Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No street-light along Jalan Putaton Bansadon in Inabong, Penamapang 兵南邦英那邦的布达顿邦沙东路没有路灯

兵南邦英那邦(Inabong)布达顿邦沙东路(Jln Putaton Bansadon)兴建,直到今天都没有在该处安置路灯。 该段马路在夜间和下雨天是非常暗并且危险。  从兵南邦巴鲁前往甘榜哥末里甘(Kg Komoligan)的布达顿邦沙东路约有5公里长,每天该段马路有许多人使用,他们都不满政府没有给予关注和纠正,尤其是该段路经常发生交通意外。

The Jalan Putaton Bansadon in Inabong, Penampang District, has not been fixed with street lights since the road was built many decades ago. The road is dark and dangerous to drive on especially during the night hours and rainy condition. It is only a short stretch of road about 5 kilometers leading from the Penampang New Township towards the Kg. Komoligan. There are thousands of people using the road daily and they are not at all happy about the dark road, and accidents have occurred here.

The people here complained to the Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Deputy Chief Raphael Ang concerning the bad situation and they requested that Raphael can assist to highlight the problem to the government and local council who never border to come to see or to install the much needed street lights. They called upon the BN Federal Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok who happened to live in the same area to expedite and spend his Member of Parliament allocation to install the lights. The money is to be spent to improve the needs of the people, and they wonder how come he travels very often on this road and he did not see that this road is in need of some lighting facilities. May be he forgot or he seldom comes back to the area? There are some other BN YBs staying in the area too, it is funny that they too did nothing, where is their allocation of the YB fund?

There are other complaints on this road, and that leads to the narrow width of the road and some bad dangerous junctions. The authorities must immediately come to widen the road and make the dangerous junction safer. There should be adequate safety signage and lights especially at the many junctions here.

Raphael said the kampong here has an increased population and the road is indeed needed fast upgrading and improvement. The cars are more and there are heavy trucks plying the road, we cannot afford to have any accident happening on this road.

Raphael Ang

Pic: 1. road without street lights
       2. Raphael pointing out the dangerous road junction

兵南邦英那邦(Inabong)布达顿邦沙东路(Jln Putaton Bansadon)没有路灯

兵南邦英那邦(Inabong)布达顿邦沙东路(Jln Putaton Bansadon)兴建,直到今天都没有在该处安置路灯。 该段马路在夜间和下雨天是非常暗并且危险。  从兵南邦巴鲁前往甘榜哥末里甘(Kg Komoligan)的布达顿邦沙东路约有5公里长,每天该段马路有许多人使用,他们都不满政府没有给予关注和纠正,尤其是该段路经常发生交通意外。

这里的人们向沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局副主任拉斐尔投诉有关该段马路糟糕的情况,他们要求拉斐尔能够代他们向政府和兵南邦县议会反映。他们不满兵南邦县议会漠视该处有急需要安装路灯。 他们责问居住在附近的国阵联邦部长丹斯里伯纳东搏(Tan Sri Bernard Dompok)为何这么多年以来,没有安排和利用他的国会议员拨款来安装路灯。 大家都知道该笔国会议员拨款是用来改善人民的需要。 他们不明白为何他经常在该段路上行驶回家,但却没有看到该段路急需要安装路灯的设施呢?  可能他看不见,或许他很少回家?  然而还有国阵议员也居住在该处,有趣的是,他们什么也没有做,大家想知道他们的议员基金用去了哪里

此外还有其他的投诉如该段马路很狭窄,以及有多处的危险路口。 当局必须要立即提升和拓宽该段马路,并且纠正危险的路口。 工务局应该安置警示牌和路灯在该处的路口,以确保马路使用者的安全。

拉斐尔说,该处甘榜的人口在迅速增长,因此该处的马路需要提升和改善。 该处有越来越多的重型罗里在马路上行驶,因此必须早日将该马路提升,以避免将来发生任何严重的交通意外。