬镇的路段严重遭受到损坏,路面的大坑洞造成该处居民进出该甘榜时,造成许多的不便。

Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau and Tenom, Dr Benjamin Yapp received numerous public complaints from the residents of Taman Lingudau, Pekan Keningau that the stretch of road leading to Taman Lingudau situated within the Keningau town area was badly damaged with several potholes that caused much inconveniences to motorists and residents of Taman Lingudau and the various kampungs using that road.

They lamented that every time their cars passed by the damaged potholes and cracks, their car tyre risked damages and car absorbers were affected.   On many occasions, the motorists almost collided with the on-coming cars or, near-missed pedestrians walking in the evening when they attempted to avoid the damaged potholes there.

Sabah DAP urged the Public works department (PWD) Keningau to inspect the damaged road and have it repaired as soon as possible.   The Rural District council should also take pro-active actions and be responsible in resolving the problems of the Keningau District affecting the local residents.

(Picture shows a badly damaged stretch of the road along Jln Lingudau leading to Tmn Lingudau, Keningau Township that needs urgent repairs)

By Dr Benjamin Yapp Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Interior

根地咬林谷道路(Jalan Lingudau)损坏的路面

沙巴民主行动党内陆选区负责人本杰明叶博士接到许多林谷道园(Taman Lingudau)居民的投诉,有关从林谷道园通往根地咬镇的路段严重遭受到损坏,路面的大坑洞造成该处居民进出该甘榜时,造成许多的不便。

他们感叹地说,他们驾车经过到处是坑洞的路段时都会面对损失,例如轮胎问题,以及汽车减震器都受到影响。 有时候在晚上马路使用者为了试图避开损坏的坑洼,几乎与反方向的汽车或电单车相撞,甚至差点撞倒徒步回家的路人。