Friday, 24 February 2012

Inanam drain overgrown with weeds // 下南南水沟杂草丛生

位于下南南北上车站周围的水沟长满了杂草造成了堵塞,甚至导致多处淹水。  此外排水沟的积水导致蚊虫繁殖。

The earth drains around the North Bus Terminal in Inanam are overgrown with weeds and grass which caused blockage to the water flow and even flood in the area. Besides, the mosquitoes are breeding fast in the stagnant water in the drains.

The Sabah DAP leaders Edward  Ewol Mujie and his assistant Stephen Yarman has inspected these drains after receiving complaints from the people in the area. They found the drains are covered with thick overgrown grass which had not been cleared by the authorities for a long time.

Edward said the drains in this area should have been replaced with some concrete drains instead of the earth drains long ago. He said the vegetation will not grow fast in the concrete drains and it is easier to clean up. Further more, the concrete drains will have better flow and the water discharge will be faster to reduce the flooding potential in the area.

Edward urges the authorities to come more regularly to clean the drains and to plan to replace the earth drains to concrete drains.

There are many other issues involving infrastructure problems here in Inanam like blocked drains, road pot holes, broken walkway slabs and overgrown grass. It is necessary that JKR and dbkk should come to inspect and check regularly.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

pic. Stephen Yarman checking on the overgrown drains.


位于下南南北上车站周围的水沟长满了杂草造成了堵塞,甚至导致多处淹水。  此外排水沟的积水导致蚊虫繁殖。

沙巴民主行动党领袖爱德华慕吉和其助理史提文亚曼接到来自该处的人民投诉后,立即前往检查该些排水沟。他们发现该排水沟确实长满厚厚的野草。 据悉当局已有很长的一段时间没有前来清除杂草

爱德华说,该处的水沟在很早前就应该用坚固的洋灰来建造,而不是仍然还是土沟。他说,如果是用洋灰水沟,野草就不会快速的生长,并且也较容易清除。 此外洋灰水沟将能够顺畅排放污水,减少在该处淹水问题。


下南南区还有许多基础设施的问题需要处理,例如淤塞的排水渠,破烂的马路,损坏的人行道和过高的野草问题。  工务局和亚庇市政厅有必要定期前往该处检查,以及做维修和保养的工作