Friday, 23 September 2011

Kota Belud villagers against Sewerage treatment plant dialogue / 古打毛律村民抗议污水处理厂对话会

由甘拜园警察总部安排于921日在古打毛律民众会堂会见来自甘榜古打毛律,甘榜谷丁(Kg. Gunding)及甘榜孟努桂(Kg. Menunggui)的村民,讨论有关反对和拒绝承包商的工人进入污水处理厂的工地,出席该项对话会约有一百余人。  该民众会堂挤满了人群,其中包括沙巴民主行动党州顾问兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,爱德华慕吉,回教党古打毛律支部秘书马都必士(Matubis bin Jumdot)和州宣传秘书哈芝莱曼(Hj Laiman bin Hj Ikin)  警方总部的代表是州副总监陈国良(Tan Kok Liang)和其他高级警务人员都出席该项对话会。 古打毛律国会议员拿督拉曼达兰和乌苏干州议员(Usukan)也在场听取村民的投诉。

The dialogue set up by the Police Kapayan Head quarter on the 21st September in the RELA hall in Kota Belud town to discuss with the villagers from Kg Kota Belud, Kg Gunding, and Kg Menunggui concerning the objection and refusal for the contractor to enter into the work site was attended by some one hundred people. The small hall was jumped pack and among them were the Sabah DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu, Edward Ewol Mujie, PAS KB secretary Matubis Bin Jumdot and the PAS State Publicity secretary Hj Ag Laiman Bin Hj Ikin. The police was represented by the Deputy state commissioner Tan Kok Liang and other senior police officers. The Kota Belud Member of Parliament Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and the Usukan assemblyman was seated in front to listen to the complaints from the villagers.

The issue came from a JKR project constructing a sewerage treatment plant in the kampongs which is in its final stage of construction, and it is just a short 300 feet of pipe line to be laid along the road leading to the kampongs where the sewerage treatment sits to complete the project. The treatment plant is only 30 meters away from the nearest kampong house, and it is only 50 meters away from the river.

In the dialogue, the fears on the adverse effects which will be caused by the sewerage treatment plant were brought up, and JKR was questioned on the logic why such a foul and smelly installation is plugged into the kampongs here and not any other places. The impact on the environment will be heavy and the suffering of the kampong folks is unaccountable. For a start, there were already four times flooding due to the construction work here.

There are some 500 people staying in and around the treatment plant and their conclusion is to reject 100 percent on the sewerage treatment plant. The people said they will not allow the workers to continue the work, even though a new verification study is to be made and pass to them. They demanded a better solution to the problems.

MP Hiew and Edward wanted to express their views and suggestions in the dialogue, and were refused the chance to speak even they had stood up. The participants were saying that the organizers scare of them and did not allow them to speak.

Hiew said after listening to the dialogue and the feeling of the people and he commented that the people should be given the right to protect their livelihood and well being. It is their right to protect their home and no to be poisoned by the foul biogas which will flood their villages. The foul gas can go as far as five kilometers away. Furthermore the treatment is only 50 meters away from the river bank and there is no guarantee that the equipment in the treatment will not failed or spoiled, and there will be a good chance that the untreated foul water will overflow and get into the river to cause contamination all the way down the river where some people are still depending on the river water for their daily use.

It is obvious that the whole planning of this sewerage treatment plant was not planned properly and given due consideration to the kampong folks. It seems like a “bulldozed through project”, and that is why the people here are angry and deeply affected.

By : MP for Kota Kinabalu, Hiew King Cheu

Pic 1 : The dialogue set up by the Police Kapayan Head quarter at RELA hall in KB
Pic 2 : The sewerage treatment plant  


由甘拜园警察总部安排于921日在古打毛律民众会堂会见来自甘榜古打毛律,甘榜谷丁(Kg. Gunding)及甘榜孟努桂(Kg. Menunggui)的村民,讨论有关反对和拒绝承包商的工人进入污水处理厂的工地,出席该项对话会约有一百余人。  该民众会堂挤满了人群,其中包括沙巴民主行动党州顾问兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,爱德华慕吉,回教党古打毛律支部秘书马都必士(Matubis bin Jumdot)和州宣传秘书哈芝莱曼(Hj Laiman bin Hj Ikin)  警方总部的代表是州副总监陈国良(Tan Kok Liang)和其他高级警务人员都出席该项对话会。 古打毛律国会议员拿督拉曼达兰和乌苏干州议员(Usukan)也在场听取村民的投诉。

事关工务局在该处的甘榜建设了污水处理厂,而其工作已经进入最后阶段,要安置沿着马路到甘榜处大约300尺长的污水管,安置完成后该项工程就竣工了。 问题是该座污水处理厂离甘榜的房子只有30米远,而距离河流仅是50米。

在该对话会中,村民提出有关污水处理厂将造成的影响,同时也质问工务局有何逻辑在离甘榜那么近的地方兴建充满恶臭和极不卫生的污水处理厂,难道没有其他适合的地点吗?   这对环境卫生将会带来很大的冲刺和影响,这完全是惘顾甘榜人的福祉。 从开始该项建设的工作,已引起四次在甘榜的水淹问题。

据悉约有500多人居住在该污水处理厂的四周,而他们都拒绝和100%反对污水处理厂在该处建立。 当地人说,即使当局向他们展示新的报告,他们也不会允许工人进入工作。 他们要求当局提出更好的解决方案来解决该项问题。

邱国会议员和爱德华要在该项对话会中表达他们的意见和建议,即使他们已经站了起来,但却被拒绝给与发言的机会。  参与对话会的人说,主办当局不让他们发言是因为怕了‘火箭’!

邱氏说,当他听了后认为甘榜人应该给予权力保护他们的家园和福祉。  这是他们的权力,以免该处的环境卫生受到严重影响,免得臭气熏着他们的村庄,要知道恶臭的气味可以远飘至5公里外。  该污水处理厂只离河岸50米远,并且不能保证该污水处理厂的设备不会发生故障,到时未经处理的污水将满溢而流入河里造成严重的污染。 污水顺流而下,这将危及那些仍从河中抽取河水使用者,这必定会危害人体的健康。

很明显的这项污水处理厂的整体规划是没有经过完善的策划及考量,而造成甘榜人受害的问题。 也像是一项‘随意决定并立即通过的工程项目’, 相信甘榜人的愤怒和不满是情有可原。