Monday, 6 February 2012


虽然是居住在神山脚下,离开大城市不远,但是并不意味着他们应被忽视,或不给予关注的服务。 沙巴州资源发展与信息工艺部拿督于墨斋为何没关注到许多内陆区宽频及电讯的需要,尤其是居住在著名神山附近的人?

The people of Ranau told KK MP Hiew King Cheu during his visit to Ranau, that they have been complaining for many years that the broadband and mobile phone signals are very weak.  Their complaints have been going to deaf ears and the government has not done enough to improve the service. If broadband signal in general for Sabah is weak, the signal for the Ranau area would be almost snail pace and weaker. While KK MP Hiew and Stephen travelling along the route from Ranau to Kota Kinabalu, they experienced their mobile phone conversations cut-off many times.  That is a big waste of mobile phone credits as the calls keep dropping off.  The many residents of the Ranau told Hiew that this is a very common thing, and they have suffered enough.   Sometimes having a computer or a hand phone is useless, because there is no service at all.

Although some people stay far away from the state capital at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, does it mean that they deserve being neglected and given the least care and service?  What is the Sabah Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology, YB Yee Moh Chai doing all these while for Sabah and especially for people who live near the famous Mount Kinabalu?

It is now time for us to get better broadband and mobile phone signals and services the same as what is available in Peninsular Malaysia.  Stephen said he remember two years ago, traveling along the hilly areas of North Highway route from Kuala Lumpur to Penang (after the tunnel in Perak), he had no problem making or receiving calls to and from my friends all over Malaysia.   Can we, in Sabah, have the same standard of signal and service? Let the Sabahan “enjoy a bit better service”.

Pic : Hiew and DAP Ranau leaders

By: KK MP Hiew King Cheu


兰瑙的人们向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲投诉,有关他们多年以来一直在抱怨兰瑙的宽频和手机信号非常低弱。 他们的投诉一直没有获得政府关注,政府也没有为该处人民提升这不完善的电讯服务。 如果宽频信号在沙巴其他地区会低弱,那么在兰瑙的宽频信号将是如蜗牛般非常慢又弱。 当邱国会议员和史提文亚曼从兰瑙回亚庇途中,发现他们的手机在通话时被中断多次,因为没有信号,这样是非常浪费手机的通话额。 许多兰瑙的人告诉邱氏说,在该处通话被中断是很平常的事,他们已经受够了。 他们说就算有一台电脑或手机也没作用,因为该处的宽频服务非常差,甚至有时根本无法接收信号

虽然是居住在神山脚下,离开大城市不远,但是并不意味着他们应被忽视,或不给予关注的服务。 沙巴州资源发展与信息工艺部拿督于墨斋为何没关注到许多内陆区宽频及电讯的需要,尤其是居住在著名神山附近的人?

现在是时候政府应该要提供人民更完善的宽频和电讯,就好像西马一样提供人民相同的服务。 史提文亚曼记得在两年前,他沿着西马南北大道从吉隆坡行驶到槟城,还经过霹雳州的隧道和山丘,但是随时可以拨电或接收他朋友的来电。 试问沙巴州可否能够拥有与西马同样的宽频信号和电讯标准呢? 沙巴人应该获得“更好的服务