Monday, 10 October 2011

DAP Sabah: No Substantial Funding For Sabah

Sabah and Sarawak remained marginalised since there is no substantial funding for these two States in the recent unveiled National Budget 2012. No substanti benefits Sabah & Sarawak rakyat gain, even the theme of the Budget 2012 is “National Transformation Policy: Welfare for the Rakyat, Well-Being of the Nation”.

From Prime Minister Datuk Seri najib Tun Razak's National Budget 2012 speech, out from total allocation of RM232.8 billion (RM181.6 billion for operating expenditure and RM51.2 billion for development expenditure), which covers all projects under the Rolling Plan 2 of RM10, National Key Economic Areas, National Key Result Areas, and Strategic Reform Initiatives, DAP would like to highlight the position of Sabah as compared to other states:

Position of Sabah
Road and Bridges (JKR)
RM332,700,100 (Sarawak)
RM2,766,653,400 (Semenanjung)
12.54% out of total allocation to JKR whole Malaysia
Allocation from Prime Minister Department to Authority of Development Corridors
RM8million (SEDIA – under “dasar baru”)
Iskandar -RM62million
Pantai Timur – RM32million
Utara – RM20million, Langkawi – RM111million (pg 118-119)
Single digit of million ringgit, so little allocation compared with others. Furthermore, this is the first time SEDIA received allocation from National Budget. Nothing to happy with.
RM978 million to accelerate Five Development Corridors
Unknown, no details provided. Sabah CM Musa Aman Claimed the allocation for POIC.
South Johor Development alone RM308,541,600.
Another RM670,400,800 for all 5 development corridords.
South Johor champion in this category. No details of allocation for POIC, all claimed by Musa Aman alone. It could be just a political gimmick!
RM1.1 billion to develop Agricultural Sector
Irrigation for Sabah
RM20.5 million,
Develop Oyster (Tiram) Industry RM750,000

1.8% for Sabah Irrigation based on total RM1.1billion allocation
    Clean water supply to 200,000 houses in rural area
plus RM50 million for rainwater harvesting
RM2.1 billion
Electric supply to 39,000 houses in rural area
RM1.1 billion

Others allocaiton announced in the National budget are Flooding Mitigation Program for Sabah RM2,432,700.00; Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd RM262,942,000; Water Supply generally for Sabah RM35,676,000, Special Task Force in Sabah & Labuan for Pendatang Asing RM17,868,000. Since there are no details provided in the National Budget on the above mentioned allocation, how the money used and what is the goal of the allocation, still remained as question marks to rakyat.

Over the past six years, the Federal Government has been heavily dependent on the income contributed from the oil and gas sector, in which Sabah is the great contributor, and it have formed an average of 40 per cent or more than RM60 billion annually of the Federal Government’s total income over the past few years

Despite Sabah contributions to the country’s total income, we remained the poorest. The 2007 9th Malaysia Plan Mid-Term Review stated that 2.3 per cent of Malaysians in the the Peninsular were poverty-stricken as opposed to 4.3 per cent in Sarawak and 16 percent in Sabah.

In conclusion, there is no substantial funding to Sabah. Nothing to happy with it.