Friday, 24 February 2012

Simbulan River Upgrading Project 新布兰河美化工程造成污染

政府耗费四千五百万令吉美化亚庇沙东再新布兰河的工程仍正在进行中。 沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉接到市民的投诉,有关该工程的承包商没有遵照正确的施工程序去搬运沙土,导致该处尘飞土扬。

The RM45 million project to beautify the Sembulan River at the Karamunsing Sadong Jaya Complex in Kota Kinabalu is in progress.   However, Sabah DAP State Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie received complaints from the public regarding the contractor is not observing and following proper construction procedures when removing earth and sand from the site.

Edward and his assistant Stephen Yaman immediately went to inspect the site.   It is true that the earth and sand was spill all over the roads in the area causing it to be very dusty on the hot days and very muddy on rainy days.   The drainage system was clogged up by the mud during rainy day, and this cause blockage and flood in the area.   The shop owners here have been complaining to DBKK and the Ministry of Environment for some time now, but the situation still the same.

Many customers are also complaining that the coffee shops in the area are very dusty and it might affect public health especially for those people suffering from lung ailments such as asthma.   It is causing so much inconvenience.   Edward said the announcement in the local newspaper that the project schedule for completion by early next year.  That means the people in the area have to suffer for another 12 month.

The people and shop owners urged the authorities to do something about the situation.  Edward said, a simple solution is to ensure that the contractor be very careful when they are moving earth in the area, and DBKK must insist on a tyre wash facility for the lorries before leaving the site.

Pic: the earth and sand spill all over the roads

Edward Ewol Mujie

爱德华和其助理史提文亚曼接到投诉后立即前往现场视察。 他们发现工地附近的路面上确实铺满沙土,造成该处非常肮脏。 尤其是在大热天时尘土满天飞,而雨天则是泥泞满路,此外沙泥随着雨水流入排水沟,导致诸塞和淹水的问题。 该处的店主们曾经向亚庇市政厅及环境部投诉,但是都不得要领,情况仍然没有改变


市民和该处店主敦促当局立即采取行动处理该问题。 爱德华指出,实际上简单的解决方案就是确保承包商的车辆必须进行喷洗车轮的工作,然后才可上路。亚庇市政厅应监督该承包商进出该工地的卡车和车辆