Saturday, 8 October 2011

Kota Belud padi farmers faced too much and no water problems // 古打毛律稻农面对太多水和没有水的问题

古打毛律稻米栽种区(Jelepang Padi)的稻农面对许多问题,因为他们的稻田面对太多水,而有些地方却完全没有水。 这导致他们在过去几年来面对白米产量大幅的下降。 当该些稻田被水淹没时他们根本不能进行耕种,最糟糕的是当田里没有水时更加无法耕种。

由亚庇国会议员邱庆洲率领的民联团队之前多次到访该处时,接到该处稻农的投诉有关事项。 由于在稻米栽种区的排水和灌溉系统不完善,经常出现太多水或断水的问题,这深深地影响了稻农的生产和收入。  即使有大片的土地,因为水源问题而导致农民无法进行任何如常的耕种。

The problem constantly faced by padi farmers in Kota Belud at the Jelepang Padi area always faced up with too much water or totally no water in many parts of their padi fields here. This caused their rice production dropped tremendously through out the past years. They cannot plant when there is flooding in the fields, and worst so when there is no water at all.

This was highlighted to the Sabah DAP Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu and the Pakatan Rakyat team during their many visits to the area during the last few months. It is obvious that the padi farmers had faced up with the serious problems here due to the inefficient and insufficient drainage and irrigation system in the area under the Jelepang padi zone, and their production and income deeply affected. It is a pity that you have land but cannot plant anything crops on it due to too much water or no water at all.

The main reason for having no water here is due to the lack of good irrigation pumps and channels to bring the water from the nearby streams and rivers to the fields which are higher than the usual river water level. The planters brought the KK MP Hiew around the site to see the many pump houses installed along the rivers which are installed not far from the padi fields. Their function is to pump the water from the river onto the filed. Very unfortunately, all the pumps are out of function and broken down. Many pump stations even had their parts being removed or stolen. The padi planters regretted by saying that they blamed the authorities for not helping them to repair the pumps and to get new or bigger pumps to be reinstalled here. They said if there are new pumps installed, they can plant any time because there will be enough water in the field from the nearby rivers.   

As on the flooding of the vast area of the fields available for the planting of padi, it is surely due to no proper drainage system in the area to drain away the excessive water accumulated in the field. There is an estimated some few thousand acres of the field being flooded and submerged in deep water. “How to plant padi in a few feet deep of water” claimed the villagers.
There many acres of land which can be cultivated if the land is pumped dry and provided with earth bunds and roads to protect these from being flooded. A series of earth bunds is necessary and the pump houses made ready to pump out the water from the field.

The padi planters urges the government to immediately install proper pumps and build irrigation channels to bring the water to their fields to enable them to plant the padi, and to earn an income for their family. They also said they don’t want to wait for the proposed dam which they think is not needed at all. The water they need is just nearby and no need for the government to spend Billion of ringgit of money to bring the water to their fields, and may be just use a small sum of money, the water will flow into their field.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic1 : the non functioning irrigation pump by the river side
Pic2 : Dry irrigation channel
Pic3 : Broken pump
Pic4 : Flooded field


古打毛律稻米栽种区(Jelepang Padi)的稻农面对许多问题,因为他们的稻田面对太多水,而有些地方却完全没有水。 这导致他们在过去几年来面对白米产量大幅的下降。 当该些稻田被水淹没时他们根本不能进行耕种,最糟糕的是当田里没有水时更加无法耕种。

由亚庇国会议员邱庆洲率领的民联团队之前多次到访该处时,接到该处稻农的投诉有关事项。 由于在稻米栽种区的排水和灌溉系统不完善,经常出现太多水或断水的问题,这深深地影响了稻农的生产和收入。  即使有大片的土地,因为水源问题而导致农民无法进行任何如常的耕种。

该处有些地方没有水主要的原因是,由于缺乏良好的灌溉系统,水泵和水沟,以引水从附近的河流到较高的地方。稻农带邱国会议员前往距离稻米种植区的河边,视察沿河安装的水泵站。 该些水泵主要的功能是把河里的水抽取并灌输到田里。 很不幸的是该处所有的水泵已经故障无法操作。 邱氏还发现许多泵站及其零件已被拆除或盗取。  稻农说,他们非常不满有关当局没有帮助他们修理该些水泵,或者重新安装新的及更大的水泵。 他们说如果安装了新水泵,就可以从河里抽水并提供足够的水源以让他们可以随时展开耕种

至于被水淹没得耕种地区,主要是由于没有适当的排水系统,导致该地区积累过多的水而无法耕种。据稻农说,约有几千亩的稻田已被水淹没。  他们都抱怨说 ,他们是无法在几尺深的水中种植稻米。 实际上,如果该些土地里的水被抽出,并且修建土堤及道路以防止水淹问题,他们将会有许多亩的土地可以适合耕种。 该处需要兴建土堤和泵房,好让该片土地成为良好的耕种地。

稻农敦促政府立即安装适当的水泵和灌溉渠道的建设,让该处的稻田获得适量的水源,以让该处成为良好耕种的土地。  此外也让稻农提高白米的生产量,并从中获得更高的收入。 他们强调地指出,他们并不需要政府所拟议的丹布端大水坝,他们需要的只是稻田左邻的河水。 因此政府没有需要花费上十亿令吉的钱在该处兴建水坝。 实际上只需要运用小数目的钱,安装性质料好的水泵,就能够提供足够的水来灌溉该处的稻田。