Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Complaints not taken seriously by Majlis Daerah Putatan // 必打丹县议会对市民的投诉不理不睬

 沙巴民主行动党西甘拜园支部党要安德鲁李(Andrew Lee)于一个月前已向必打丹县议会反映人民的投诉,有关必打丹Taman Jumbo的问题。 他再次前往视察发现非常令人失望,因为打丹县议会迄今都没有采取行动去解决和处理。

A recent visit, which happens to be a second visit by the members of DAP KEPAYAN BARAT, Andrew Lee to TAMAN JUMBO, PETAGAS, is a very disappointing one. The complaints were forwarded and filed to the council personally a month ago.

The various complaints are in regards to the missing road signs, clogged drains, inconsistent collection of rubbish etc… However, there is no action taken by Majlis Daerah Putatan. At the site, Andrew found not one, but 12 mosquito breeding grounds surrounding Taman Jumbo alone. What about other areas which is not seen?

This area has very serious foul drainage problems, which has been going on for many years. It doesn’t stop there, and many road signs went missing or dangling from the pole for almost two years now. This is apparent that the respective enforcement does not have a system of weekly or monthly site inspection and recording problems faced by the public in these areas. Most of the drains have been clogged up for quite some time and produces foul smell to the residents near by. 

DAP Kepayan Barat hopes that Majlis Daerah Putatan will follow up on these matters and take quick action to clear all the drains, road signs, and speed up the clearing of rubbish.

Andrew Lee

Pic: 1. Road sign missing, 2. Clogged drain filled with rubbish.


沙巴民主行动党西甘拜园支部党要安德鲁李(Andrew Lee)于一个月前已向必打丹县议会反映人民的投诉,有关必打丹Taman Jumbo的问题。 他再次前往视察发现非常令人失望,因为打丹县议会迄今都没有采取行动去解决和处理。

安德鲁接到该处许多居民的各种投诉,例如失踪的路牌,堵塞的排水渠,没有垃圾车前来收集垃圾等问题。  这些投诉已向必打丹县议会反映,然而他们都没有处理和解决。  安德鲁发现在该住宅区四周有许多促使蚊虫繁殖和滋长的温床。 至于其他地区可能会更多。

该处的居民说,两年以来他们一直都面对着严重的排水堵塞问题,此外许多路牌已失踪或不见。 这是明显的指出当地县议会没有做好他们的工作,进行定期检查以了解和处理居民的问题。该处的排水沟已经堵塞了相当长的一段时间,该处居民被迫面对沟渠发出难闻的臭味和不卫生的环境。


1:失去路标的路杆。  2:严重堵塞的水沟