Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Electricity bills should be cheaper Local Councils and DBKK /县议会和市政厅的电费应该要比较便宜

亚庇市马路上的街灯需要巨大的电力消耗,导致亚庇市政厅每年要承担上百万令吉的电费。 亚庇,山打根,斗湖,拿笃和许多其他主要城镇都需要街灯。 街灯的照明不但能够减少犯罪率,同时也能够减少马路意外以及照顾人民的安全。 在夜晚的公园,街道,儿童游戏场,甚至公共篮球场都非常黑暗。 这如何才能实现沙巴是个‘生活安全与没有犯罪的地方’?  沙巴州还有许多街道没有街灯,最容易引发犯罪和事故的发生。

没有街灯的马路,会引起危险驾驶以及频繁发生意外,尤其是在下雨的夜晚。当这种情况和西马比较,他们的道路和高速公路都照明的尤如白天,而沙巴的道路是如此黑暗。 这是个铁一般事实而且每个人都会注意到

In Sabah, the Local Councils and even DBKK are charged with the same tariff on the electricity consumed to provide street lighting and other public services and utilities.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu requested the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Chin Fah Kui to consider and allow the Local Councils and DBKK in Sabah to pay a much lower electricity rate for the sack of public interest.

Dr. Hiew said the Sabah Local Councils and DBKK are serving the people and the people are paying for the electricity usage through their taxes and assessments. He said the SESB should not charge the same rate to the Local councils and DBKK, because of the many public services are involved.

The electricity used on the street lights in KK alone is huge, and this amount can be something like million riggits in a year for DBKK to shoulder. We need the street lights in KK, Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu and many other major towns. This is for the benefit and safety of the people especially in terms of avoiding the crimes, accidents among other inconveniences. The parks, streets, children play grounds, housing estates and even basket ball courts are very dark at night, and how can we achieve a “safe place to live in” with “No crime”? In Sabah, we still have many streets without lighting, and it is inviting crimes and accident.

The roads without lights are dangerous to motorist and accidents frequently occurred especially in rainy nights. When this situation is compared to Semananjong, their roads and highways are lighted like in daylight, while our roads in Sabah are so very dark. It is a fact that every one noticed.

Dr. Hiew also said that the money saved by the Local Councils and DBKK on electricity bills can be put into other good use to install more streets lights and provide other additional and needed facilities for the good and benefits of the people. He hopes the Ministry of Energy and Datuk Chin Fah Kui can work with the SESB to allow the Local councils and DBKK to have a much lower rate on the electricity bills to benefit the people. The public interest must be put in with more emphasis.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.





亚庇市马路上的街灯需要巨大的电力消耗,导致亚庇市政厅每年要承担上百万令吉的电费。 亚庇,山打根,斗湖,拿笃和许多其他主要城镇都需要街灯。 街灯的照明不但能够减少犯罪率,同时也能够减少马路意外以及照顾人民的安全。 在夜晚的公园,街道,儿童游戏场,甚至公共篮球场都非常黑暗。 这如何才能实现沙巴是个‘生活安全与没有犯罪的地方’?  沙巴州还有许多街道没有街灯,最容易引发犯罪和事故的发生。

没有街灯的马路,会引起危险驾驶以及频繁发生意外,尤其是在下雨的夜晚。当这种情况和西马比较,他们的道路和高速公路都照明的尤如白天,而沙巴的道路是如此黑暗。 这是个铁一般事实而且每个人都会注意到

邱博士还表示,如果将电费率减低,县议会和市政厅将会节省下可观的电费,这些钱可以用在其他公共用途,例如安装更多的街灯,并提供其他有益于民的公共设施。 他希望能源部长拿督陈华贵能够与沙巴电力局商议,让县议会和市政厅的电费调低以造福人民。 政府必须要重视和关注公众的利益。