Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Let 2012 Hari Kaamatan and Hari Gawai usher the greatest empowerment of Kadazandusun and Dayak communities in 13th General Election in shaping the destiny of Malaysia in next 50 years

Media statement by Lim Kit Siang.  

Wishing Hari Kaamatan and Hari Gawai to all Kadazandusun and Dayak communities in Sabah and Sarawak.
Hari Kaamatan and Hari Gawai this year is taking place at a momentous period in the nation’s history, with the country geared to hold its 13th General Election which will decide whether Malaysia is ready to take her place as one of the normal democracies in the world where power transition at the national level is determined through the ballot box and accepted as part and parcel of the parliamentary democratic process.
For quite some time, the conventional wisdom is that the 13th General Election will fall in June this year, but now all the political calculations have to be reworked after the unprecedented support of a quarter of a million Malaysians for Bersih 3.0 in the streets of Kuala Lumpur and by tens of thousands of Malaysians in over 80 cities across the globe.

Monday, 28 May 2012

沙巴需要全国性政党还是本土政党 // National PARTIES or Local PARTIES for SABAHAN

The local parties in Sabah are saying that “Semananjong parties” should stay away from Sabah. Does this mean that UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan have to get out, including the Pakatan Rakyat (PR)? In the real sense, these are National Parties, but the local parties are trying to create a false impression over the issue. It is interesting why they – the local parties never in history tell the BN Semananjong parties to get lost and get out of Sabah except the DAP, PKR and PAS. In Fact, when we look through the history of Sabah Politic, the leaders of these local parties had even been working for the Semananjong Parties and holding important portfolio too.

沙巴本土政党说,西马政党应远离沙巴州。这是否意味着巫统,马华,国大党和民政党必须离开沙巴州,其中也包括民联(PR)的政党吗? 这些他们所谓的西马党,其实正是全国性政党。 但是那些本土政党似乎针对全国性政党,也乘机制造一个假象。 有趣的是,为何本土政党在之前从来没有告诉来自西马以巫统为大哥的国阵成员党离开沙巴州,现在反而针对行动党,公正党和回教党呢? 事实上,当我们查看以前的沙巴政治历史,这些本土政党的高层领袖们,都曾为西马政党服务过,并且还被委任重要官职。

强制30%负担得起的房屋政策 / 30% affordable home policy by Sabah State Government

The 30% “Affordable Homes” policy if once implemented will create an instant property price hike and the sufferers will be the consumers. The developers are not happy about the proposal, and stating that it is bad for the industry, and the overall housing price control will be badly affected. It is for sure once this policy is enforced, the 30% affordable homes prices will be subsidized from escalated price of the high end units. The developers will definitely make adjustment in their development to suit and for achieving profit, which includes reducing size of development to cut capital required. The small and medium size developers will be wiped out or controlled by the big developers, who can even become Monopoly.

政府如果实施该30%负担得起房屋的策略,将会引起房产业价格上涨,而受害者将是购屋者。 发展商认为这不是良策,并会影响建筑行业深远,甚至整体的房屋价格将严重提高。此外很肯定的是当该项策略一旦实施,30%较便宜的房屋建筑成本,将由其他高价的房屋收益中贴补。 如此一来,发展商一定会作出调整房屋售价,拉上补下以保障其盈利,其中也包括缩小其发展计划规模,以削减成本开销。中小规模的发展商将会被淘汰,或被大型发展商控制,甚至垄断商机。

Friday, 25 May 2012

Taman Seri Segindai Damage Road // Taman Seri Segindai糟糕的马路

沙巴民主行动西甘拜园投诉局主任李志强和罗伯特拉贾接到金纳鲁Taman Seri Segindai居民的投诉有关糟糕马路的问题,要求他们能够向当局反映该处的问题。在过去的4个月里该处的居民一直生活在灰尘飞扬的日子里。 该处有位地主为了赚钱,决定售卖他土地的泥土。 随着该项挖泥工作,许多大罗里进出该处,这危及居民路上的安全。 该处的居民声称,由于挖土的关系导致该处尘土飞扬,加上罗里司机高速驾驶,使到他的孩子们面对严重的过敏症状,如红眼,流鼻水,咳嗽及皮肤敏感。事情变得更糟糕,当孩子的哮喘发作

DAP Kepayan Barat Complaints Bureau, Andrew Lee and Robert Rajah attended to a complaint from one of the concern and frustrated resident from Taman Seri Segindai, Kinarut (PPR Housing) on the bad road condition. For the past four months it has been a disaster for residence leaving in this area. Because one of the land owners had decided to make extra profit from selling its earth to some individuals. With this activity taking place, the residence are facing danger with huge size lorries moving in and out of the area. The resident claimed that it gets very dusty during the day and his children are facing very serious allergy symptoms such as red eye, running nose, cough and skin irritation. It gets worse when the child has an asthma attack. At the same time these lorry drivers drives at a very high speed.

应该要修正土地(分层地契)法令(1972) // Call for amendment in Land (Subsidiary Title) Enactment 1972

The Federal Ministry of Housing and Local government will table in the coming June sitting of the Parliament a new Act to improve the situation of house owners not being issued with the Subsidiary Titles or Strata Titles for high rise buildings from the developers concerned. The new Act is seeking approval that the Strata Titles to be issued within six months from the completion and a proper management corporation is to be formed.

联邦房屋及地方政府将在今年6月的国会里要求通过了一项新法案,以改善发展商在完成兴建房屋获得入伙纸后,当局却迟迟未发出分层地契给屋主的问题。 新法令寻求通过的条例是,分层地契必须在六个月内完成发出,并且要立即设立完善的管理层。

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cops must be fair & public friendly // 警察必须是公平和友善

李氏被告知,某些警务人员在亚庇国际机场发出传票给车主时有不公的态度。该情况发生是当时该投诉者人停泊在亚庇国际机场第二出口处,他是在等待女儿从吉隆坡抵达。 此外还有其他的车辆,以及政府官车也在该处那里停泊。 后来有一位交警向他和其他车主的开违规泊车的罚单。 交警一共发出4张罚单,但是却没有向政府公务车开罚单。

All police officers in the country must be fair and public friendly, says Andrew Lee of DAP Complaints Bureau Kepayan Barat. Andrew was commenting on this issue upon receiving a complaint from a resident from Kepayan.

Andrew was made to understand by the complainant that certain police officers were bias in producing summons to vehicle owners at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. This happen when the complainant parked his car at the arrival bay gate 2, along with other private vehicles. He complainant was waiting for the arrival of his daughter from KL. There were other government official vehicles also parked at the same area. Then came a police officer preparing himself to summon vehicle owners who parked along the bay. The cop produced 4 summons to private car owners and bypass the other government official vehicles.

亿达路需要巴士服务 // Lintas Road needed bus service

The people are angry with the government for not allowing any bus service on the stretch of road leading from Sepangar junction all the way through Tuaran By-pass into Lintas Road until the KKIA. They suffer deeply for having to transit many times to reach their destination and wasted precious time and money. There is no logic behind this for not allowing any bus service to pray along this sector.


Housing Management didn’t border about fallen window glass // 公寓管理层没关注脱落的玻璃窗

Delta Height Apartment有一片脱落的玻璃窗危挂在车棚屋顶上,而该公寓管理层这显然毫不理会,也没有派人把玻璃窗拿下来。 居民协会主席波比温于上星期四已通知管理层,但迄今他们并没有任何行动。他别无选择只能求助于沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员邱庆洲。

The management corporation of the Delta Height Apartment did not border to get the fallen piece of glass pane removed which apparently had came lose and fell down to the roof of the car porch. The resident committee in charge Mr. Bobby Voon had informed the management but received no respond so far. He has no choice but has to turn to Sabah DAP KK MP Hiew King Cheu for help.

New Act on Housing Starta-titles and Management Corporation timely

The proposed new Act on the Housing Strata-Titles and on the Management Corporation is timely and indeed needed immediate implementation to resolve the many long overdue issuance of the strata titles and to provide proper management of the high rise residential building. This will be table in the June sitting in Parliament for approval by the Federal Minister of Housing and Local Government Datuk Chor Chee Heung.

The KK MP Hiew King Cheu views this proposed Act is good, if only this includes the East Malaysian states. The Federal Housing Acts normally do not covers East Malaysia and that caused numerous problems as far as the house buyers here are concerned, and their rights are not protected by the Acts.


最近有关房屋分层地契的新法案和房屋管理层规条的建议的确有需要立法,以解决许多长久逾期未分发的分层地契问题。 同时也要有适当的房屋管理层规条。 这项新法案将由联邦房屋和地方政府部长拿督曹智雄6月的国会中提出。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲指出,该项新建议必须包括东马,对东马人则是件好事。 遗憾的是联邦房屋发展法令通常不包括东马,这已对沙巴购屋者造成许多不便的问题,而且他们的权益也无法受到保障。

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

沙巴民主行动斗亚兰支部进行走访活动 / Tuaran DAP conducted walkabout in town

MP Hiew always said, we can’t afford to have the “Political get rich fast” type of thinking and it is very bad for all. When we go for election, we actually seeking and asking for a job from the people, and to work for them. The true fact is that the people is the “boss”, because the pay comes from them. Even the common name the call the elected member as YB (Yang Berhomat) is also not appropriate, because it is actually should be “Yang Berkarja” or “Yang Berkhidmat”! So, how can you call the person who is taking your pay and worked for you as “My Honorable”! We must change and it is true change that we can put the wrong right again!

亚庇国会议员邱氏经常说的,‘我们不能有“为了致富而搞政治”的思想,这是非常错误的。 如果任何人参选,实际上是向人民寻求一份工作,并需要为他们服务。 因为人民才是“老板”,而薪酬是来自他们。 即使当选后的人士被称YB(Yang Berhomat)也不恰当,实际上应该是“Yang BerkarjaYang Berkhidmat! 怎样能够称该些被雇用的人为 “我最尊敬的”! 因此我们必须要改变,只有真正的改变才能摆脱政治上所带来的错点!

下南南荒置的新建筑物 Mystery building in Inanam

The people said why spent so much money to build a huge complex and just leave it empty unutilized. They wanted the authority concern to explain how can this happened, and how much of the tax payers money had been used to build this complex. We don’t want our money being used like this, because every ringgit spent must be accounted for.

人们想知道,为何花这么多钱去兴建一座大建筑物,却让它空着不用呢? 他们希望有关当局能够向人民解释怎么会发生这种情况,以及到底花了多少纳税人的钱来兴建该建筑物。 人民不希望政府这样随意的花钱,因为每次花费纳税钱必须要慎重考虑,而且要用在适当的地方。

Sabah DAP starts early election walkabout / 沙巴民主行动党提前大选走访


The 13th General Election is going to happen any time and the Sabah DAP leaders are not going to take it lightly. The DAP team has started the walkabout since three weeks ago covering the whole of Kota Kinabalu, Sepangar, Putatan and Penampang area.

Funny road sign in Jalan Putaton Bansadon, Moyok /无作用的路标

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局副主席拉斐尔说,在几个月前他曾经在报章上提及有关布达顿邦沙东路(Jln Putaton Bansadon)前往Vista Sri Kiranau公寓危险路段的问题。 可笑的是,有关当局只把原有的路标,换上另一个相同而没有效力的路标。 许多马路使用者,包括他自己在内很不明白工务局更换该路标的逻辑,因为这是没有效果去减低该段马路的危险性。

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing assistant Bureau chief Raphael Ang pointed out today that a few months ago he put in the news about a dangerous junction along the road going towards the SPNB housing, Vista Sri Kiranau. Very unfortunately the authority and JKR had changed the original road sign to a non-effective road sign again. Many road users and including himself couldn’t understand the logic behind this change of road sign which did not alter the danger on this road junction.

Bad maintenance at Jln Shantung Baru // 山东巴鲁路需要关注


The Sabah DAP Kepayan Barat Branch Complaints unit received complaint from a resident from Jln Shantung Baru in regards to inconsistent work being carried out by the relevant authorities. We made to understand thay the playground beside his home is under the management of the council. However, the grass-cutting job has not been carried out well.

废置的废物回收站 // Recycle Bin Centre abandoned

The recycle bin centre in front of the Menggatal market and the Community Centre is abandoned and become absolute. It is a waste of public fund to build such a structure that became useless over the period.

孟加达巴刹和大会堂前面的废物回收站被废置不用。 市政厅所建设的回收站如今已经成为无用的废物,这已经很明显的是在浪费人民的纳税钱。



Friday, 18 May 2012

Taman Shangri-la住宅区问题严重 // Nightmare for house owners at Taman Shangri-la housing, Penampang

A site inspection has carried out by Sabah DAP Kepayan Barat Complaints Bureau Andrew Lee Chee Keong, at the Taman Shangri-la housing along Jln Kibabaig, Penampang after receiving complaint from the resident there. This housing project fails to meet certain basic criteria. House owners are furious, angry and fearful for their life, not knowing what will happen next. Several parts of the homes are sinking, walls cracking into half due to soil erosion. At certain parts of the area at least sunk 2 1/2 feet deep. To his surprise, snakes and lizards are now breeding under these homes. One of the house owners claimed that he had use up at least RM8,000.00 to maintain and repair crack walls and to fill up the effected parts of the garden. The house owner claims that the developer promisses and guarantees the house buyers that soil erosion activity will not take place and developer is using the best method of piling for the project. This was mention upon purchasing of these homes, claimed the house buyer.

沙巴民主行动党西甘拜园支部投诉局李志强接到兵南邦Tman Shangri-la居民的投诉后就前往该处视察。 该住宅区的地基工程出现问题。 该处房屋地基出现问题,让屋主们感到非常忧虑。李氏发现由于水土流失,有些房屋部分已经下沉,墙体开裂。有些地方甚至下沉至少有两尺半深。 此外他还发现有蛇和蜥蜴在房屋底层繁殖。 该处的屋主说,他花了至少RM8,000.00来维修墙壁的裂纹和填补院子受影响的部分。 池外该处的屋主说,发展商曾经向他们保障该处的土壤不会出现流失的问题,因为他们采用稳固的打桩工程。 发展商是在屋主购买该处的房屋时这样说的。

必打丹铁路侧边的车道未完工 // Putatan side road to railway unfinished

The local assemblyman Datuk Yahya Hussin had visited the location but until today there is no sign of work carrying out. The Sabah Minister of Infrastructure Development Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan had also promised to do the side road soonest possible for the people to get in and out. Very unfortunately, the many railway level crossings had been closed, and the people have to drive through the narrow unfinished road to get on to the main road. This section of road is not paved, filled with potholes and water lodged.

当地州议员拿督亚亚胡欣曾去该处,并答应尽快把该车道建好,但直到今天仍然没有展开任何工作的迹象。 沙巴基本设施发展部长丹斯里拜林也曾经承诺过,政府将尽快把该段马路建好,让民众能够方便进出。 但是很不幸的,在许多铁路平交道口关闭后,导致该处的人被迫使用该未完工的狭窄车道进出主要道路。该段还没有铺设完成的车道满是坑洼和积水

非法车棚兴建在马路保留地 // Illegal car shed blocking access to land

The illegal car shed built on a road reserve which is blocking the access to a plot of land. The owner of the land had complained to the various authorities concerning this problem many times over. There were letters written and warning letters were issued to the illegal car shed user.

有一个非法车棚兴建在一块马路保留地,因而挡住了前往其他土地的通道。 该地主已经多次向有关部门投诉,并且要求该些部门能够处理该项问题。而当局也已经发出书信警告于非法车棚的用户。

亚庇泊车费应该降低 // KK Car Park should reduce rates

The Kota Kinabalu car park is finally and placed directly under the control of the DBKK now, but the question remains that during the past 10 years of contract with the private company for undertaking the collection of parking fees in Kota kinabalu, how much money has been collected and how much money has been paid into the coffer of DBKK?

亚庇市的泊车终于由亚庇市政厅直接管理,但是市民都想知道,亚庇市政厅与之前的私人公司代收泊车费的合约,在过去的10年以来到底收取了多少泊车费? 此外他们到底有支付多少钱给亚庇市政厅呢?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲敦促水务局,政府机构,房屋管理层以及其它机构必须确保在任何情况之下都需要为食水给予严格的保安 / Urges the water department, government agencies, housing estate management and many other agencies should at all times ensure the water supply system are kept under strict and careful watch

The dead body found in the water storage tank in Tawau recently had caused great concern about the security in our water supply system. The water supply system is the most important utility required by every one. Therefore the authorities must protect it properly. The dead body case could be a typical case, and there could be other cases where our water supply can be contaminated in many ways. These could be by way through the reservoirs, pipelines, tanks, treatment plants and pump houses, and even our own house water tanks.

最近在斗湖发生一宗储水箱藏尸案件后,引起了市民对于水务局水供系统安全性产生极大的关注。 家家户户都需要净水供应,因此水务局必须确保食水安全。 实际上,我们的食水可能会在某种情况之下被严重污染,尤其是在水库,水管道,储水箱,食水处理厂及水泵房,甚至住宅区的总储水箱。 水箱藏尸案件可能是其中一个典型的案例。

Very dirty Taman Jambo market // 打卡士珍宝园巴刹急需清理

MP Hiew said the Putatan Council is not functioning properly, and they have not been doing the job of up keeping the Petagas and Putatan area to the required standard. The Sabah Minister Datuk Hajiji actually should come personally to see for himself the condition here, and the people said that if he cannot handle his job, he should resign to allow someone to take over. The Putatan District Officer is also being blamed for not doing his job too. They said the market and the Petagas shops area is a small place, why the council cannot put in an effort to maintain it clean and hygienic. We want a better environment to live in, and not a “shit-hole”!

邱国会议员说,必打丹县议会的工作效力很低,他们没有做好其工作,以保持必达卡士和必打丹的环境清洁。 部长拿督哈芝芝实际上应该亲自前往该处进行视察,以了解该处的问题。 民众说,如果他不能执行其职责,他应该引咎辞职,让别人来接手解决该处的问题。 此外必打丹县议会也没有尽其职责。他们说,必达卡士店铺及巴刹并不是很大的地方,为何当局就是不能努力的保持该处清洁和卫生。我们希望生活在良好的环境,而不是一个狗屎地

国阵的空头支票 // Another Empty Promise of BN

The empty promise of the Barisan Nasional (BN) kept on surfacing all over Sabah now. The promises were never being fulfilled and the hope of the people fallen into pieces. In Sabah there are many promised development projects remained as empty fields, and it is typical like this one in Telipok near the Kota Kinabalu City.

在沙巴各地国阵曾经许承诺的发展工程都变成了空头支票,他们从未履行也没有遵守其承诺。 这可以从沙巴许多承诺过的发展工程项目中清楚看到,许多工程都被废置着,其中典型的例子就是在亚庇附近的打里卜镇。

亚庇中央巴刹食档装修部分完工 / KK central market renovation

MP Hiew urges the DBKK should open up the stalls in order the operators can move in to do business as early as possible. He was told that DBKK will clean up the place before they can move in. He also said that it is not expensive to replace the old cupboards and the new ones should be installed for them. All the tables and chairs are to be replaced with new ones for the comfort and safety of the customers.

邱国会议员敦促亚庇市政厅应该立即开放装修好的食档,以便小贩们可以尽早开工做生意。有人告诉邱氏说,亚庇市政厅会把该处清理干净后,小贩们才可以开工做生意。 此外邱氏表示说,更换旧橱柜并不很昂贵,也能轻易完成。 他敦促当局应为他们安装新橱柜,让他们可以存放他们的用具。 该处所有的桌椅都应该更换新的,以让顾客能够舒适的进食,同时也要确保安全

危险的围墙阻塞行人道 // Dangerous hoarding blocking walkway

It is very surprising that a hoarding is erected on the walkway in Likas at the Tuaran Road and the Sandy Lane junction, near the Master Skill Nursing College. It is blocking the whole pedestrian foot path forcing the pedestrian to walk onto the road surface where there is a lot of speeding cars trying to beat the traffic lights.

行动党党要惊讶的发现,在里卡士斗亚兰路和Sandy Laned交界处,既是护理学院的附近的马路旁,有个围墙在人行道上。 阻挡了马路旁的行人道,迫使行人不得不步行到路面上。 对行人而言是非常危险的,因为该处是有红绿灯的繁忙十字路口,是有很多超速车辆在路上行驶。

Thursday, 10 May 2012

马币的币值下跌 // Weak Malaysian Ringgit

The differences in the face value of the Malaysian Ringgit when compared with the Singapore Dollar and Brunei Dollar in the region are really alarming to a lot of Malaysian. The Ringgit used to be a strong currency, and if not stronger than the other currencies in the region. Today the Malaysian Riggit has fallen to a very low level of worth and can no longer recover its comparative foreign exchange value.

马币与新加坡及汶莱的钱币相比有显着的币价差异,也日渐降低。这让许多马来西亚人深感不安。 马币曾经拥有强势的货币兑率,如今与其他国家的货币相比已有巨大差别。 马币的兑换率面已经降到很低的水平,也很难恢复以前的兑换率,更加无法与其他外汇币值相对交易。



Taman Jumbo所面对的问题如下 / Taman Jumbo Town and housing common areas yet to be attended

三个星期前沙巴民主行动党西甘拜园支部李志强和必达丹县议会已会面,并且讨论有关Taman Jumbo商店和房屋四周围的设施问题。 必达丹县议会的尼扎(Mr.Nizal)说,该县议会将在一周的时间内去解决该些问题,沙行动党甘拜园支部投诉局主任提议两个星期,让他们有充足的时间来处理。 Taman Jumbo所面对的问题如下:

It has been three weeks past the date line since the last meeting between the Sabah DAP Kepayan Barat Andrew Lee and Majlis Daerah Putatan in regards to the bad maintenance around the shops and housing area. Majlis Daerah Putatan was represented by Mr.Nizal said that the district council will take less than a week to resolve the matter. In good will Sabah DAP Kepayan Barat branch Complaint Bureau provided the council two weeks instead. Problems facing by the rakyat at this area are:-

Semuanya janji terang bulan

Jalan Andap Banga

Jalan Andap Bangau didaerah Kudat amat mengecewakan rakyat yang menggunakan jalan berkenaan setiap hari. Sejak pru ke 12 kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang ditunjangi oleh Umno dan Tanjong Kapor diwakili Komponennya Ldp gagal mengkotakan janji untuk memperbaiki jalan berkenaan. Teo Chee Kang selaku wakil Rakyat berikrar sejak hari pertama bergelar YB akan menangani masalah rakyat tapi semuanya janji terang bulan.

"Selaku Wakil Rakyat saya akan melawat Tanjong Kapor setiap Minggu!" Apa yang berlaku dan tertunai adalah kekecewaan rakyat terutamanya masyarakat Rungus di Kg Andap Bangau yang terpaksa melalui jalan yang hanya seusai untuk menjadi laluan kerbau yang mencari rumput ditepi jalanan.

部长哈芝芝并没有做好和执行所委托的工作。 人民已经看出他的无能 // Minister Hajiji is not performing as what is entrusted to do

打里卜再也需要斗亚兰县议会的关注 Telipok Jaya needed Tuaran Council attention

The first row of 10 houses are constantly subjected to severe flood of up to 4 to 5 feet of water, and this forced the house owners to abandon the house and live someway else. They claim the flood has been persisted for a long time since they moved in some 10 years ago. They found the government main drain is not functioning at all and it is overgrown with thick vegetation. The flood water will build up very fast even though the rain is not heavy. The water comes from the hills behind and it is going through some small drains here. The government could not and not willing to help, therefore they have to turn to the opposition ROCKET for help.

该住宅区第一排的十间房屋不断遭受到高达45尺深的严重水淹,迫使屋主搬迁到其他地方居住。 他们说10年前他们搬入该处时,就一直面对着严重淹水的问题。 他们发现该处的主要排水沟严重阻塞,并且长满了茂密的野草和灌木丛。 因此即使下小雨,该处很快就会淹水。 水是来自后山通过小水渠流到该住宅区。 政府没有给于援助,因此他们向火箭寻求帮助,希望该项问题能够获得有关当局的关注。 如果县议会无法解决人民所面对的难题,他们就是失责。

东法花园的路灯不操作 // Taman Tuan Huat Street lights not working

The residents in the Taman Tuan Huat complained to the Local Government and Housing Bureau of the Sabah DAP to seek help from DBKK to come to reinstate the malfunctioned street lights here which is out of order for a long time.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Why was Nazri’s parliamentary answer that the Cabinet has agreed to set up RCI on illegals in Sabah blacked out in Sabah press today when it should make it to all the front-page headlines?

A most bizarre and extraordinary development highlighting the triple woes about good governance in Malaysia – the unhealthy state of media freedom in Malaysia, the veracity of Ministerial statements and assurances in Parliament and thirdly, the continued contempt and disregard for the long-standing legitimate grievances of Sabahans by the Barisan Nasional Federal Government.

The question all Sabahans and Malaysians are entitled to an answer is why the written parliamentary answer of the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz tabled in the Senate yesterday that the Cabinet has agreed on Feb. 8 this year to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah was blacked out in the Sabah press today when it should make it to all the front-page headlines? 

Monday, 7 May 2012

The people are getting angry because of the slow action of the DBKK - Tmn Bukit Sinar // 日光山园的居民非常不满亚庇市政厅的缓慢工作态度

The people brought the Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie, deputy chief Raphael Ang and Andrew Lee Chee Kiong to inspect the site. They saw the turn-table there is already damaged and unable to turn. There are plenty of rubbish and dry branches dumped by the side not being removed. The drain wall at the entrance had collapsed long time ago and the DBKK had inspected but no action so far on the repair. The water flow in the drain is blocked totally. The people are getting angry because of the slow action of the DBKK. They said they have also informed the People’s Development Officer (PKR) Chin Teck Ming but no action taken also.


该处的居民带领爱德华慕吉,其副主任拉斐尔和党要李志强前往该处视察。他们看到该处的儿童转转圈已经损坏,无法转动。 此外该草地的一侧有许多垃圾以及干树枝,也没有人前来清理。入口处的排水沟墙已倒塌了很久,而亚庇市政厅也已派人前去检查,但迄今都没有采取行动进行维修。该排水沟的水完全被堵塞无法排走。 日光山园的居民非常不满亚庇市政厅的缓慢工作态度。他们说,他们也已经通知路阳的发展官(PKR)陈德明,但是他也没有采取行动以解决该处的问题

It is the responsibility of DBKK to ensure the Gaya Street is presentable //亚庇市政厅必须要负起责任,以确保加雅街有个清洁和舒适的环境

The things were being complained comprising of broken pavement slabs, depression in the road, dirty water fountain, lose lamp pole, burnt up lights, exposed wiring to lamp post, filthy benches sprayed with bird shit, bird creating nuisance and disturbance at night and day, electric switch box with no door but only covered with a metal sheet, street lights not working, fellow road line disappearing, displace road kerb, dirty pavements and walkway with broken surfaces, and tree not being trimmed etc..


保佛Sg. Klias需要清理 // Sungai Klias in Beaufort needed clearing

The people in Beaufort near along the Sungai Klias wanted the Sabah DAP to highlight the issue rising from this river and they worry that if there is heavy and continuous rainfall will caused a severe flooding in the area. Many bridges and access road will be spoiled and the planted crops will be damaged. The people here will sustain heavy losses and who is going to compensate them.

居住在保佛Sg. Klias附近的居民希望沙巴民主行动党能够代替他们向有关当局反映,有关该河流杂草丛生的问题。 他们担心如果连续不停的下雨,这将导致河水将会泛滥,而该地区将面对严重水灾。 到时有许多桥梁和马路将遭受破坏,而且农作物也会受损。是谁会补偿他们所面对的严重损失呢?

There are at least eight questions that a full and credible public inquiry into the “428” Bersih 3.0 violence must provide answers.

Speech by Lim Kit Siang at the opening of Wisma Penang DAP on Saturday, 5th May 2012 at 10 am:

Eight questions that a full and credible public inquiry into the “428” Bersih 3.0 violence must provide answers

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is leading the Barisan Nasional propaganda campaign of damage control to minimize the adverse fall-outs from the government mishandling of Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” at Dataran Merdeka for free and fair elections with wild and far-fetched allegations, for instance, that Bersih 3.0 was an attempt by the opposition to topple the Barisan Nasional government.

The Further Three Demands of the Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” are

Media statement by Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 6th May 2012: 
Blind and baseless support by 3 ex IGPs latest proof there is no level playing field for free and fair elections in Malaysia
Almost every day, Malaysians are provided with fresh proof that there is just no level playing field for free and fair elections in Malaysia and that the Barisan Nasional government is still a very long way off from fulfilling Bersih 2.0 Eight Demands for free and fair elections highlighted in the July 9, 2011 rally, let alone the Further Three Demands of the Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” on April 28 last month.
The Eight Demands of the Bersih 2.0 rally were:
  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal voting
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. A minimum campaign period of 21 days
  5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics
The Further Three Demands of the Bersih 3.0 “sit-in” are:
  1. The Election Commission must resign, as it has failed in its responsibility and has lost the confidence of the public.
  2. The electoral process must be cleaned before the 13th General Elections.
  3. Invite international observers to observe the 13th General Elections.

503 wear black for Media and press freedom // 503穿黑色支持媒体和新闻自由

五月三日这是个有意义的日子,因为在1993年,联合国大会宣布将每年的53日定为世界新闻自由日。 大家身穿黑色表示支持马来西亚的新闻媒体自由。 世界新闻自由日是由联合国创立,旨在提高新闻自由的意识,并提醒政府尊重和提升言论自由的权利。

邱国会议员说,他亲眼看到在吉隆坡净选盟3.0静坐的实况,记者们在工作时遭受警方的干扰和阻拦,纵然他们胸前有挂上记者卡。但是他们仍被叱骂,推挤,阻止,甚至相机被没收,强制删除图片,此外还被推开不许拍摄。 其它在前线的也遭受到催泪弹或水炮的攻击,还有些记者也因此而受伤。

This meaningful day on 503 in wearing black to express the support for Media and press freedom in Malaysia has put forward a real sense that there is a real need of media freedom in the country.

KK MP Hiew said he saw with his own eyes that how the reporters were badly threatened even with their press-ID card hanging in front of their chests during the Bersih 3.0 around Dataran Merdeka. They were shouted at, pushed aside, blocked and with their camera confiscated, pictures force deleted, and even being pushed here and there. Many of them even get to taste the tear-gas or water cannon spray, and not forgetting some got hurt.



Thursday, 3 May 2012

为何关闭下南南泊车场 // Why close Inanam car park?

The car parking place in Inanam New Township next to the market was closed recently for unknown reason. This has caused a sudden decrease in the number of available parking space in Inanam and car owners were forced to park their cars else way.

下南南新镇的泊车场最近被关闭禁止使用,其原因不详。 这已经引起了下南南店主和车主不满,因为泊车位的数量已经大大减少,导致他们被迫停放在其他较远的地方。

亚庇市的泊车费实在是太高了, Kota Kinabalu parking fees is too high.

亚庇市政厅,尤其是市长应该认真处理和考量这项问题,最重要的是要关注到人民的利益。如果最终直接由亚庇市政厅管理,当局首要就是减低昂贵的泊车费,以打击不断上涨的日常生活费。 亚庇市的泊车费实在是太高了。

It is vital that the City Hall, especially the Mayor should take this case seriously and handle it to the best interest of the people. If eventually this is managed back directly by DBKK, it is needed to reduce the expensive parking rate to an average affordable level to combat the ever rising high living cost. The parking fees is too high.

KK Anjung Senja Poor Facilities // 亚庇Anjung Senja休闲走廊糟糕的设施

海滂Anjung Senja休闲走廊的食店是由亚庇市政厅管辖,而且该处不久前才开业做生意。 然而他们开始营业时就出现各种不同的问题,该食店的业者和民众很不满意该处的设施,因造成诸多的不便。

他们向邱国会议员投诉说该处固定的桌椅非常脆弱不坚固,随时会垮掉。最糟糕的是当固定桌椅坐着四个人时,整桌子是摇摆和不稳固。 许多座位已经损坏和脱落而留下锋利的铁边,这将会割伤客人。 木制食桌并不适合该处使用,也不容易清理。 当不小心洒饮料时就会流到人的身上。 由于桌子会摇摆不稳,导致顾客不能安全的把饮料放在桌上。

The Anjung Senja water front food stores is under the DBKK and this is only opened not long ago. The various problems started to appear soon after, and the people here are not happy with the facilities that caused much dismay and discomforts.

They complained to the MP Hiew that the tables fixed with seats are so fragile and soft that it will collapse anytime. It will be worst when seated with four people, the whole table is shaky and unstable. Many seats have came loss and fallen off, leaving some sharp metal edges which can cut the back side of a person. The timber made garden tables is not suitable for these food stores and it is very difficult to sit and clean up. when drinks are spilled, the whole leg will be wet, and you can not even put your cup of drink safely on the timber table without toppling over.