Saturday, 22 October 2011

The question on the payment of the senior citizen money (BOT) to the poor elderly people came into doubts //“老人援助金”的付款问题

BOT payment to senior citizens


The question on the payment of the senior citizen money (BOT) to the poor elderly people came into doubts when there were many complaints that the old people didn’t get their money assistance money on time, sometimes less or even nothing in some remote areas.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament had brought this matter up in Sabah recently and attracted much attention until the Ministry ordered an investigation to be conducted to check on the real cause on why these had happened.

MP Hiew had asked in Parliament on the 19th of October 2011 on this pressing matter why the system of payment of this old folk money (BOT) is having difficulties to deliver the amount to them, and whether the ministry is having some other better method to get the money on time to the needy old folks and without any less.

The Minster of Women, Family and Community Development replied in a written that to ensure the money for the old people can be received is carried out by the Welfare Department. There are four method of payment available to pay the BOT:-

(1)  To pay through the counters of the Welfare Department for those old folks who can come personally,
(2)  To pay through the various payment counters like those in the community halls and centre set up,
(3)  Direct payment in their house for those old folks who can not come personally to the Welfare offices, payment counters and centre,
(4)  Payment through bank accounts.

According to the analysis made by the Welfare Department, the payment through the banks is still the best way of making the payments to the old folks. This is because the money does not need to be put in the Welfare offices and the centre for payments, and this can be taken out by proper representative appointed by the old folks. This money can also be taken out at anytime too or even through the ATM machines. Besides the Welfare is also working with the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), especially in Sabah, so that the money can be dispatched through the Mobile Bank of the BSN to the interior folks.

The Ministry also ensured that the assistance money of RM300 will be bank in on the 1st of every month to their account since 1st January 2010.

KK MP Hiew commented on the various measures provided by the Ministry and the Welfare Department is not a total full proof towards malpractices. In Sabah, there are already some cases appeared, and it is needed full attention of the department to cope with these. Hiew viewed the four measures given on how to pay these old folks are having its loop-holes.

It is the responsibilities of the Welfare department officers and the Minister to find a better solution and ways to ensure the BOT can reach the old folks especially those in the rural districts and remote kampongs. The would applies the same to those under the new budget 2012 for their entitlement to the RM500 for family earning less than RM3,000 per month. We don’t want to see this money also can not get to the hands of the needy.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



1019日邱亚庇国会议员在国会中提出该件紧迫的问题,他问部长到底老人援助金的支付方式到底出了什么问题,为何无法在预定的日期内把援助金分发给贫穷的老人家。 福利局是否有其他更有效的方式能够及时把钱发出去,并且数目是全额。

妇女,家庭和社区发展部长在其书面的回答里指出,如果透过福利部以下方式,是可以准时发出该援助金。 支付老人援助金的方式有四种: -




邱国会议员评论说,该局所提供的各种措施,也不能够完全控制不当的行为以及舞弊的问题。在沙巴已经有这些问题出现了,这是需要该局给予充分重视,以解决该项问题。 邱氏觉得以上的四个措施并不能确保受益人能够充分获得他们所得的援助。

这是福利局的官员和部长的职责,必须要找到更好的解决方法和途径,以确保老人援助金可以到达老人家的手中,特别是在乡村地区和偏远甘榜。 相同的在2012年预算案中,针对批出的五百令吉的援助金于家庭收入每月少过三千令吉,是否会面对同样的付款问题。 我们不希望看到这笔钱不能达到有需要的人手中。