Sunday, 29 January 2012

Musa Aman wrong on promises made by Anwar // 慕沙阿曼錯對安华作出的承諾。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲不同意慕沙的瞎胡闹,他認為慕沙僅僅是試圖掩蓋自己與以前的沙巴州首席部長所未搞好的事。我們沙巴已有足夠的甜談和空頭支票。国阵首席部長在過去和現在總是向人民派糖果,有超级的發展,經濟隆隆和消除貧困,作出的空承諾让沙巴人有个虛假的希望。今天我們看到了什? 這是確鑿的證據,我們已被欺騙和被愚弄了這样多年。

The Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman is envy and jealous on the promises made by the Pakatan Rayat for the benefits of the Sabah people especially on the increase of the oil loyalty from the present 5% to 20 %. He called these promises are empty promises and giving out “sweets” to the people to make them in believing the Pakatan Rakyat can really give them what is being promised.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu does not agree to CM Musa. He sided that Musa was merely trying to cover up for himself for those thing he did not do as the Chief Minister of Sabah along with those who were before him. We Sabahan had heard enough of those “Sweet talks and Empty promises” from them. The BN Chief Ministers in the past and now always give the Sabahan false hope on the promises made on eradication of poverty, removal of PTI, super developments, uplift of economy and so on so for. What we see today there is nothing happening, and this is the solid proof that we have been cheated and being fooled by the BN for these many years.

CM Musa said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mentioned the increase of the Sabah oil loyalty from 5% to 20% is an empty promise even thought when Pakatan Rakyat finally takes over the government. Unknowingly, he has exposed himself that even they are now in power, but these BN people did not do anything about it at all, and only say “yes” to their KL boss! Why they have not fought for the Sabahan, and just keeping quiet? Are they not Sabahan, and what is wrong for them to get more to benefit the Sabahan? Any way, the oil and gas is belonging to the Sabahan from the start.

Datuk Seri Anwar is right on the part that Sabahan has the right and should deserve more from the oil that is extracted from Sabah. It is basically the Sabahan’s right to benefit from it, and Sabah is truly in need of extra money to speed up the backward and slacking development. What Pakatan Rayat has promised, we shall deliver and without miss. We shall do it when the people voted us into the government to take over from the BN who can’t even help the Sabahan.

MP Hiew further hit out on the BN that their tactic of giving to the people the BR1M RM500, RM100 cash and RM200 book vouchers to the student are merely “vote fishing”. This shows that the BN is really desperate, because of the coming general election that they might lose out badly. This is bad, because how many people really benefited, and why others who are eligible could not get the money. Furthermore, why dish out this money now just before the election, and why this is not given out every year? The motive of the BN is clear, and demonstrated their intention to desperately using the people’s money to defend their seats and to remain in power. The people should think wisely and decide to dump them. Vote Pakatan Rakyat for the clean and straight new government.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲不同意慕沙的瞎胡闹,他認為慕沙僅僅是試圖掩蓋自己與以前的沙巴州首席部長所未搞好的事。我們沙巴已有足夠的甜談和空頭支票。国阵首席部長在過去和現在總是向人民派糖果,有超级的發展,經濟隆隆和消除貧困,作出的空承諾让沙巴人有个虛假的希望。今天我們看到了什? 這是確鑿的證據,我們已被欺騙和被愚弄了這样多年。

慕沙說,拿督斯里安华提到的沙巴石油分享從 5%至20%的增加,是一個空洞的承諾,他甚至認為就算民联进了政府也不会办到。不知不覺中,他暴露了自己,即使国阵現在再进力,曾经没为國民做到事,只向他們的吉隆坡老闆服从,已太晚了!他們為什麼不打救沙巴,而只是保持安靜?難道他們不沙巴人?为獲得更多的受益有什麼是錯?無論如何,石油和天然氣是屬於沙巴的。


国阵給人民BR1M RM500RM100的現金和200令吉学子書券僅僅是为了大选的票。這表明,国阵是真的絕望了,因為在未來的大選中,他們可能會失去所有。此外,為什麼拋出這样多的錢只是在選舉之前?為什麼不每年派?國陣的動機是摆明的,表現出他們的意圖,拼命用老百姓的錢,以捍衛自己的官位,繼續掌權。人民應該有明智的決定,投票让民联组成清潔和正直的新政府。