Monday, 13 December 2010

Malaysian Malaysia movement to build a united, democratic, just and prosperous Malaysia spread by “Plum Blossom Spirit”

by Dr. Chen Man Hin

The concept of a Malaysian Malaysia has caught the imagination of the people, ever since the struggle for a more just and equal society by the newly formed DAP in 1965.

With the departure of the PAP of Singapore because of the separation from Malaysia, a group of people led by Devan Nair formed a committe to build a new party – the Democratic Action Party.
The first test came when the dap (as yet unregistered) participated in a by-election in Rahang, Seremban. As Dap was waiting for registration, the symbol of Plum Blossom was chosen to be the by-election symbol.

The DAP won the by election with a stunning majority over the candidates of two other parties – MCA and Labour party.

The victory confirmed that the concept of Malaysian Malaysia had substantial support from the people. From then onwards the “Plum Blossom Spirit” caught on and this same spirit has inspired Dap leaders to struggle on despite great difficulties and persecution from the Alliance, the then government of M
In their struggle, many leaders were detained under ISA and others like Fan Yew Teng and Lim Guan Eng were charged for sedition and stripped of their MP status. Guan Eng was imprisoned for 18 months.

The Malaysian Malaysia fever affected many leaders. Even Dr. Mahathir was influenced. When he became PM he immediately launched his one race, one culture policy, which was very unpopular. Then he changed and started his Bangsa Malaysia concept. Nobody believed him. His continued racial speeches belied his sincerity

The present Prime Minister, Najib Razak, to gain popularity , announced reforms to win back support after losing the two-third majority in Parliament. He proudly announced his 1 Malaysia policy but his 1 Malaysia is a poor imitation of Malaysian Malaysia. When challenged, PM Najib dared not declare that he is a Malaysian first, and Malay second. He could not because his party UMNO is still championIng its KETUANAN MELAYU (malay supremacy) policy. The ordinary man in the street will easily see that 1 Malaysia is not compatible with a ketuanan melayu policy.

Anwar Ibrahim has announced that Pakjatan Rakyat would adopt a Ketuanan Rakyat ( Malaysians First) policy. This policy will unite the people, as all Malaysians whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans would regard each other as equals under the Malaysian sun. With unity there will be progress and prosperity.

So Pakatan Rakyat is on the right road. With the inspiration of “Plum Blossom Spirit” we shall march together with confidence and dynamism towards Putra Jaya.

(Speech by Dr Chen Man Hin at the 45th anniversary of the Rahang by-election victory and the launching of the DAP “Plum Blossom Spirit campaign” in seremban on 11th December 2010)