Monday, 12 December 2011

Railway Level crossing closed, but access road not ready // 铁路平道交界路口已封闭,马路却没有准备好

在甘拜园,必打丹和必打卡士沿着铁路旁的工厂,商店和住宅区居民觉得他们一贯使用的铁路平道交界路口被封闭难以接受。 车撞油糟车的意外后,有关当局把多处的铁路平道交界路口关闭,这举动导致该处人民的困扰和诸多不便。 这是沙巴基本设施发展部长丹斯里约瑟拜林所发出的指令。

The residents in Kapayan, Putatan and Petagas along the railway route find it very difficult to accept that their usual access to their homes, factories, and shops were closed. This closure of the many railway level crossings had indeed created lots of problems after the railroad accident where a passenger train hit an oil tanker. The level crossings were ordered closed by the Sabah Minister of Infrastructure Development Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitinggan recently.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament received many complaints from the people here telling him that they don’t agree the level crossings that they have been using for many years were suddenly closed without arranging other proper access road for them. They said the so call alternative road is far too small and narrow to even allow two cars to pass through. The road will not support the weight of the heavy lorry and this will break up and spoiled soon. They said the traffic is very heavy during the peak hours and will not be able to cope. The entrances are too bad and narrow, and not being arranged to the required JKR standard. It is very hard for them to get in and out, and sometimes accident may occur.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu and the Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie had inspected the make-shift access road parallel to the railway track and found that the complaints were valid. The road is definitely very narrow and the road base is very weak. The closure of the level crossing had indeed affected the people living here. They were brought to see the site where the collision of the train and oil tanker occurred in front of the Shell petrol statin. This is sited in front of the Taman Friendship where there are many residential houses. Many people from this had approached the KK MP to file their dismay especially their inconveniences felt.

Further down towards the Petagas area where many kampongs are located, the dwellers experienced the trouble of getting in and out through the small access road. Sometimes the jam is unbearable and precious time wasted. The business of the workshop, shops, and factory are badly affected.

All these boiled down to the bad arrangement of the government and the ministry that is responsible for this. Why the road is not built ready before the level crossings were closed? Why the government did not planned for this road even before the accident had happened, and why only now quickly closed all the level crossings without proper access road to cater for the people?  This reflects the poor and improper work performance of the government that sank the people into further trouble and hardship. “This is the work of an irresponsible government” claimed a resident who lives here. He also said that he had complaint to an assistant minister who happened to live in this area, but very sadly and sorry to say that he did not act even.

KK MP Hiew calls upon the JKR and the Railway Board to work fast to get all the access road widen up and make the road base stronger. The road entrances from the main road must be designed to the JKR standard to avoid accident, especially from the Police HQ junction and the main road junctions.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu

Pic: Hiew and Edward being shown the narrow make-shift access road.


在甘拜园,必打丹和必打卡士沿着铁路旁的工厂,商店和住宅区居民觉得他们一贯使用的铁路平道交界路口被封闭难以接受。 车撞油糟车的意外后,有关当局把多处的铁路平道交界路口关闭,这举动导致该处人民的困扰和诸多不便。 这是沙巴基本设施发展部长丹斯里约瑟拜林所发出的指令。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲收到许多的投诉有关该事项,该处的人民都不同意该些路口立即被关闭,因为他们已经使用了多年,况且他们不满政府在还没有安排其他适当的马路就关闭路口。 他们指出所谓的替代马路过于狭小,甚至无法允许两辆车通过。 此外该公路是无法承受重型车辆的重量,肯定该马路很快就会破烂。  他们还说在交通繁忙时间,狭小的马路是无法应付繁忙的交通流量。  该段路的狭窄入口很糟糕,而且也不符合工务局的标准。 因此该处的人民有困难进出该狭窄入口,而且可能随时都会发生交通事故。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲和沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉被要求前往视察该狭窄的马路,并发现该马路确实不妥当,尤其其狭窄的路面和薄弱的地基。 平交道的关闭确实影响了人民的生活。火车和油糟车相撞的地点后面有许多住宅,该处的居民纷纷向邱国会议员投诉有关他们的不便。

在铁路旁有很多甘榜居民经历到要通过小路的麻烦。有时大型罗里是难以进出该处,而浪费宝贵时间。 还有该处商店和工厂的生意已受到严重影响。

这些都要归咎于政府的不妥善安排和部门的不负责任。 为什么在道路未建好之前就仓促关闭所有的平交道? 为什么政府没有去计划建好这条道路,发生意外后才迅速关闭所有平交道。  如今没有适当的马路,如何应付人民所需? 这反映出政府不当的工作表现,使人民陷入麻烦和困难。 该处的人声称:这是一个不负责任的政府  他们还表示有位助理部长也是住这里,虽然已向他投诉,但很可悲的是他却没有采取行动。

邱氏敦促政府立即把该处所有的马路扩大,并且把路基提升至工务局的标准,工务局和铁路局也应加速工作。 从主要道路转入的入口设计要符合工务局标准,以免将来发生意外,尤其是从警察总部交界处和其他主要路口。