Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bad council maintenance in Kudat market // 古达巴刹管理不善

接着行动党领袖们被带往视察鱼巴刹旁的泊车场,发现该泊车场大片的面积被水淹着,大约有8寸深。 主要的原因是由于淤塞的渠道,该沟渠长满了野草以及有很多垃圾,导致水无法排走。 行动党古达负责人亚历士说,该泊车场的深水可以钓几条鱼了。

The Kudat folks have many complaints about the conditions of the central market. They brought the matters up to the visiting KKMP Hiew King cheu during his visit to the Kudat town with other Sabah DAP leaders. Among the group were Edward Mujie, Alex Wong, Peter Liew, Bondly Yakim, and other DAP senior leaders.

The complaints mostly focused on the bad maintenance on the various facilities in Kudat market under the Kudat Council. They said it looks like no body cares about their well being anymore. The small thing like cleaning the drains in the town also can not be done properly.

The DAP leaders were brought to see the flooded car park next to the fish market in front of the food stalls. The car park is flooded with 8 inches deep of water and a large area is covered under water. The main cause is due to the blocked drains which is overgrown with grass and covered with rubbish. The DAP Kudat chief Alex Wong also had demonstrated that he can catch some fish there.

The two toilets at the food stalls there did not have water supply for a long time. It is smelly and dirty until the people refuse to use it. The food store operators have to go home for the toilet. The toilets is built for the public, but why there is no water supply.

The central market has many problems which includes, stolen mild steel gratings covers over the drains, dirty drains, and floors. The market hawkers also requested for the drains to be covered completely to avoid tripping over, feel down and got hurt. The cubical stalls provided outside the market with wide gaps in between the roofs was requested by the hawkers to be closed up to avoid hot sun and rain. They said it is very inconvenient for them, and damaging their coconuts and fruits.

The KKMP Hiew urges the Kudat Council to get down to the problems and get it sorted out as soon as possible.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲与其他沙巴民主行动党领袖前往探访古达期间,接到多古达人的投诉有关古达巴刹的诸多问题。他们带邱国会议员前往视察该巴刹,随行的领袖有爱德华慕吉,亚历士黄,刘辉坚,邦里亚吉(Bondly Yakim)和其他党要。
民众投诉古达巴刹的基本设施非常糟糕,而他们非常不满古达县议会没有妥善的进行保养和维修的工作。 他们说县议会似乎毫不心他们的福利和问题,甚至连清理排水渠的简单工作也无法执行。

接着行动党领袖们被带往视察鱼巴刹旁的泊车场,发现该泊车场大片的面积被水淹着,大约有8寸深。 主要的原因是由于淤塞的渠道,该沟渠长满了野草以及有很多垃圾,导致水无法排走。 行动党古达负责人亚历士说,该泊车场的深水可以钓几条鱼了。

此外大排档的两间公共厕所已经有很长一段时间缺水,因无法做清理的工作而变得又臭又脏,因此小贩和顾客都不愿使用。 由于公共厕所无法使用,该处的小贩们被迫必须回家上厕所。 公共厕所是为市民的方便而建设的,但为何却没有水供呢?

古达巴刹有很多问题其中包括覆盖水渠的铁柱栅被盗窃,肮脏又堵塞的渠道,破裂的地板等。该巴刹的小贩要求当局把水渠完全覆盖,以避免有人不小心被绊倒而受伤。 此外他们还要求巴刹前的小贩摊位与摊位之间棚盖要联接起来,以让小贩和顾客能够避免日晒雨淋。 小贩说,因为该些棚盖之间的缝,导致下雨时雨水淋坏了他们售卖的水果。