Monday, 5 March 2012

Bilik Gerakan DAP Kudat // 民主行动党古达竞选中心


The Bilik Gerakan (operation centre) for the Sabah DAP in  preparation for the 13th general election in the Kudat Parliament Constituency is set up and ready to go full swing.

The Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie led a visiting team to inspect the operation centre with some other DAP leaders like Bondly Yakim from Tandek, Rahim Madhakong from Matunggong, and the Sabah DAP advisor Hiew King Cheu. They were briefed by the DAP kudat leaders Alex Wong and Orong Sahap. Alex said the operation centre is ready and fully equiped with the facilities necessary for the use in the general election. There is three bedrooms fully furnished for the stay of the outstation campaigners. The compound will be used for the workshop for bill boards and banners preparation. All the computers shall be installed in the near future.

Edward is impressed by the action taken by Kudat DAP members and he saw that they are really in full swing on the  election preparation work, especially their vehicles are fixed with Pakatan Rakyat logos and  DAP flags.

Orong Sahap informed the visiting leaders that they have been making regular visits to the remote villages in the whole of Kudat to bring the "message of change" to them, and this is well recieved.

The visiting team was brought to a few villages along the sea side to meet the people there, and to listen to their views and complaint. One of the village is Kg Tg Kapor Lama, where about 30 over people welcomed the DAP visitors.

They complained mostly on the bad economy situation, infra structure, and the government unable to build and provide them with low cost housing where they can have a better shelter and a more conducive living conditions. They said that they are also Malaysian, and deserved equal rights as any others.

Edward commented that Kudat is facing a lot of problems due to the negligence of the BN government for not helping Kudat. This is clearly indicated by the backwardness of the district in terms of development, tourism, industrial activity, agri and aqua culture. The bad road leading to Kudat which cannot be made good for years, is another big factor creating implications.

Edward Ewol Mujie

pic 1. DAP leaders meeting with villages in Kg Tg Kapor



沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉率领党要前往探访该竞选中心,随行的有行动党党要有来自丹迪(Tandek)的邦利亚金(Bondly Yakim),马冬贡(Matunggong)的拉欣马哈刚(Rahim Madhakong)和沙巴民主行动党顾问邱庆洲。 行动党古达支部领袖亚历士黄和欧龙沙赫(Orong Sahab)向他们做出简报。 亚历士说,行动党竞选中心已准备就绪,以及也准备好必要的配备和设施,在下届大选中使用。该中心也有提供三间卧室让出差的党员休息,此外该中心也进行印制党旗和横幅,并且在以后将会安装电脑。



接着探访团队被带去探访沿海边的几个乡村,会见甘榜人并听取他们的问题和投诉。 其中乡村之一是甘榜丹戎加布(Kg. Tg. Kapor), 大约有30余人欢迎民主行动党的到访。


爱德华指出说,古达一直都面对着许多问题,这是由于国阵政府忽视该区。这可以从古达落后的发展如旅游业,工业,农业和水产业方面清楚看到,国阵政府是没有关心和供帮助。 此外通往古达的马路多年以来都没有提升和维修,这也是其中最大的因素影响到该区的发展