Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kapayan Ridge low cost flat bad maintenance // 甘拜园岭廉价公寓情况糟糕

甘拜园岭廉价公寓的居民联络了亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,并向他投诉有关该公寓糟糕的情况。 该公寓约有1008单位,该处的居民带邱国会议员一同前往视察该公寓恶劣的情况,在视察期间有许多居民也纷纷的向邱氏投诉他们的不满。

The residents in the Kapayan Ridge low cost flats have contacted the KKMP Hiew King Cheu on the poorly maintained conditions of the 1,008 units of the flats here. They have brought the MP for a walk to inspect the area and many residents here had individually made personal complaints about the bad conditions of the flats.

The drains here are the most worried and headache to the people because it is not only blocked but has become the breeding ground of mosquitoes. The surrounding compounds are dirty and piling up with rubbish. The car parks are flooded, broken with pot holes, no clear marking, and the there is not enough parking space. The building structures are showing signs of concrete breaking up, beams with concrete falling off and steel bars underneath concrete slab rusted and exposed. The staircases are littered and rubbish everywhere. The staircase lights were out of order for long time which caused serious security and safety problems.

The whole low cost flats here have practically no management team to maintain and put right the things here. When asked by MP Hiew why there is no management corporation to maintain here, the people answered that because no one care and so hard to get every body together. They also told the MP Hiew that they have not seen their strata-tittles after staying here for more then twenty years. They wonder if they would ever see their strata-tittles for another twenty years. KK MP Hiew said they must work together to unit together for their better home and for a better living environment. The people here don’t want to see Kapayan Ridge going to be a slump area, but if the people here don’t work together the possibility will be there. Therefore, Hiew urges them to stay united and don’t hope for the government to come to help them. This government is definitely can’t do anything, if they want to help, they could have come to put right everything here.

MP Hiew then advised them to form a resident committee to arrange everything here and of course a small maintenance fee is required from the residents here. The committee can then employ some cleaners, sweepers, and do some repair if necessary. The MP Hiew doesn’t mind to assist in the formation of the Kapayan Ridge low cost flats residents committee. He hopes a meeting can be called in the near future. On the other hand, he wants the LPPB (Low Cost Housing Development Board) to produce the Strata-titles without further delay, and if these can not be delivered, LPPB must explain on why these can not be done? The people cannot just wait on years by years and indefinitely waiting on?

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


甘拜园岭廉价公寓的居民联络了亚庇国会议员邱庆洲,并向他投诉有关该公寓糟糕的情况。 该公寓约有1008单位,该处的居民带邱国会议员一同前往视察该公寓恶劣的情况,在视察期间有许多居民也纷纷的向邱氏投诉他们的不满。

该处的居民最担心和头痛的地方就是阻塞的水渠,因为已成为蚊虫滋生的温床。 该公寓的四周环境非常肮脏,并且垃圾也堆积满地。 此外该处的停车场面对淹水的问题,而路面满是洞坑,没有明确的指标,以及也没有足够的泊车位。  该建筑物出现龟裂的迹象,墙壁和天花板的洋灰脱落,可以看到钢筋生锈和暴露在外。  楼梯间随处可见到垃圾,而且楼梯灯不照明已经有很长的一段时间,这危及该处居民的安全。

邱氏发现该廉价公寓没有管理层去执行保养和维修的工作。当邱氏问为何没有管理公司来管理该公寓,他们回答说,因为没有人关心而且要联络该处的居民也有困难。 他们还告诉邱氏说,他们在该处居住已经有二十多年,但是迄今还没有获得他们的分层地契。 他们不晓得是否还要等多二十年后才可以获得地契。 邱氏说,居民必须团结起来一起努力,打造自己美好的家园和更好的生活环境。 该公寓的居民不希望看到甘拜园岭变得更糟糕,但是如果居民不携手合作,这是无法改变的。 因此,邱氏促请他们团结一致,也不要希望政府能帮他们。 国阵政府绝对不会去关注他们,如果政府要给与帮助,应该多年前就要前来帮助该处居民处理和解决这些问题

邱国会议员建议他们成立居民委员会,并安排进行维修的工作。 该委员会可以聘请工人来清理和维修该公寓。  邱氏说,如果有需要他将会协助甘拜园岭廉价公寓的居民成立该居民委员会。 他希望在不久后居民可以开会讨论有关问题。 另一方面,他希望房屋发展局尽早发出该公寓的分层地契,不要再拖延了,如果房屋发展局无法交出分层地契,那么就必须向居民解释为何不能发出的原因? 当局不应该让人民多年无限期地等待!