Friday, 3 December 2010

Ketuanan Rakyat to empower Malays and Malaysians

By Dr Chen Man Hin, DAP life advisor

Anwar Ibrahim by pushing ketuanan rakyat as a top objective of the PR agenda has show that he is a man of vision and a born leader.

Soon after the announcement, he immediately summoned a meeting of all heads of the five PR states for a discussion of the plan to tell the people of the importance of a ketuanan rakyat for the country.

Anwar is a man of principles and he practises what he believes in.
Critics say that this move was calculated to gain support in preparation for the coming general elections. This is not quite true, as the principle of ketuanan rakyat was proposed by PR some two years ago as a counter to Umno’s ketuanan melayu.

It is also an idea which is not familiar yet with the Malay community, and it will take patience and lots of explanation to win the people over. There is big task ahead to win support from the kampongs and rural areas. Umno will mount an attack on ketuanan rakyat. The battle in the kampongs will be intense.

However, Anwar will not be deterred. He believes in KETUANAN RAKYAT. It is his vision. He has a cause to achieve a better, just and prosperous Malaysia.

He really believes that ketuanan rakyat will be the political key that will inspire the people to be more united and struggle for a more progressive and prosperous society. He wants the people to know that they belong in this country, and they are all Malaysians.

Equally important, is his confidence that ketuanan rakyat will uplift his fellow comrades in the kampongs, urban towns and rural areas, and bring them into the modern global society. Through ketuanan rakyat, the Malays will be better educated, gain merit and competitiveness and ready to take on the world.

They will have more self-confidence and will not be dependent any more on the handouts given out by Umno. With ketuanan rakyat they will no longer be exploited by Umno putras.

50 years of Umno rule, forty years of the 30% bumi equity of New Economic Policy have not really helped the poor in the kampongs and rural areas. Half the households of Malays, Chinese and Indians earn less than RM3,000 a month. Rural homes are even poorer.

Umno wants a ketuanan Melayu policy so that Umno putras can enrich themselves. A recent analysis showed that Umno putras enriched themselves to the tune of RM60 billion or even more from the 30% bumi equity. No share for the kampong people. To continue the ketuanan Melayu policy would be disastrous. A government officer has predicted that with present policies, the country is heading for bankruptcy.

The time has come for a change. Our born leader, Anwar will lead PR to make the change. Embracing ketuanan rakyat will be the beginning of the change for a united, progressive and prosperous Malaysia.