Monday, 30 April 2012

Inanam Seri Warisan Apartment bad road //下南南Seri Warisan公寓马路需要维修

之前重型罗里使用原有的马路前往Warisan工业区,自从该段马路面对严重损坏后,该些重型罗里就改道,使用另一道小路通往Warisan工业区。 而Seri Warisan公寓的居民也同样使用该段小路进出公寓。 由于重型罗里使用该段马路,导致原本不是很好的小路如今变得更加糟糕,路面破烂不堪。 该处居民希望有关当局立即重建大水沟旁的政府路,也是同往该工业区的公路。

The road leading to the Seri Warisan Apartment in Inanam is in need of urgent attention from the authorities like DBKK and JKR. This comes from the complaints made by the 440 units of residential apartment who were affected by the road to the Sabah DAP Inanam Branch and the Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie who is also in charge of the Local Government and Housing Bureau.

The original road that is used by the heavy trucks to reach the industrial workshops next to the storm drain has become impassible due to the serious damages and bad conditions. Therefore the heavy trucks changed course and make use of the road that is going through the Warisan Industrial Estate to reach to the other side. The Seri Warisan Apartment residents also made use of the same road to get in and out, thus they faced the same difficulty. The road is getting from bad to worst and it is breaking up fast. The resident wants the authorities to rebuild the road next to the storm drain is actually in the road reserve leading to the industrial zone.

The short stretch of road needed rebuild is only about 150 meters long, and once it is rebuilt the residents can also used this road instead of passing through the Warisan Industry Estate. It will be a shorter route to get to the apartments.

Edward said the bad road condition existed for a long time and the authorities seem not putting an effort to get this up graded even though it is only 150 meters. It is high time that some immediate action is to be taken to seal this road to provide a proper access for the people here. It is also a need to install the street lights here.

The people here wanted to see how fast the authorities can start the work, and may be the general election is coming and the work to repair the road will be faster.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

Pic: Edward inspecting the bad road leading to the Seri Warisan Apartment.

下南南Seri Warisan公寓马路需要维修

通往下南南Seri Warisan公寓的马路需亚庇市政厅和工务局的迫切关注。该公寓440单位的屋主向沙巴民主行动党下南南支部以及州副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉投诉有关问题,该糟糕破烂的马路造成他们诸多的不便。

之前重型罗里使用原有的马路前往Warisan工业区,自从该段马路面对严重损坏后,该些重型罗里就改道,使用另一道小路通往Warisan工业区。 而Seri Warisan公寓的居民也同样使用该段小路进出公寓。 由于重型罗里使用该段马路,导致原本不是很好的小路如今变得更加糟糕,路面破烂不堪。 该处居民希望有关当局立即重建大水沟旁的政府路,也是同往该工业区的公路。


爱德华说,从该破烂糟糕的马路状况来看应该已经有很长的一段时间,当局似乎没有积极地去处理或重修该段只有150米长的马路。 亚庇市政厅和工务局是时候必须要立即采取行动,重建和提升该段马路,让该处的人能够有舒适和安全的马路。 此外该处也需要安装路灯。


图:爱德华视察前往Seri Warisan公寓的破烂马路