Tuesday, 11 October 2011

KK water front land is not for the take and may be the CM power is too big // 亚庇海边土地不应被占取

即使沙巴首席部长有权拨出政府土地于私人公司和政府机构签署合资协议,但是亚庇海边土地不应如此被利用。根据首席部长(联营)条例(Sabah Cap 23)授予首席部长的权力,赋予他代表政府控股公司(GLC)与私营公司签署合资的协议(JVA)有许多方面的质疑和问题。 最近在法庭有关亚庇海边400亩的诉讼案已反映出这其中的许多问题和疑点。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲针对该项事件发表其意见,他说如果政府的联营公司之间的事件没有很谨慎和小心的处理,这将会引发许多问题,并且可能有更多类似的案件将会出现。 这一次沙巴州政府可能很幸运可以摆脱了该官事,但也不能保证下一次会同样的幸运。

The Kota Kinabalu water front sea land should not opened for the take even thought it is under the power of the Chief Minister of Sabah to sign away state land under joint venture basis to private companies with the government. The authority granted to the chief minister under the Chief Minister (Incorporation) Ordinance (Sabah Cap 23) to empower him to permit the government listed companies (GLC) making Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with private companies had created much doubts, problems and defaults. The recent legal suit in court on the 400 acres of KK waterfront sea land had reflected much of its problems and demerits.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu commented on this issue because there are many more pending and possible cases will surface if this is not handled with due care and diligence by the government and its GLCs. This time the Sabah State government may be lucky to get off the hook, but there is no guarantee that the next time is similarly lucky.

MP Hiew questioned on the logic why in 1997 the then chief minister of Sabah signed out such a huge piece of 400 acres of the KK water front on a joint venture basis to some private companies with its GLC - MLGH Sdn Bhd, and ended up with the private companies suing the state government in return for damages and losses incurred up to a staggering sum of RM1.7 billion. The case had sounded an alarm in the state administration and its procedure in handling the state affairs, and in its administrative procedures.

The approval on the KK water front of up to 400 acres of prime land and sea front was made by the past chief minister and now the present chief minister said there will be no more future development allowed at the KK water front, and we want to know how sure is the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman on this matter. Will he be able to guarantee that there will not be any more KK water front project to be approved? What happen when the next chief minister who comes into office, more new changes?

The BN state government had caused many problems and now the people are beginning to lose confident in their competency, and wonder on whether they are really managing a clean and straight administration in Sabah. We can not afford more plunders and defaults in the Sabah Administration, no matter it is in the past or present under the BN rule. According to reliable sources, a typical example to the case is the 116 acres of the Tanjong Aru Civil Servant Quarters land which was under a JVA, had faced the same faith of having to end up in legal suit and jammed up totally. This has caused a big piece of the prime state land to become an eye sore and a new forest formed in the beautiful Tg Aru beach area. What should we do now, having up with all these every now and then?

It is time to change all these “Managers” who run the Sabah State administration into jeopardy and difficulties.


Hiew King Cheu, KK MP   


即使沙巴首席部长有权拨出政府土地于私人公司和政府机构签署合资协议,但是亚庇海边土地不应如此被利用。根据首席部长(联营)条例(Sabah Cap 23)授予首席部长的权力,赋予他代表政府控股公司(GLC)与私营公司签署合资的协议(JVA)有许多方面的质疑和问题。 最近在法庭有关亚庇海边400亩的诉讼案已反映出这其中的许多问题和疑点。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲针对该项事件发表其意见,他说如果政府的联营公司之间的事件没有很谨慎和小心的处理,这将会引发许多问题,并且可能有更多类似的案件将会出现。 这一次沙巴州政府可能很幸运可以摆脱了该官事,但也不能保证下一次会同样的幸运。

邱国会议员说这很不合逻辑,并想知道为何在1997年的沙巴州首席部长批准官方联营公司-MLGH与私人公司签署这份合约,并拨出400亩如此巨大的海边地。 而如今的州政府却面对该私人公司的起诉,要求赔偿损失高达马币十七亿的惊人数目。 该项起诉州政府的控诉案敲响了政府行政的警钟

过去前任州首席部长可以批准的亚庇海边400亩土地于私人公司合作联营,而现任首席部长却说,亚庇海边土地将不会允许于发展。 人民想要知道沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼在这个课题上是有多少的诚意和坚持。 他能否保证在将来任何亚庇海边土地不会随意被批准? 如果有新首席部长上任,到时会有什么变化吗?

国阵州政府制造了许多问题,现在人民已经开始对他们的能力和公信力失去信心,并且也怀疑他们是否真的能够廉洁和公正的去管理沙巴政府。  无论是在过去或目前的国阵政府中,沙巴人已无法继续承受更多的国阵政府过错。  根据可靠消息来源,一个典型的例子就是丹容亚路116亩的公务员宿舍土地被用来签署合资协议,现今该项发展计划完全被卡住无法进行,而很可能政府方面已面对法律上控诉。 如今该大片土地成为野草丛森,丑化了美丽的丹容海边。 现在人民应怎么做,是否还要继续承受国阵政府那些过错呢?