Monday, 9 April 2012

When can a bigger power generator be installed in the QEH1 for use during emergencies ? and the unsolved car parking problems

The car parking problems in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu City have remained   for a long time and this has become the headache to many hospital staffs, visitors and patients. There are definitely not enough car parking spaces here and many people illegally parked their cars on pavements, along the road and even on the round-about. This illegal parking has become the targets of the traffic police to issue summons.

The issue was brought up by the KK MP Hiew King Cheu in Parliament on the 3rd of April and he asked the Minister of Health on what are the measures to be taken by the ministry, like building a multi-storey car park? He also put forward a question on when can a bigger power generator be installed in the QEH1 for use during emergencies.

The ministry reply said that the existing multi-storey car park in QEH1 is at the moment available with 825 cars, and out of which 478 parking lots is for the general public. Now the Ministry of Health (KKM) has built a new open air car park opposite the existing multi-storey car park with a capacity for 142 cars, and this was completed in the middle of March 2012. KKM will build another multi-storey car park under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

For the emergency power supply generator set for QEH1, the hospital has in place the power generators which can produce enough electric power to all the critical area during power cut.

KK MP Hiew said when he went to QEH1 to check on the parking facilities there, and found out that the open air car parks are ready. The only problem is that there are no covered walkways for the people to walk to the far away hospital blocks and this is worst when there is hot sun and rain. The car parking lots will not be enough once the twin tower blocks and the hospital complex is fully completed and operational by end of this year. There will be another big problem coming up soon, because by then the people will not know where to park their cars.

The proposed future multi-storey car park in QEH1 must immediately start work to be completed in time for the opening of the twin tower blocks. The present car parks are definitely not going to be enough for the use of the increased hospital staffs, visitors and patients. Besides, there must be adequate special parking lots allocated in the hospital compound for seriously ill persons, and for the OKU (disabled) people. The public is advised to make use of the multi-storey and the open-air car park to avoid jamming in front of the hospital and risk being summoned.

On the issue of the stand-by power generator in the QEH1, it is necessary to add more and bigger capacity power generator. From the previous power failure, majority of the QEH1 were without power supply and even though the critical areas like operation theatres, ICU, blood bank and emergency wards has the temporary power supply from, but many areas like sick wards, outpatient departments, the corridors, dispensary, waiting room, and staff rooms were all under darkness, extremely hot without air conditioning. The power failure was not caused by the SESB supply, as confirm by SESB, but due to the internal cable fault within the QEH1 compound.

Hiew wants the KKM to really look into all these problems and get them sorted out and rectified.

KK MP Hiew King Cheu.