Friday, 28 October 2011

1-Borneo Pet shop being harassed

The pet shop in 1-Borneo shopping mall was being disturbed by an individual person and being harassed to get the authorities to close the shop.

This problem was brought to the attention of the Sabah DAP complaint bureau chief Allem Chieng Yew Kiong. The owner of the said pet shop was very upset due to the disturbance created by this individual who had repeatedly came to the shop to make various accusation and threatening to get the authorities to come to close the shop. She said the shop is not allowed to sell dog and cat, and brought her husband who is a police officer to come to the shop too.

The pet shop owner felt very upset on this type of harassment and would like this to stop. The owner had filed a police report about this case and would like the police to investigate further. He said his shop is a licensed business and following the laws. He said he is in the wrong and if she doesn’t like to see the shop selling pet dogs and cats, she can always don’t come near his shop.

Allem went to the shop and saw that the shop is in order and the license is for the pet shop selling pets. He said if the person who wants to complain she should go through the proper channel and not going to the shop harassing people and scold people. There are many ways that the problems can be solved amicably and settled.

The shop owner said he is an honest business and he is not in the wrong, why come often to give him trouble. He hopes the police and the authorities can help out in this disturbing case. He needs to do his business without disturbances.

Allem said that the pet shop owner needs to do business to earn a living, and he would like the authorities to step in to help to resolve this case and every body will be happy.

Allem Chieng.